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The princess of the sea

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by wolfs rain, Apr 18, 2016.

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  1. Alexandria had hiding behind the barrels of different materials in the storage hold, hoping no one found her out. She had snuck out the kingdom after finding out about her arranged marriage and hid aboard the first snip she could find in the port. She had been hiding in there for a few days as she was found her best not to give in to her hunger as she heard the door slam open and a relatively handsome man walk in. She judged by the way the others acted that he was in charge. She watched carefully hoping not to give away her position as her stomach growled loudly. She did her best to hide hoping no one noticed.
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    Damien Blood Walked around his deck as his crew got ready to set sail. He watched the others and sighed. When they were finally off and set sail. Damien made his way below deck and opened the hauler door climbing down into it to look at how things were placed. His first mate seemed to follow him like a whipped puppy. He was the ruthless sea captain. Son of the cruel Captain blood. He turned and glared at the first mate." Tell the men to fix this or I will feed them to the sharks." He said. Damien stopped when he heard a small noise. He held his hand up to say shut it. He looked around and stopped where he thought he heard the noise come from. He moved a barrel and looked down at a woman. He stopped a minute." Well hello I see we have more then rats down here." He pulled her up and moved for the door." Well let's go up on deck and talk." He said keeping a hold of her and half dragging her up the steps.
  3. Alexandria let out a loud squeal when she was discovered and began to scream for help when she was being dragged up the steps. She was in a panic for fear she would be tossed over board or worse. "Please I'll do anything, just don't kill me. Please I beg of you." She tried to wiggle out his grip but it was of no use. Her 5'3 frame could could not generate the power to even make him flinch.
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    Damien Blood ignored her plead and walked to his cabin. He set her in a seat and sat across from her. He had his lips pursed as he watched her." Anything? So why is it a girl such as you are on my ship and hiding in my cargo. What ye be running from?" He asked her and nods for the cabin boy to server the girl she water." Relax I won't hurt you if I get the tuth." He said and told her to drink. He let her calm down." Now answer my questions." Who are you? What you running from? Why are you on me ship? Also do you know who I am?" He asked her hoping to get good answers.
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