The Princess and the Outcast

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  1. The story of a friendship and love not accepted by society.

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    Name Akari Nojime
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Neko Tribe Princess
    Martial status: Arranged to marry the son of a family friend.

    Cat utopia bustling town by day and silent by night. The silence gives Akari her opportunity to sneak out of palace. She had studied the least guarded pathways out for most of her life. Though the Cat tribe was at war with the Inu tribe on the other side of the Great Divide River Akari was fearless. She liked taking risks. She squeezes through the gates and made her way to a waterfall upstream. Her favorite place to think. The sound of rushing water got her thoughts going, and she had a lot on her mind.
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  2. [​IMG]Name:Toka Argon
    Occupation:Prince of the equus tride(Neko trides enemys)
    Martial status:None yet.

    Toka led his horse down to the waterfall to let him drink.He rubbed the horses neck as it lapped up the water from the fall.Tokas eyes looked yellow as the sun hit them.
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  3. Akari parted the leaves to reveal the great divide's waterfall. And was so distracted by her thoughts that she hadn't noticed the man and his horse until she was in plan sight with nowhere to hide.
  4. The horse lifted his head to the woman who had walked through the leaves.Toka lifted his head to see her and smiled slightly not knowing who see was.
  5. Akari slowly inched back. He was on the other side so he had to be the enemy, right? she asked in her thoughts and eventually bumped into a tree, which startled her. She quick turned to see it and hide behind it. Peeking ever once and a while to see if the man had left.
  6. He laughed slightly and jumped on the back off his horse but did not leave just paced back and fourth on the other side of the water fall."Im got going to hurt you" he said gently hoping to calm her down.
  7. Akari came for behind the tree hesitantly, "How can I know for sure?" she asked still keeping a safe distance to the forest just in case she had to run away.
  8. His horse lowerd his head on command and toka threw his sword in front of it showing he meant no harm to her "See i dont want to hurt you"
  9. Akari moved a little closer, "How do I know you do have hidden weapons?" she asked sitting down on the ground The pants she wore under her silk nightgown were visible. The royal cat tribe seal stitched on the side.
  10. He saw the seal his horse reared and he grabbed the sword quickly placing it to her throat "Well i would not have have hurt you, but that was before i knew who you were" he said and showed her his trides tatoo on his arm
  11. Akari looked at him, her pale purple eyes glistening in the moon light. She wasn't scared by the sudden threat, "Do'd over by providing me a service." she said without breaking eye contact.
  12. "Well if you want to be dead then i shall not" he said lowering the sword and putting it at his side."better give you this so your family knows what they are dealing with" he said then hit her in the face although he did not want too but he knew he had too.
  13. She was knocked to the ground by the force of the blow and her loosely tied hair fell pass her shoulders. She quickly stood up enraged, "What a jerk thing to so! Hitting someone unarmed let that! You beast really are the worst!" she scolded slapped him. She was aware that her mouth was most likely going to get her killed, but she didn't want to seem like a push over.
  14. As he slapped him blood dripped down his nose he got nose bleeds easily."Well i could have killed you but i did not does that not make me a gentleman" he said smiling but he was still angry after he hit her
  15. "Gentlemen? Ha, I've seen rock more gentlemen like than you." she said sticking out her tongue. Blood from her nose dripping onto her gown. She wiped her nose on her sleeve and backed away from Toka.
  16. "Well i dont go round talking to rocks" he said but he frooze as he heard scouts from his tride in the distance they were looking for him he was not meant to leave without his fathers approvel
  17. She was flustered, "I don't talk to rocks." she said crossing arms. She heard calls from afar and knew she had to hide. She quickly ran to her hiding place behind the waterfall. A small cave perfect for hiding scents and exploring.
  18. He turned to her hoping she had gone to hide and was happy to see she had."Toka your father is not going to be happy your out again" one of the scouts said to him then grabbed his horses reins leading it back to the tride.His nose was still bleeding from when she hit him.
  19. Akari watched as they left and examined the royal dagger she had lifted from off of him. She wasn't going to keep it. she just wanted to leave him a message on the wall for him, 'Thanks for not telling them about my hiding place, Jerk man.' she craved then put the dagger down and headed home when the coast was clear.
  20. They rode into his home and his father was waiting for him his arms were crossed and an angry look on his face like he always had."Im sorry i got distracted" Toka said to try and calm his father down but it did not work he started to yell at him.When his father was finished yelling toka stormed out the room packed his stuff onto his horse and headed to the neko tride.
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