The Prince in Disguise

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  1. He is sick of having everything being handed to him on a silver platter. Draco Lundberg, prince of Sweden decides to run away to the US and live in Rockford Illinois, a small town. All he wants is to live a normal life. But will he be able to pull it off?
    -Quick Character Info-
    Name: Draco Lundberg
    Age: 17
    Height: 6ft
    Body Type: Athletic/Muscular
    Personality: Kinda, Caring, Protective, Tough, Great Leader, Stubborn, Mysterious, Loyal, Honest, Smart.
    Looks: (Pic Below after he leave Sweden)
    Draco grumbled and he sat up in his royal bed running a hand through his shoulder length blond hair. Then a realization hit him, today was the day. The day where he officially got out of here. He pulled the covers off him and hopped out of bed. He ran to his safe and did the combination, pulling out a good amount of money that he needed to start his new life in the US. He stuffed it all in a bag that he pact last night. Now its time for one last thing.... he went into the bathroom looking at himself in the mirror for a moment. Looking back at those surprisingly bright blue eyes then grabbed a pair of scissors. He began chopping away. He made sure every cut was perfect.When he was done he stepped back to take a look at himself in the mirror. He was surprised that he did a good job. He was a good looking young man before, but now he looks even better with short hair. He nods to himself, mentally wishing himself goodluck and went back into his room. He grabbed his bag and ran back out heading down the secret stairway. He went out through a secret exit in the mansion. He ran fast, he only looked over his shoulder once.
    Luckily with the new hair cut ni one seemed to have recognized him. He even got to go in a taxi which took him to the airport. Once he finally went into the airplane and took his seat he smiled to hinself. It was really haappening. Now he can finally live his own life.He was also pretty happy he knew english. Being a prince you have to learn a whole bunch of different languages. Finally the plane flew off... Finally...
    *Writers Note: Wanna Join this RP? Just message me and ask ^^*

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  2. Name: Mollie Callahan
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'4
    Body Type: slim and athletic
    Personality: Sort of shy, tomboyish, tough but submissive at the same time

    Mollie pulled her head phones over her ears and looked down to her iPod. She flicked though her play list until the perfect song came on. She smiled a bit and turned it up so the outside world was drowned out. Her head bobbed lightly to the beat as she walked down the sidewalk. She watched cars pass by her, all going a bit to fast she thought. Must be nice to have places to go and people see, Mollie did't have anyone. It didn't help that she ran away from the foster home she was in. Shrugging she shook off the feeling getting deeper into her music. She rounded the corner and was knocked to the round roughly by a passer by. She winced and pulled her head phones back. "Hey! Watch it!" She shouted brushing herself off and standing up. She sighed seeing alittle bit of blood on her fingers. She glanced to her elbow and sighed seeing the road rash.
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  3. After hours of flying Draco finally made it. He smiled to himself as the plane landed and he got up, getting his suitcase, he walked out of the plane and into the building, looking around at all the people passing by. He was finally here! The air around here even smelled different Sweden... he couldn't explain it. As he finally got out of the airport building he felt the sun shine on his face, causing him to smiled more. Ok... now just got to pull out the map and find a hotel. He pulled out his map out of his pocket and unfolded it... as he examined it he accidently bumped into something... well more like someone. Someone else had just bumped into Mollie this time... but before she fell to the ground he quickly caught her by her arms. He looked down at her, "Oh I apologize!" he said, his accent was quit faint. He looked down at her with his crystal blue eyes, "I wasn't watching where I was going."
  4. Mollie looked up at the boy, her eyes locking on his bright blue ones. "Um, it's alright." She gave him a faint smile and stepped back, pulling head head phones off her head though let her music still play. "Where are you heading in such a hurry anyways?" She questioned looking around then back to him. Everyone was always in a one ever slowed down anymore to take in their surroundings. Mollie locked eyes with his bright blue ones once more...slightly getting lost him them.
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