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  1. ThE pRiSmOrPh PrOjEcT
    Four centuries ago, a project, simply known to the public as the Prismorph Project, was launched. It later went down in history as the project that destroyed the world as it was known. It would later become known as The Downfall.

    Many years later, the remaining humans collectively created a safe haven for the people of the world known as Utopia. Utopia consisted of three collective Cities: Arcadia, Shangri-La, and Eden. The goal was to create a perfect society under the control of the Council with the Prime Director at the head. However, human nature is greedy and the Council eventually became as corrupt as any government. People who had done no wrong had their lives stripped from them. They were tortured and controlled by those higher than them simply for the fun of it. Occupations were decided based on grades and standard performance, people were separated based on their parents' past and their eventual future. Utopia was not as idealistic as it had once been. In the span of a century, it had become hell beneath the guise of heaven.

    And thus, the Liberation Front was formed. It consisted of people with the skills to eventually take down the Council. And more importantly, it consisted of Auras, the descendants of the participants in the Prismorph Project. To combat the Auras, the Council developed the Elites, superhumans on par with the Auras. They were brainwashed from a young age to obey only the Council. Of course, some were able to overcome the brainwashing and joined the Liberation Front as a result.

    Recently, the Liberation Front's front person, Halloween, has challenged the Council by committing the first assassination of a Councilor in history. War is coming. What is the true power of the Council? Who is this new group created to fight directly against the Liberation Front? And what is the true power of the Auras.


    Only females can be Auras and only the firstborn female in a family. Auras are the descendants of the participants in the Prismorph Project. Physically, they are faster, stronger, and more agile than any average human being. However, their mental abilities are supposed to be where they excel at. They are able to analyze things quickly and easily as well as use abilities that are almost supernatural. These abilities are almost unlimited and there is a possibility that Auras might even be able to bring people back from the dead. Of course, no one has ever done this, but it remains a possibility.

    In Utopia, any found Auras are immediately put to death without trial, even if they have no connection to the Liberation Front. Their families are also put to death without trial and their records erased from any databases. Their deaths are made to look like accidents. Most of the public does not know that Auras exist.

    Aura Roles Available: 2
    Name|Age|Alliance|Codename|Abilities {Three Limit}
    Aranda Delimore|18|The Liberation Front; Genesis|Halloween|Hemokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Ferrokinesis
    Name|Age|The Liberation Front; Genesis|Codename|Abilities

    Elites are more or less portrayed as the police of Utopia. In actuality, their mission is to locate and eliminate any and all Auras. They are boys that were brainwashed from a young age to follow the Council without hesitation. However, some are able to fight the effects and usually join the Liberation Front. This is a rare occurrence. Elites are physically on par with Auras, but they are not able to use abilities like the Auras are.

    Currently, there is only two rogue Elites in the Liberation Front, but their identities are currently disclosed.

    Elite Roles Available: 4
    Name|Age|The Liberation Front; Genesis|Codename
    Name|Age|The Liberation Front; Genesis|Codename

    Androids blend in easily with humans, but they possess no emotions. They are programmed to protect their masters and trained in combat. However, there are currently three androids with the ability to feel emotion. At the moment, one of them is in possession of the Liberation Front, another is used by Carnival, and the last is the bodyguard of the Director. They have superhuman strength and speed as well as a natural talent with electronics.

    Android Roles Available: 2
    Name|Age|The Liberation Front; Genesis|Codename

    There isn't really that much that is naturally interesting about humans except for the fact that they possess a human heart. All Council members are humans and a majority of the Liberation Front consists of humans. As such, humans will become a major player in the coming Civil War.

    Human Roles Available: Unlimited Liberation Front|Two Carnival Members
    Imogene Delimore|15|Carnival|Prismorph

    ThE LiBeRaTiOn FrOnT
    Previously, the Liberation Front has only been looked at as a terrorist organization. However, this is slowly changing with the assassination of Councilor Barlok, one of the most hated men in the Liberation Front. Soon, the Council's darkest secrets will be going public, making more people hate the Councilors. The Liberation Front consists of millions of people, all hiding under Utopia, even lower than the sewer system. It is a maze in the Liberation Front HQ. At the moment, the Leader of the Liberation Front is Allan Cordele, who was a previously known Persecutor.

    Recently, a team has been assembled of only the best of the best in the Liberation Front to carry out the more covert operations. This team is known as Genesis and is led by the only publicly known Liberation Front member, Halloween.

    Carnival is a recently assembled team of Elites and humans alike as well as one Aura and one Android. Currently, the public does not know about their existence. They are led by Prismorph, a skilled human fighter that can combat Auras and Elites easily. Carnival was created a few days after the death of Councilor Barlok to fight against Genesis. They are deadly and are not allowed to show mercy to Liberation Front members.

    ThE cOuNciL
    The Council are the leaders of Utopia, but they have become corrupt. They are allowed to do anything and are allowed to ignore any and all laws. They each have a bodyguard. Currently, they are led by the Director. His name is unknown and he is the only person not appointed by a Recommendation. Council members are not voted into office, but chosen and recommended.

