The Prince and His Protector (Kamakazi.kal x ForLackofaBetterName)

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  1. Name: Nicholias Sandoil III, sometimes goes by 'Nichol'.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Class: Prince

    Appearance: Nicholias has a light skin tone, and is of average weight, but is a bit shorter than an average boy of his age. His hair is black and 'fluffy', it seems that no matter what he tries to do with it, he can never seen to get it straight or controlled, so he often covers it with a hat of some sort. He has grey-green eyes.

    He usually wears clothes that look extravagant, though in private prefers much more casual clothes.

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Personality: Nicholias is very friendly and easy-going by nature, and because of this it's fairly easy for him to befriend people. Despite his status, he doesn't like it when people treat him all high-and-mighty because it isn't how he sees himself, and is somewhat reluctant to have to ever use his position to get things. He's also reluctant to ever do his royal duties or get involved in any royal politics in general, always portraying himself as being 'rebellious', but in reality is scared of messing up. He doesn't mind giving advice, and more often than not will give it whether it's asked for or not. He simply hates others abusing and taking advantage of their power, and wouldn't hesitate to call out anyone that was doing so.

    Bio: Nicholias was raised fairly casually, having never had any expectations put on him because of his older brothers and the expectations others had for them while he, the youngest, was left alone. Nichol didn't mind, though, having much more free time to do whatever he liked, and could often go out without too much fuss being made about his status. The only downside was the lack of time with his parents, who always seemed more focused on his brothers.

    However, they eventually went and married other princesses, ruling other kingdoms... leaving Nicholas to the be the last heir to rule his own kingdom. Suddenly a rush of expectations came over him, with pressure to marry, and Nichol wasn't sure about what to do. He continued his easy-going act, trying to hide the nervousness of possibly being a bad ruler.
  2. Nicholias Sandoil III... Or, rather, 'Nichol' as he often preferred, walked back and forth in his room, and nervously at that, which was the opposite of his usual disposition. He never had so many responsibilities before, and it wasn't like he was warned of the ones that would suddenly be piled onto him; get married, manage the taxes, resolve the towns people's problems before some civil war happens... it was all too much. He longed for the good old days of just being Nichol, not his full, extravagantly long name, with the towns people simply greeting him with a hello and chatter, not sudden bowing and solemn respect in his presence. He even had more guards than he thought was necessary, with three in the front, and three in the back, and they all seemed to stab at even leaves blown by the wind. Did his parents simply not care about him until they realized he was the only one left to rule this kingdom? It certainly looked that way...

    "Nichol, are you ready yet? You're keeping everyone waiting!" A guard said, knocking on his door. Ah, yes, the party, it was supposed to celebrate the fact that he'd be ruling soon. He was all dressed and indeed ready..., but reluctant to admit that his carefree days were over. With a big sigh, he straightened himself up, opening the door and walking out, acting like he had more confidence than he felt.
  3. Name: Sayomi Chi, or Micah

    Gender: Female

    Class: Guard/unknown

    Appearance: Sayomi has tanned skin, that is porcelain smooth. She has long silky black hair, that when it is down, it reaches her hips. She has full rosey lips, and piercing emerald green eyes. She only stands 5' 6", and constantly gets harassed by the other guards for her 'girly' appearance.

    She has a sort of tattoo on her right hand, that has been there since she could remember. Whenever she asked her father about it, he said that he has one, and the same with his father. That for as long as he could remember, everyone in his blood line had one.


    Personality: Sayomi is quiet, and usually shy. But when she is Micah, she is loud, strong, and diciplined. She is stubborn, and doesn't back down from anything. She is caring, and extremely compassionate. Sayomi often found that she would start to care for people that she really should either stay distant from, or should stop caring for. Sayomi was extremely smart, and sometimes used it to her advantage, but usually it seemed to turn on herself.

    Bio: Growing up, Sayomi was taught as a scholar. She was taught in every matter, including politics. When she was only 9 she was sent to another kingdom to continue her life studying. Her father wanted her to become one of the great scholars. Her father wanted her to stand by the side of any king or kingdom that wanted her help. Wanted her to be part of history, not just another person in the background.

    When she was 14 she got news that her brother had became ill and passed. She had come home. Only months away from graduating, and being able to start teaching. When she came home, her father made her take his place. So she was sent into training. After a couple years, she finished her training and became a knight. Now she is working as the prince's personal guard.