The Princess' Hand

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  1. Long ago in the Kingdom of Azador, King Wilhelm was a powerful and loved ruler. He was one of the best kings on the continent of Sodarr. He had a loving family as well. Queen Eliza was loved by many and her children were thought to be great people when they grew up. Prince Alekander was said to become an even greater king than his father would ever be. But then something happened. King Wilhelm found himself widowed and with only his youngest son and daughter. The tradegy was thought to destory the kingdom but King Wilhelm struggled on.

    A few years later King Wilhelm declared an event. It would be a contest and the winner would he given anything they asked from power to money to marrying one of the royal family, even the King himself. People from all over came to compete. There were very promising people in the group, but a dark force sought to gain the Kingdom. A young girl bore in the darkness was set among the competitors. Throughout the competition this young girl who went by the name Atra did whatever to ensure that she would win. Most of the others either died, were jailed, entered into her service or fled. Even Prince Joshua had persished in the conflict. In the end Atra had won. Her request?

    The King's hand.

    Eventually Atra bore two children from Wilhelm. The older one was a girl and it was certain that she was the King's legitimate child. But the other. The son. Many rumors spread that he was a spawn of some forincation with a demon or evil spirit. Some of those who knew more thought that he might be just like this mother, a creature formed out of darkness. No matter how he was bore though it was clear that he was not normal. He delved into dark magic and was his mother's loyal pet.

    Eventually the older princess was married off to a prince from a faraway kingdom. The son was not going to be King, so it feel to the daughter instead. Atra announced that there would be a competition for the Princess's hand. The King was old and sick and bedridden and besides be was under Atra's influence anyways. And the catch for the competition? The Prince would also be competing for his alledged sister's hand.

    People from all over came to compete for her hand. Anyone was allowed no matter who they were. Even females as long as they provided a male at the end or could somehow bare a heir with the Princess. But among the people of Azador dissent has been rising as well and the competition is a perfect way to get close to the hated Queen.

    So come and join the competition. But be warned that if you do. Not only is there foul things afoot, but the competition could end in a bloodbath in many different ways or worse. If the Prince manages to win it will only further spread the darkness and corruption of the Kingdom.

    So that is the general plot. The rules of it are the normal rp rules you would expect to find and also a limit to three characters. And feel free to choose whoever. A member of the royal family, a competitor, a servant or knight, an assassin who wants to kill Queen Atra or anyone who wants her gone, even someone from the old competition as well. They are free to compete and plot Atra's downfall or help her for those who are serving. Some other information:

    • Atra is about 34 in terms of appearance and what she says. She was "14" when she won the competition, 16 upon the Princess's birth and 19 upon the Prince's. So the Princess is 18 and the Prince 15. If you really want to know the King is in his late fifties, early sixties.
    • Like I said any character is welcomed. But if you want to play Atra you must pm me first so we can discuss her character.
    • The competition will take about a year ingame or should. It will involve fighting, both non-lethal and lethal, puzzles to solve, a maze, and other things. Atra wants it to be complicated.

    If you want more information I will be happy to provide. XD I want everyone to know what is going on. Anyways I will post in the character selection soon so that you may all start posting characters. Just a note I have already claimed the Prince. But any others are free to take. I would ask no one take the King though unless you really want to.

    (I will be picky with this. I don't want too many different races and I generally want either human or elf or dwarf)
    Role: (Who are they? Are they one of the royal family? Are they one of the servants? Someone from faraway come to compete? What is your characters normal everyday role? Also if competitor please have that too)
    Appearance: (Written or a picture, either is fine)
    History: (Would prefer at least a paragraph/5-7 sentences)
    Skills: (They know magic? A good swordsman? An archer? What are their skills?)
    Other: (For anything else you need to add)