    The Utopian people are divided into ten levels, depending on their occupation. When they are under eighteen, it is determined by their parents' occupations, but everyone is given an opportunity to move to a higher level. Of course, they can also be moved down. People on a different level are not allowed to speak to each other freely and lower levels must talk to the higher levels with respect. The levels are more or less divided like this:

    Level Ten: The Council and Their Families
    Level Nine: Corporation Owners|Scientists|Judges
    Level Eight: Actors|Bands|Idols|Singers|Lawyers
    Level Seven: The Media|Journalists|Newscasters|Teachers
    Leven Six: Anything In Between
    Level Five: Farmers|Small Business Owners
    Level Four: The Disabled and the Elderly|Store Workers|Factory Workers
    Level Three: Undesirable Occupations
    Level Two: Elites
    Level One: The Homeless|Criminals

    Fashion and acceptable clothing depends solely on where you live. People are only allowed to transfer Cities once in their lives, on their eighteenth birthday. Arcadia is known for being modest and old-fashioned. Shangri-La is known for being flamboyant and flashy. Eden is known for being simple and comfortable.

    On the surface, the Justice System of Utopia seems fair, but it is actually very corrupt. Lawyers and judges are bribed and most people only undergo a trial for show. Councilors cannot be prosecuted and some people aren't even given a trial.

    ReCoMmEnDeD oCcUpAtIoN
    When a Utopian turns 18, they become complete citizens of Utopia. They are allowed to choose one place to live based on the Occupation they have recommended to them. The Council pretends that people have a choice of whether or not they want to accept their Recommended Occupation, but people rarely refuse and those that do have difficulty finding a job anywhere else.

    ChArAcTeR sUbMiSsIoN
    {Realistic Image of Character}
    13 and Up
    Human, Aura, Elite, Android
    The Liberation Front: Genesis

    Includes combat abilities, Aura abilities, and any other skills. Auras can only have three abilities.
    You must have as many or more weaknesses as abilities and all Aura abilities need a weakness to each of their Aura abilities.
    One five sentence paragraph
    One five sentence paragraph

    ~ No godmodding, etc... Every character should have their weaknesses as well as their strengths.
    ~ Every character has an important role, so don't worry about your character not being important.
    ~ Please be literate.
    ~ Romance is encouraged, but it should not be the focal point for all relationships.
    ~ I would like a bit diversity in terms of race and age.
    ~ Originality is very much appreciated.
    ~ There is no limit on the amount of human characters you can have, but keep it to where you can manage it and you can only have one Android, Elite or Aura. Also, please remember that your character can die. If you don't want them to ever die, please state that in your CS.
    ~ Do not physically maim another person's character without their permission. To prove you read this, put "Long live Utopia" in your CS.
    ~ Please note that I reserve the right to reject any character I feel is not up to standard.

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  3. Nobody...? :(
  4. C'mon, I was really excited about this too...
  5. Hello.

    I'm fairly interested in this. However, I do have some gripes and questions which unfortunately need to wait until I am less tired and may re-read this with more accuracy. One qualm which I do not need to re-read things to bring up is this -- Some of those powers linked for the Auras are OP if not godmoding -- were you planning to limit which ones can be picked or whatnot?
  6. @Eleyvan Well, yes. I'm not going to let someone have the ability to warp reality or something like that. I'll talk to people if I have to if their powers are OP. I kind of trust roleplayers not to do that.
  7. I actually hadn't seen that one. And I'm less worried about the obviously overpowered ones and more about the ones that are less overpowered. My apologies if nothing I'm writing makes sense.

    Ones like:
    Haemokinesis/Hemokinesis (which you had on the crossed out sheet). Would it be specific to free-flowing blood? One's own blood? Etc.
  8. I can see how you'd think that'd be OP, but many villains and heroes have abilities like that. And yes, Aranda can only control the blood in her own body. I should add weaknesses to the character sheet and put that you need to have as many or more weaknesses as abilities.
  9. Alright. That sounds better. I'm a little on the leery side because I've been in some roleplays in the past and well... Let's just say they didn't turn out so well. Otherwise, I'm much more content and I'll get back to you on this someday soon. ^^
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  10. I'm interested based on what I was able to read from the main plot summary. I dont have time at the moment to go over all of it, so I will do so when I return home, but I may join.
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  11. I may join if I get the free time.
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  12. Can I reserve an android that's possessed by the Liberation Front?

    UPDATE: Still interested, needing time....
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  13. Sure. ^.^
  14. May I reserve a spot for an android in carnival?
  15. Intrigued~

    I'd be interested in playing an Elite or perhaps human on the badguy carnival side.

    Lemme PM you with a question, Felilla!
  16. I'm stuck between whether to be a human on the liberation front or one of the elites on the liberation front.
  17. Wanna reserve an aura please?
  18. You're all reserved. ^.^
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