The Prince's Slave (Nikk and Domen)

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    "Prince of nothing." A demon hide collar was latched around The Prince of Ferralis' neck. "Welcome to the Promise Land." Konn yanked roughly on the collar to force him to stand up. "Look at you~ you're not even in the slave barracks. This-" Konn pointed irritatingly around the room. "This is the last time you'll have such a luxury. You may as well forget your name. Forget that you ever had a family, ever had love, education, anything. Go numb as soon as possible, that's the best way."
    Prince Konn dragged the enslaved prince off of the boat to their hot, dry, and barren land. It was sunset, the evening was coming soon. "I'll bet rags will look wonderful on you. You'll be a birthday gift to my little brother tomorrow during a ceremony. Until then..." he chuckled. "I'll make you at home. There-" he pointed at a large castle that had been newly erected to accommodate the royal demon family. It was a black caste surrounded by thin and spinally dead tree silhouettes and a dried up river bed. "This is your home now. Believe it or not it's nicer than any other home in this place."
    The leash was tight- Konn enjoyed how the slave prince walked upright, he wondered how long that would last before he slouched like the purebred scum that he was.
  2. Devon was traveling with the prince from the Melis kingdom. He said nothing to him, but the older prince didn't stopped talking at all. He is a slave now, he was a prince before, but that was in the past, now he will spend his entire life like a slave, serving to the roayal family and being tortured by them and sometimes they were going to do other things with him. In a couple of hours they reached the kingdom. Devon had a collar on his neck and it was very tight, his breathing was very heavy and the prince didn't made it better by pulling the collar. Devon followed the older prince, he was with his usual clothes (The clothes from the pic) but that was going to change, he knew what life he was going to have here, but he had no choice. Devon coughed cuz of the tight collar, it was even worse then before, he could feel that the collar was getting tighter. Devon stumbled on the ground on his four and spited. He raised his head looking at the older prince and tried to stand up, but not with much luck. But in a couple of moments he stood up and placed his hands on the collar and started pulling it trying to make it feel better. But soon he gave up seeing that there was no point in doing this. Devon combed his blonde hair with his hand and looked at the prince with sad eyes. His will was broken, he had no desire to live anymore, why couldn't he just be killed.

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