    Name: Kielecki "Kiel" Sabel
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Race: Supposely human
    Role: Prince/Competitor
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Kiel does not recall much from his childhood. He recalls following his mother around a lot and learning about magic from her. Kiel had always been a patient and easy person to teach, but each of his tutors have said that he was unsettling. Many of them had left. Even his own bodyguard was hesistant to be around the boy, but he got use to the strangeness over the year. Kiel has always been fond of his sister, but the only person he shows real affection for was his mother. Kiel does not seem dangerous as he is mostly complicant of whatever his mother tells him, but Kiel is also loyal to his family and will protect them if he has to. Kiel can be cruel in his punishments as well, having thrown servants out windows or having skinned a cat alive. Kiel does not mind competing for his sister's hand, but he is somewhat uncertain of his mother's motive.
    Skills: Kiel is moderately skilled in dark magic but he also knows fire magic. Also trained in swordfighting and a little in hand to hand combat.
    Other: He also can play the harp and has a love of music

    Name: Travlor Jyu
    Age: Appears 25, is really in his 100s
    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf
    Role: Hunter/Competitor
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Travlor had a normal life for a few years, but at the age of seven, he left with a hunter to become one as well. For most of his young life Travlor followed his master, learning not only how to hunt, but about the forest and woods and other skills. Travlor's master warned him against most magic, saying that even the most pure magic could be used to harm and later than dark magic is a toxic and should be eliminated. Travlor's master left him when he turned 18 and Travlor lived in the woods for a while, sometime visiting villages. He heard about the competition and thought that it was a good test of skills, but it got him closer to Atra who has contaminated the Kingdom with dark magic. He does not want it to spread farther.
    Skills: Travlor is a skilled overall hunter, with skills in archer, tracking, and trap-making

    Name: Liselle Youberg
    Age: 42
    Gender: Female
    Race: Neko
    Role: Prisoner, use to be a city guard
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Liselle was born in another Kingdom across the sea and had an exotic accent for a while after her family came over. They traveled for a while and eventually Liselle found herself in Azador Kingdom. She worked as a city guard, enjoying her life. Liselle was drawn to the old competition, wanting either money or to marry one of the princes. Liselle competed average. She made friends with some of the others and tried to befriend Atra. Atra rejected her at first, but eventually "warmed" up to her. Liselle shared a lot with Atra, trusting her. She saw some of the others either dying or fleeing, but she did not question it at first. Eventually after her lover was killed, Liselle asked Atra what her role was. Atra betrayed her, planting evidence that it was Liselle who killed him thinking he was cheating on her. Liselle swore that she would get revenge for Atra's betrayal.

    For the rest of the years she had been imprisioned in the dungeon, sometimes being fed information from those who were still loyal and believed that Atra was corrupted and evil. Liselle is plotting an escape during the competition, wanting to strike down Atra. She also plans to join the resistance that is growing.
    Skills: Is a master at an axe, can see in the dark, is agile and has excellent balance among other cat-like qualities
  2. Name: Demetri Vladmir

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Role: Hunter/Competitor


    History: Demetri grew up around the kingdom but had ventured around to many places as he was young. His parents weren't poor but then again they weren't filthy rich either. While still young he moved to another kingdom far off. The green grass was genta as the the clear water and he loved it their. He trainned on hunting and combat skills. As he grew up living the life he thought he wanted, making many friends and doing great things he heard about the compitition. He only saw the princess once or twice but that was when he was far much younger than he was now. He agreed to fight for her hand and set back to the kingdom he once knew.

    Skills: Is excellent with the sword and blade as well as great speed and strength. His body learned to take damage as well as give it and he reaied quite an amout of stamina.
  3. [[I hope that this is okay. :0 This would be my first group roleplay.]]

