The Prince and His Dragon (Justaddnutts and JayAyato)

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Jay Ayato

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Set in the country of Larthon, in the largest kingdom or Harris and the mountain of Jurith.
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Jay Ayato

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Lyth Corduth, a fierce dragon who resides in the high mountains of Jurith just above the biggest kingdom of Larthon. His crimson red scales shimmer brilliantly under the moonlit night, gliding down to the kingdom of Harris just below his home. A cliche, yes, but he must have this princess.

Lyth flies right to the castle, the loud bells chiming in distress as the kingdom guards go to protect the royal family from this beast. Lyth lands on the high roof, his neck bending down and peering into the windows of the castle. Finally, he finds the princess's room, at least he thinks so. With a giant paw he reaches in, breaking the wall around the window and snatches the royal. Once Lyth has this princess he spreads his wings and flies high into the air, having claimed his prize.


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Athon was going about the motions that day. He had no real drive to over or under achieve. It was- for all intents and purposes -a day like any other. He had gotten up at the ass crack of dawn, and was fed and groomed long before any of his brothers even thought about rolling over in there own beds. He made his rounds around the castle to bid the staff a very warm good morning personally- a habit which only endeared him to the masses. Before he moved on to paper work. Piles upon piles of paper work. It was far to much for one man and yet without fail he was finished before the day was out.

Today would be different.

He had been called away from his mound of work by his trainer, Gladion (a mean looking fellow who pain stakingly made sure his fighting skills were up to par), who wanted to put him through his paces. The distraction was welcomed at the time, as his vision was blurring and his hands were cramping. In retrospect he should have said no.

As he made his way down to the barracks the walls crumbled around him. It was rather strange, he noted with an oddly calm disposition, because walls don't just break themselves. By the time his brain caught up he was suspended in the air by the claws of a beast.

He felt like no less of a man to admit he screamed.​

Jay Ayato

Original poster
Lyth smiled as his prize was claimed, quickly flying into the high off mountains. He flew fast and held the human carefully, soon landing at a cliffs end. He walked not to far to a large cave entrance, walking in far until there was no light and they were surrounded by pitch darkness. He moved in a little further before fire shot into a large pit in the ground from the dragons mouth.

As the cave lit up it showed glimmering golds and jewels to one end, on another were old toys and books neatly stacked as if organized by a human. On the third side were what seemed to be furniture, a bed and a few wooden chairs. Lyth carefully set the human prince on the bed, his large body covering the entirety on the exit from where they came as he sat up and wings curled around him.
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