The Prince and his Knight(Chelma and Kalona)

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  1. Prince Kyle was in his room, his tail swinging lazily. It was two pm, and he had just eaten lunch. Kyle was, currently, full and satiated. The rest of his family was taking an afternoon nap. Kyle wanted to, but he just couldn't fall asleep. His mind was buzzing though his eyelids drooped. Kyle had tried to read a book, but to no avail. He couldn't clear his mind. And, of course, there was a reason for that. His knight. The knight assigned to Kyle was very attractive, if he did say so himself. His ear twitched and swiveled towards the door. He heard footsteps over the louder drone of his thoughts. Actually, his thoughts were more like day dreams, but they still barred him from rest. Kyle was in his bedclothes, so a light breeze brushed his toned chest as he sat in the seat by the window.
  2. Vex sighed as he headed toward Kyle's door; he had just been informed by the king that a war was to happen and he needed to get the prince out of the castle and to safety as soon as was humanly possible, ears witched and lay against his head as his sword clanked to the side against his armor which he hadn't had time to change out of. He had been assigned to the prince for a long time now and had never failed at keeping him safe, in fact he had a small crush on the quite attractive prince for quite a while now; the knight shook the thought away and knocked at the door once he reached the room he had been looking for. "My prince, we must leave."
  3. Upon hearing the voice, his head swiveled to look at the door. "Come in and explain yourself." Kyle said, his ears twitching slightly in annoyance. This time was for him. Unless it was the biggest emergency ever, no one was supposed to disturb him during afternoon nap time. Not even attractive knights. He had his cheek pressed up to the cool window, since it was warm in his room. The temperature outside was nice, the cool breeze helping to make the air crisp. Kyle's tail flicked lazily again as he looked at the door. Plus, Kyle didn't want to leave. He liked the castle. It was nice and comfortable.
  4. Vex entered the room; his ears twitched slightly as he looked at the prince. "War is coming, the king has requested that I take you somewhere safe, pack light. We are to leave on my horse in an hour." He said as he looked at the prince; he knew he was interrupting a nap to be had but as soon as they got somewhere safe the prince could nap as much as he needed.
  5. Kyle yawned. "War? And he thinks taking me away will help? Fantastic." Kyle grumbled as he stood, the muscles in his torso flexing slightly. "Give me a few minutes to change and pack. You don't have to go anywhere, just let me get everything in order." Kyle pulled out a large backpack from his closet and began to pack essentials. Clothes, money, weapons, medical supplies. "We will have to stop by the kitchens to get food." Kyle said as he changed from his bedclothes into a pair of riding clothes. They looked like what a commoner would, so no one would notice him.
  6. "Yeah, I had Cassandra get some food packed, she'll give it to us when we go down there." He told him and turned as the other began changing into different clothes, as much as he wanted to watch the young prince undress, this wasn't the time to do so.
  7. As the knight turned away, the prince frowned slightly. Was he not attractive? Was the knight being polite? Or was the knight just being rude? Kyle didn't know. Once finished dressing, he put his backpack on his shoes, his tail swishing slightly side to side. "Ah, Cassandra. Yes. She's nice, though sweet on me. I've told her many a time that girls do not interest me, but she is persistent." Kyle said
  8. Vex chuckled softly and turned back to the prince. "Like that would stop her from still pursuing a possible relationship with you?" He asked as he looked the other over before opening the door for his prince, letting him out first. "She's a persistent one...though I may have walked in on her doing it with one of the butlers just a few days ago." He shook his head and walked out with Kyle.
  9. Kyle just chuckled. "Yes, I knew about that." He murmured. "My father was not very happy about finding semen in the coat closet." Kyle strode down the hallways, his step light and stride long. "At least she does her job well." Kyle said, his tail swishing from side to side as he walked. His ears pivoted, taking in all the sounds. "Where are we going, if I may ask?"
  10. Vex chuckled softly and sighed. "I suppose so." He hummed as they made their way down stairs. "I have a cottage just a few miles out that we can stay in, I used to live there before I came to work at the castle." He said.
  11. Kyle sighed. "A few miles? Good. But if anyone attacks us, I'm not running. I will stand my ground." Kyle noted as they reached the kitchen. "Also, whats with the armor? Aren't we supposed to be discreet?"
  12. "Oh, I hadn't changed quite yet since I was in a rush, I'll go back to my chambers and change really quick, you get the food packed while I do." He said. "Wait out by the horse, the gardener should be out there feeding him." He said before leaving the prince to go change.
  13. Kyle paused before yelling out, "wait!" He walked after Vex. "If there really is a war going to happen, I don't feel comfortable being by myself." Kyle said, blushing. He didn't want to admit it, but he did have issues with anxiety an being alone.
  14. He nodded. "Alright, come with me." he replied as he walked down the hall and headed toward his room, once there he kept the door open for the prince as he sifted through his drawer and grabbed some clothes. "Close the door." Vex told him as he removed the armor, it was always a bitch to try and get out of but at least he had worn it long enough to figure out how to get out.
  15. The prince closed the door. "Vex, do you want any help? I cant help but notice that your shoulder strap is caught in your neck plate." Kyle said. Kyle didnt have any sense of awkwardness. Vex was someone he was close to, so normal barriers didnt really apply.
  16. "Yeah, that would be nice." Vex sighed, it was always such a chore to get out of his armor; he thanked the other as he was finally able to take it off and then looked for a shirt to wear and then pants. "Alright, I think we're ready."
  17. As Kyle helped, he discreetly let his eyes wander over Vex. The knight really was quite beautiful... "Ah, yes. Once we grab the food, we can start our journey to your cabin." Kyle said, a half hidden smile gracing his features. He had to stop his eyes from roving over the knight once more.
  18. Vex nodded and headed out his door once he grabbed his sword. "That's the plan." He said as he headed down the hall toward the kitchen where Cassandra was holding their food. "Good luck my prince, stay safe." She smiled cutely, ignoring Vex who just rolled his eyes.
  19. Kyle nodded politely. "I will. With a knight of Vex's stature, no one will be able to harm me." Kyle said, smiling at Vex. Though the words were true, it was also a thinly veiled attempt at flirting with Vex. Kyle took the food from Cassandra and put it in his bag. "You stay safe as well. Danger is coming swiftly."
  20. Vex chuckled softly and smiled at the comment, grabbing another basket of food before he opened the back door. "Alright, my prince, we shall be going then." He said, keeping it open for him as he looked around, once they were out of the castle he went to the garden where his horse was and looked over at the prince. "I'll help you on the horse."
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