    Name: Arin Volton.
    Age: 19.
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Human.
    Role: Competitor.
    History: Arin grew up in the slums of a country far to the south of the Kingdom of Azador. His parents died when he was young from some manner of illness. Arin was taken in by some friends, but never attached to them the same way he did to his real parents. Once Arin grew to be a teenager, he started to take odd jobs with passing caravans so that he could travel and save some money for food and an occasional stay at an inn. Doing these odd jobs, he learned various skills. Arin had only passed through the Kingdom of Azador a few times, but the most recent time he heard whispers that the tournament for the princess' hand was close to taking place.
    Arin, being the adventure seeking young man that he was, immediately took his pay and left the caravan. He wasn't really thinking of the princess' hand (he had never met her and had no idea what kind of woman the princess would be), but of the money and support he could ask of the king. He was thinking of all the friends and neighbors who had fed him and sheltered him after his parents died when they were still struggling to support themselves and their own children. He was working so hard in the first place so that he could pay them back for all the kindness they had shown him. He could only see the tournament as a chance to pay back their kindness.
    Skills: Arin is generally very aware of his body, because of all the physical work he's done. His first choice weapon is a talwar (or curved sabre), but he's also handy with a staff or bow. He's fast, has good reflexes, and a fair amount of experience tangling with bandits and the such.
    Other: Arin is generally happy and quick at making friends.
  4. Accepted. Note we do need the princess to be taken and I would prefer it if someone took Queen Atra.
  5. I can grab either the princess of Queen Atra, if you'd like? I don't really have a preference. Well, I kind of would rather play the queen. I would have no idea what to have the princess do, except to sigh and look on sadly.
  6. Oh the princess will definitely be involved in the RP and competition. But Atra is very important to the story. So feel free to take her. We do need to discuss some things concerning the Queen though so you'll be seeing a pm soon from me about it if you take her.
  7. [[Okey dokey. I didn't fill in any of her history before the first tournament. I hope that's okay. I don't want to step on anything you already have in the works. :3]]

    Name: Queen Atra.
    Age: Thirty-four.
    Gender: Female.
    Race: Human?
    Role: Queen of the Kingdom of Azador.
    Appearance: Characters/Mistress-2.jpg
    History: Atra appeared mysteriously at the first tournament of the Kingdom of Azador. She was beautiful, extremely young, and seemingly harmless. This misinterpretation of the threat she posed served to be the downfall of many a competitor. Her determination to be the winner of the tournament was so great that she didn't hesitate to manipulate, backstab, and brutally destroy her competition.
    Atra happily won the competition and took the King of Azador's hand in marriage. She bore him two children, both of whom she loved. She single-handedly took over the kingdom, manipulating the heartbroken king into a position of place holder and figure head.
    Nobody seemed to notice that trade flourished, the streets got cleaner, and that their poor were less poor during her reign. All that the citizens can remember is the bloodbath that ensued when she took her prize. Atra, of course, doesn't let that stop her from being a great ruler.
    She's never let anything stop her.
    Skills: Atra's skills are both greatly exaggerated and highly underestimated. She has an intense and intimate knowledge of all magicks (not just dark). She is also trained in the martial arts, although her real talent lies in misdirection and manipulation.
    Other: She will cut you. I am serious.
  8. I'd like to try out for the princess if that's alright. I'll post a character sheet when I get one set up. :)
  9. Accepted pickle and that is fine Nostalgia.

    Once we have the Princess, I want at least one more competitor before we begin.
  10. I guess I'll be the last competitor if its still open?
  11. Sorry this took so long! I get a bit busy at times. Here you go~

    Elvira Sabel (I took the Prince's last name since they're related and I figured it made sense o.o I hope that was right!)




    Role: Princess of Azador/Competition's First Prize

    Appearance: 234323456543.png

    Elvira grew up as one would imagine any Princess to, laid-back and pampered. Since a very young age she was taught to be a perfect little lady. This, however, did nothing but bore her. She was always looking for a thrill by doing something dangerous, like swimming in Crocodile Pond, piranha fishing, downhill mountain tumbling, or her personal favorite, playing "hide-and-seek" in the Dark Woods before her servants found her. She'd always take her beloved little brother on her escapades, and those moments were always her happiest. Though there was one incident when she was 13 that got her and Kiel nearly killed, and that's when her mother ordered her to never leave the castle again. Of course, this upset her, but Elvira loved her mother dearly, so she complied. Ever since she's merely become the castle's doll, wandering around with nothing but her sighs to break the silence... Until she heard of the competition. This would be the first time in a long time where she'd have the opportunity to be set free from her cage. Being as naive as she is, she doesn't see the evil intentions her mother has in store.

    Elvira was never interested in magic, though after seeing how much attention Queen Atra gave to her brother, she figured she'd pick it up. Magic was never her forte, though before she decided to give up on it she learned a bit of healing and protective magic. It wasn't long, however, before she discovered her knack for fencing. She'd always head to the knight's quarters where she would watch them practice, and then practice herself. This has since made her quite handy with a sabre.

    For having such a generally rough and tomboy-like personality, Elvira is quite sensitive and gentle, especially towards animals. They seem to attract to her quite easily.