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The Prime Nautica


The Prim Nautica was once a Cargo class transport ship that is now piloted by Captain Clay Desmode. After the last Galaxy war, a devastating hole was left in the World alliances (WA) economy, more than ever, the need for brave transport pilots had risen to fly through uncharted regions of space to make deliveries of various goods. Many hostel factions threaten such ships, preying upon them in these harsh times. Aside from alien races, bands of Space pirates also commonly attempt to high jack these ships. The Prime Nautica is unlike your normal Transport ship in the fact that it has been equipped with enough fire power to level a small planet.

Captain Desmode, along with his highly skilled crew, Knows what it takes to pilot and command such a ship. The transportation of various goods and supplies is vital to the life of the human race. He has comprised an elite group of individuals to help him in this task. Although the pay for such a job is extremely high, given the current situation of things, Captain Desmode like to think he is also doing his part for the future of man kind.

Do you have what it takes to be part of The Prime Nautica's crew?
( Just Post a Cs and Jump right in, anything is fine although I'd like to fill the crew first)

-CREW NEEDED - Doctors or Medics ,Weapons operators or Soldiers, Co-Pilot, Navigations specialist, Communications operator, Translators, A.I. (android crew accepted aboard this ship), Maintenance personal -both computer and Ship, Computer specialists.

other crew accepted with Captains Approval.

Race:(android, alien, human, other)
Short Bio:
Name: Clay Desmode

Age: 33

Race: human

Job: Captain


Weapons/Equipment: Carries twin .45s, with armor piercing rounds.

Personality: Direct, but friendly. Stern when he needs to be, but considerate to others. Sometimes a little short when dealing with incompetence. Overall Clay Desmode is everything you'd except in a captain. He has an aura around him that commands respect as well as loyalty.

Short Bio: A veteran of the Galaxy wars, Captain Desmode is no stranger to violence or space travel. He was born on what was left of earth, but soon joined the New order Army, NOA, and deployed immediately to space. After the War had wiped out several plants, as well as several races, Captain took part in helping his own race to survive. He did this by piloting THe Prime Nautica and Transporting Cargo and goods, ranging from food supplies to weaponry, through war torn space and to struggling human alliances.


Captan Clay Desmode was unusually anxious this morning, it was partly because he had consumed an extra cup of coffee from the ships mess hall, but mostly due to the fact that he was about to address his new crew. He awaited their introduction with hope and pride; Hope that they could, as a team, bring much needed supplies to struggling races all over the galaxy, and Pride that they would be manning his most prized possession, The Prime Nautica.

Pacing back and forth in the Captains Chambers, Clay took notice to the many screens that reported various data from all parts of the ship. She was a smooth running beauty, though Clay, and in time would prove just how valuable she really was. Not only equipped with high impact laser shields, she was also packing Twin proton cannons on the nose along with six basters on each side. The Captain was confident in their survival rate if hostel forces came their way.

A high pitch beep came from the overhead monitor, signaling that the time had some. Captai Desmode grabbed the near by intercom and gave this announcement:

" Good Morning, This is Captain Clay Desmode, welcoming you all aboard the Prime Nautica. I hope that your luggage and accessories found their way on the ship O.K. and that you are well settled and ready to depart. Before we leave I wish to meet with you all in the Commons lounge so I can properly introduce myself to you and brief you on our first mission. That is all."

Captain Desmode clicked off the intercom and headed to the Commons Lounge to meet and brief his new Crew.
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I'll bring my prior US Navy experience to the table.

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Hey :) I'm going to work on a character or two :33 A possible Medic and something else. You don't have anything against teenage prodigies, right ?

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Can I do the A.I.? I always liked the idea of robots with human-like personalities.
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Welcome aboard the Prime Nautica!
Name: GMC Howard Steiner (SW/AW, USN ret)
Age: 42
Race: Human
Job: Armorer

Weapons/Equipment: Model 60 General Purpose Machine Gun, Halligan tool
Personality: A no nonsense sailor, Steiner is not the kind of person that takes shit from anyone. Any talk back is usually met with a takedown and zip ties. Steiner is also very possessive of his coffee mug. He will not let anyone pick it up, especially not the cooks.
Short Bio:
Steiner retired from the Navy after the war. He initially retired however the boredom got to him. He became a mercenary, signing up with Black Adder Industries. He left after two years, wanting to get back into something akin to the Navy.

Enter the Prime Nautica. Steiner signed on as the ship's armorer, maintaining small arms and ship weapons systems. When the need arises he can be relied upon to take up arms in defense of the ship.

