The Princess and the Wolf

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  1. ^.^
    who starts?
  2. mmmm so we are starting with the bandits or w/e right? dont those typically start with the girl running through dark alleyways or something?
  3. we never did talk about what time this plot was in did we....
  4. no we did u said start as the kid so they meet each other just read our pms we discussed this XD
  5. (ok)
    It was night time. Thats all she knew. She'd been taken from her home almost a week now. Her kidnappers fed her very little to keep her weak and brittle. Her tiny body sore from beign forced to walk in her night cloths all day and night. All while they put a black hood over her head as they led her from her home. They'd given her some kind of shoe that made it impossible for her to tell what terrain she was on and the hood cutted her already weak senses off entirely.
    'I wanna go home' the child thought tears comming to her eyes. 'I wanna see mommy and daddy.....I want my big brother'
  6. one of the men cuffed her ear, or where he guessed it was"shut up you little runt or we are cutting back on your food even more!"he hissed. it was the larger man who had said this. it was easy to tell whenever he was around because of how loud he breathed....or...wheezed really
    "carver if you dont hush up as well ill gut ye"the other said. the one who wasn't carver didnt sound as heavyset but he was just as cruel,if not moreso.
  7. she fell to the ground as she was hit whimpering softly behind her gag as she curled up. She was in pain and misery.
    'Wanna go home....' she cried through her blind fold and under the hood. 'Wont some one save me?" She had abandoned the idea of her prince coming for her or a fairy godmother saving her from her nightmare. Or even her parents coming in to her room to wake her from her nightmare. She just stopped believing.
  8. the large man,carver, kicked her roughly"i said shut up!"he growled before suddenly being cut off with a gurgling sound. there was a thud.
    gunshots were heard before empty clicking of a gun
    "what the fuck are-agh!"the other man was dropped to the ground.
    all around there was a low growl that rattled the bones before it died down. heavy padded footsteps came over to her,sniffing before pulling the moving down to bite off the binds around the little girl's wrists and then carefully pulling the blindfold off. before the girl stood a monstrous wolf with fur as black as the night sky, flecked with little shots of silvery grey and a patch on the chest. its glowing yellow eyes looked at her curiously in the darkness
    "well well well...never thought i would see a vampire here"a voice with what sounded like an irish accent spoke in the girl's head
  9. She cried out at being kicked no longer able to hold back her cries of pain and sadness. Why bother? she'd be dead soon that she knew so why not give her caputres hell before she went to hell or heaven.

    Suddenly sounds of gun fire and growling erupted making the girl cry out in panic as she was tossed about roughly and she tremored as the sounds of fighting with something got closer to her and then slowly died away. She let out her ragad breaths through her gag as she felt somthing sniff and pulll her
    down wards before her panic kicked in her binds on her tiny wrists came off in a gasp of relif she didn't even know she released before she felt somthing carefuly remove the hood around her.

    Her sense kicked back in knocking her off balance as her sense were overloaded with the sent of gunpowder and blood. Followed by the sent of trees and the soft grass at her feet. Her ears rang with the sound of dying heart beats and her own as well as her savour the lodest and most painful to ring in her suddenly senestive ears.

    When her blind fold came off her she teetred back as the light burnned her eyes after being covred for so long after a few wincing tense moments her senses settled and she realised she stood before a monster of a wolf. A were wolf, that much she knew. Why he saved her...not exactly sure of that. He easily towred her and he was a sight to behold. All her life she was told Weres looked like mangy muts in their animail form and were nothing in comparision to Vampires.

    Clearly her text books needed to be updated and revised with her encounter with one. He was darker then the the black silk on her brothers bedding and his fur probly felt just as soft and smoth as it too. His eyes were what caught her the most. His golden yellow eyes stunned her. She'd only seen such finery in colour in her mothers dresses never on any where else. She was so caught up in his eyes she didn't even notice that she'd shuffled up to him and ran her soft hands through his fur and her emerald gaze searched his in wonder
    "He's so...admazing" she thought
  10. "well i should hope so!"the wolf retorted"i just saved your life,lass"the wolf rolled his eyes and looked down at her hand".....why are you petting me?"the wolf asked,confusion in his voice.
    the voice itself sounded more like a young boy than anything but his body was larger than a normal wolf's"im a Dire Werewolf! im not some pet"he said in the petulent tone children could do before noticing she was still scared and sighed"who are you anyway"

    the question came out as a statement,a command really
  11. she jumped back her hand tucked close to her chest startled.
    "I'm sorry sir" she said quietly as she looked away from his gaze that haunted her young mind.
    "I'm Allinana,Allinana Merannina Princess of the vampire clans" she said shyly picking at her flimsy night dress
  12. "oh god that is just a mouth calling you ally"the wolf said dismissively
    "anyway my name is Drake McAllister and im the youngest Dire Werewolf to learn how to shift in my clan"he said proudly"............except now I can't get out of it. and my clan was all killed and stuff so there is that" the way that drake said this came across as completely uncaring, or trying to be at least
  13. the girl giggled at this. Everyone said the same about her name and called her Ally. The only person who calls her by her full name s her brother. The girl blinked as he told her his tale.
    "I'm sorry for your loss" she said "I hope you can find a new home and a new family" she said smiling
  14. "any other clans would probably kill me on sight my da used to say"drake responded as if it were obvious"i have no where to go"
    before the conversation took a turn somewhere he didnt want it to, the wolf suddenly said"where are you from anyway,lass?"
  15. "oh...I'm sorry she said looking back in to his golden eyes. "I know! you can come home with me to the royal palace!" she said jumping up at the idea happily "then you'd have a family and a home!" she beamed joyfully
  16. he cocked his head to the side"you are from the palace? wow that is a few hours away"he noted then had an idea"hop on and ill take you there,lass"he told her

    ((only she can hear him right? i forget))
  17. (the idea was that he ccouldn't talk to anyone......)
  18. ((oh sorry! i thought he could only talk to her :c ))
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