The Prison Land OOC&Short Character Sheets

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Background info know about The Prison Lands

Many have woken up here. Some human, some part-machine, some animal. Why they have been brought here they do not know. But what they all notice is they are all from different places. Some may wonder if perhaps even different worlds. Some may have been here many years more than others and yet few keep coming. No one has ever left. Or well those who tried many believe died. How can you escape? What are you and others here for? There are few ways to maybe find out unless you've been here a while then maybe your just not sure anymore.


A large building it appears when you wake up. Your on a bed once you sit up you see a door with a window through the window you can see other rooms and a hallway. Their is also a window on the wall letting you peer outside yet when you do their seems to be people out their yet there doesn't seem to be a building in sight other than the one your in.

(Alright now that I have set the mood. This RP is well a mix of both fantasy, Modern Fantasy, many fandoms, and well very faint horror feel I would say. Also more than one version of a character is allowed BUT ONLY if you ask the PERSON ALREADY PLAYING ONE VERSION FIRST and well a heads up my way would be nice PM or OOC whatever.)

Here's a small CS for You to fill so we have an idea of the Character

Cannon/Original CS is well the same just if Original don't put Cannon
Background: (Optional)

So here's the Rules

1) All Iwaku rules apply but I'm sure this is a given
2)Please keep foul language minim so in other words not every word/sentence yes people do this
3)Any concerns please just ask or let that person know if your confused
4) No arguments in OOC, IC it's okay if you know it's just characters I want to keep this enjoyable for all
5)Have Fun yes this is a rule

Alright I know that may seem like a lot for a jump in But bare with me​

Original Characters
StiriaPlayed by: @Raven

Cannon characters
Zatch Bell & Kiyo Takamine Played By: @Raven

Name: Stiria

Age: 18
Powers/Abilities: Fire, light, great at listing, good at using her claws and flying

Background: (Optional)

They will appear after some others well Join

Name: Zatch Bell & Kiyo Takamine

Cannon: Zatch Bell
Age: 6 & 14
All that are within the book one would say but they can only access through Kiyo emotions and how much they have grown together.
(I'm only on season one so this will be quit limited lol)
Zatch can't be hurt really but he worrys for Kiyo but if the red book is somehow destroyed then it's bye Zatch Bell
Kiyo has strong will power but it get's him hurt quit often​
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