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  1. Hi! I am Toxic Princess, and need people to roleplay with. Some things you need to know about me....
    I reply about the same amount I am given.
    I play females, only.
    I like to do smut, but it's okay if you don't.
    I can do general talk to me about things, let me know.
    I am very outgoing and love becoming your friend.
    I am currently on break from college life, but once it starts up I'll let you know my schedule.
    I love talking to people, so don't be afraid to talk to me. I really do, so I mean I won't bite if you say hi. ( WAIT... I might bite... but it's a good type of bite ;p).
    I go to college from 7 am- 5pm EST, I will respond when I can(Please be patient since I am taking 3 classes at college)
    stars are my currently craving


    Please don't start a roleplay with me to just ditch me. I really get offended that I do something wrong and it makes me worried about what I had done wrong. It also gets very annoying because I like long lasting partners.
    I post about as much as you give me. I don't like one liners. Please have it be about two paragraphs or longer, but never novel-like. Novel-like posts scare me and will delay me from replying and even dropping the roleplay.
    I like to actually get to know people that I am roleplaying with, so please don't just not talk to me because we can bounce new ideas, be friends, and actually let each other know how our schedule is going. Just talk to me, don't be afraid of me, even though I bite ( not hard I promise).
    I like doing smut, but it can be added to the plot. I will only do smut when my partner is over the age of 18, or the age of.

    Prince x Princess
    Teacher x student
    Gang x Innocent girl
    Popular x New
    Popular x Popular
    Popular x Nerd/outcast
    step brother x Stepsister*
    Stepfather x Step Daughter
    bestfriends sister
    model x photographer
    model x singer
    singer x dancer
    Male Stripper x Wannabe Stripper
    Stripper x
    Daily Bar Visitor
    Fan x Singer
    x Bestfriend
    Brother's Bestfriend
    Bestfriend's brother
    Police Officer x Prostitute
    Police Officer x Innocent Girl with bad crowd
    Band of guys x dancers
    Flight attendant
    x customer
    Prince x Maid
    Master x Slave
    x Kidnapper
    Farmer's Daughter x Helping Hand
    City Girl x Farmer
    Shy/Talented Person x Agent

    Race Pairings
    Demon x Demon
    vampire x human*
    demon x human
    angel x
    angel x human

    angel x angel*
    x vampire
    neko x human
    neko x neko
    x demon
    neko x vampire
    witch x vampire*
    witch x wizard
    witch x neko
    witch x demon
    neko x wizard
    Mermaid x Human


    In Gang x Innocent Girl; they'd basically kidnap her because she noticed some crime ( we can make it up) that they were doing, and so they kidnap her and she is tough.. ( we can add on and include a race pairing)

    In step siblings; maybe their parents were on vacation and ran into each other, the son's father is wealthy and the daughter's mother isn't rich. They meet and get along, and in the meantime, the two run into each other during the summer and fall in love, but when their parents are back, they find out and the step brother can be abusive ( after they move in) and so is the father. ( GENE) The parents are gone all the time so he pushes the limits?

    In Police x Prostitute; The prostitute is caught by the policeman and he wants to help her to get a better job and get away from the gang?

    Prince x Maid; maybe some abuse? Maybe some forbidden romance? Like Maid is a powerful witch? Prince is a high demon?

    Master x Slave; just typical maybe bought her cause she was just caught and the black market hasn't been able to train her. So, he takes it upon himself to train her?

    Kidnapped x Kidnapper; again, just a random pairing where we can focus on how to get this work, like he kidnaps her cause he wants HER, and she is stubborn.

    Shy/ Talented Person x Agent; she posts videos on youtube, the agent finds her and tries to help her break out of her shell? Soon falling in love as trying to make it big and whatnot? So they can have a secret romance later on. maybe he is secretly aggressive?

    ( We can add on)​
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  2. I'm willing to try Angel x Angel Angel x Demon or Angel x Human
  3. I either angel X demon or angel X human
  4. I have an idea for the angel x human. Maybe she is like a strong soul and she needs help saving so her guardian angel helps her and shows himself to her, and try to help her light shine more than dark, or else bad things happen.

    Angel x Demon would be a war based rp. Where the angel gets kidnapped by the demon.
  5. We could try angel X human
  6. Yeah that would be great, PM me so we can discuss other detail?
  7. Singer x Dancer sounds fun
  8. Which part do you want??? I prefer the dancer
  9. And I'd prefer the singer, oddly enough. =) It's fate!
  10. Yes!! Please Pm ne?
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