Let me know if I need to change anything.
Name: Model AI 317 (given the nickname Andria)
Age: five years
Race: Android
Job: Perform any and all duties that life forms cannot phsycally achieve
Appearance: Andria has been made with the latest in Sensation nano-technology. Her skin is a clear white, just recently been cleaned, and is capable of sending data to her processor that then interprets it as touch. Her eyes are an electric blue, and often look detached and uninterested. She has the shapely figure of an attractive but slender woman; a leftover from her former "life". She has no ears, and only possesses the shape of a nose. She has a wide mouth that she normally keeps in a thin line.
Weapons/Equipment: Is capable of lifting five times her body weight. Has been fitted with machine guns concealed in her forearms.
Personality: Logical and calculating, but also a little timid. She can work out the most rational coarse of action, but may not directly voice it for fear of upsetting her masters (the crew). Andria still maintains spots of data from her old life, so she knows how cross humans can become.
Short Bio: Andria was found in a used android shop by Captain Desmode. She had had a rough existence. She was littered with viruses and dirt and programs for unspeakable acts that she used to perform on a daily basis. The captain had taken pity on her, and thought she could be of some proper use. So she was cleaned and as much of her old programming was erased as possible, though her memory is almost completely intact. The captain gave her upgrades, such as weapons to defend herself and the latest in virus protection, and put her to work.
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Name: Lola Mangochi "Mango"
Age: 16 (going on 17)
Race: Human
Job: Communications Operator & Messenger (passes on information/makes sure everyone is aware of the situation)

Weapons/Equipment: Carries an semi-automatic handgun, a portable device that can connect directly to the ship's main communication database, a walkietalkie earpiece.
Personality: Free-spirited, cheerful, and optimistic, Lola has always dreamed to fly. She believes that with hard work and perseverance, you can always accomplish your dream. Lola's the bubbly type. She loves to talk and loves to hear people talk. She's dynamic and intelligent and absolutely has to get her two cents in. She's determined to succeed and impeccably loyal, this girl will try never to let you down!
Short Bio: Lola's parents were exactly the type that could expected to apply pressure for recognition. Her father was the head of a micro-technology firm working on all sorts of new technological advances. Her mother was a microbiologist researcher doing something about plants and decomposition. Lola had always been expected to follow either of them, but up even up until high school she wasn't sure what she wanted to do in life, she just wanted to have fun. Her father found a scholarship program for her that involved aeronautics and Lola excitedly agreed. Because of the results from an aeronautics exam she had taken, Lola was considered one of the youngest prodigies in aerospace technology, but Lola didn't care about things like being the smartest or being a prodigy, she just wanted to enjoy life and she wanted other people to be able to enjoy it as well. So when she heard about the Prime Nautica expedition, sneaking into one of her father's meetings, Lola was ecstatic. She secretly sent her application without her parents consent and was accepted. By the time it was time to go, she'd never gotten a chance to break the news to her busy parents. So it was a note by the tea-table and goodbye to the life she knew as she embarked to save the world.

Name: Cielle Fallon
Age: 18
Race: Human~Unknown Alien hereditary traits
Job: Navigations Specialist

Weapons/Equipment: A 9MM Caliber pistol, a vial of green liquid.
Personality: At first glance, Cielle appears to be a composed, serene young lady, albeit a bit strange... She's pale white, with skin that nearly glows when it contact with water and eyes that change from rusty brown to teal gray at whim. She's a little insecure about herself so she comes off as abrupt and inconsiderate, often cruel with her words and anti-social.
Short Bio: Cielle does not remember her orphan childhood before middle school very well. Most of her memories are blurry scenes filled with pale blue water, bubbling all around her. She remembers laughter and happiness, but nothing more. And it bothers her. But there's one thing Cielle can be sure about & it's the fact that she has always been a genius. She has the uncanny ability of photographic memory which allows her to recall any details simply by looking at something once. Right after highschool, Cielle felt lost. She didn't know what to do with her life; it seemed like everything was too simple for her. After hearing about it, she applied for a position on the Prime Nautica. She considered it as an escape from her confusing reality as well as a chance to put her abilities to the test. She had high hopes that maybe she'd learn to live with herself the way she was and accept her own talents if she was surrounded with people just as talented as she was. It was a pretty selfish reason to join a quest to save humanity, but Cielle didn't really care.
More: Aside from strange tendencies of her glowing skin, which she can attribute to lighting or tired eyes, she finds the random excuse of contacts to cover for her changing eyecolor quite troublesome. But she is not troubled enough to give up and accept that there's something different about her, something not quite human.
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