the principles of anarchy

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  1. "Greetings Fredrick, we've been watching you for a long time."
    *Fredrick nods*
    "As you know, we represent the enforcement of contracts. Our duty is to provide our costumers, usually wealthy and well connected, with compensation if someone misses payment for their services. However, to cover our own costs, we try to recover as much as we can from the people who missed a payment or two."
    "Yes, i know the basics of how a DRO works." Fredrick said, seemingly annoyed.
    "Well, what you might not know is that we have a close sister organization that does criminal enforcement. Whenever someone murders or rapes another individual, they investigate the crime, and if they find compelling evidence that the accused is at fault, they usually terminate them, or at the very least give them a life sentence. No trial, no jury."
    Fredrick's mouth first showed shock, then amusement. "Good." he said.
    "Here's our problem, one of our primary customers has been accused of murder, and has compelling evidence against him. Naturally the two main options would significantly impede our income. But we don't want to interfere with the process, or at least not overtly. We would like you to take a second look at the case. With agreement from our sister organization, we have been given a two week extension on this client. We want you to carefully examine the evidence, and see if you can poke any holes in their case. as a former detective of the first degree, we believe you to be the best chance we have for this job. You will be well compensated, whether you find a flaw or not."
    "Interesting. Just how 'well compensated' will I be if a I find him guilty versus innocent?"
    "Offically, the price is the same for both, 100,000. Unoffically..." whispers a number in his ear.
    Fredrick laughs uproariously, "You know it's true what they say. The more things change, the more they stay the same."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.