The Prison Land IC

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Many have woken up here. Some human, some part-machine, some animal. Why they have been brought here they do not know. But what they all notice is they are all from different places. Some may wonder if perhaps even different worlds. Some may have been here many years more than others and yet few keep coming. No one has ever left. Or well those who tried many believe died. How can you escape? What are you and others here for? There are few ways to maybe find out unless you've been here a while then maybe your just not sure anymore.


A large building it appears when you wake up. Your on a bed once you sit up you see a door with a window through the window you can see other rooms and a hallway. Their is also a window on the wall letting you peer outside yet when you do their seems to be people out their yet there doesn't seem to be a building in sight other than the one your in.


Stiria has lived here many years actually she doesn't remember when she first may had arrived some say she was raised in this strange prison of a place. She would be the one to know a good bit about many of those now living in this strange prison yet what she calls home. She is kind of a host to many. "Micheal any more new arrivals?" Stiria asked. Micheal has been here a while too but not as long as Stiria but he has picked up on a few things of this place himself.​
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