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  1. "How are you holding up in there? How are you feeling?" Princess Alexia asks gently. It was the middle of the night and she knew perfectly well that there was a prisoner in the palace. She knew for sure that he was a thief, but she wanted to see if he was at least okay. She had wondered all the way downstairs, where the prison was held and was currently kneeling in front of his cell, looking over at him. She had a few items in a basket, food and a blanket if he got cold. She was sad that he was in prison and hoped he would be let out soon. She rubs at her eyes and then stretches, she was willing to sit out and talk to him as long as he needed, because she was the kind hearted type of princess.
  2. Rico glared at the princess, trying to hide his shivering. "Why the hell should you care?" he spat out, looking suspiciously at the basket. A life of crime had taught him not to take food from people he had not trusted, and it had served him well. "Shouldn't you be in your room, sleeping and not giving a crap about who got into the prison and who didn't?"
  3. Alexis sighed and then stood up, she unlocked his cell and wanders inside, she had made sure to get the key so she could bring him the food. She kneels down in front of him and looks up at him. "Here" She says and passes him the basket.
  4. Rico took the basket suspiciously, hoping the princess would leave before he used a weapon on her. She was way too naïve when it came to the world, and the boy didn't want to have to destroy someone so oblivious and innocent.
    "Yeah, yeah. Thanks for the food. Now, get out of here before I stab you, take the keys, and leave."
  5. Alexis shook her head.

    "No, you aren't going to stab me at all. I just want to talk to you. Why did you steal? Didn't you know when you were doing it you would get caught and perhaps thrown into prison? Were you low on money?" She says looking over at him, glancing at his appearance. He was pretty handsome, she thought to herself.

    She quickly shook the thought from her mind and then awaited his answer, being wary of the fact he wanted to stab her.
  6. Rico sighed. "Again, why the fuck should I tell you? I just got into prison, damn it! If you really want to know, then ask some other guy with no home!" He quickly covered his mouth and moved into the corner.
  7. Alexis looks over at him and sighs. "I'm just curious" She says, she moves over to the basket and then took the blanket out, placing it over him ever so carefully. "Goodnight, I'll see you in the morning" She says. She stood up and then headed out of the cell, shutting the gate behind her and going upstairs to her room, then fell asleep.
  8. Rico watched as the princess left, obviously confused. Did she really want him to have all of this? He tried to rob her and her family, for God's sake!
    "I was a little harsh back there. Maybe I should apologise..."
    The boy hit himself. "Idiot! I knew that I was going soft!"
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