The Prime Nautica

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  1. The Prime Nautica


    Captan Clay Desmode was unusually anxious this morning, it was partly because he had consumed an extra cup of coffee from the ships mess hall, but mostly due to the fact that he was about to address his new crew. He awaited their introduction with hope and pride; Hope that they could, as a team, bring much needed supplies to struggling races all over the galaxy, and Pride that they would be manning his most prized possession, The Prime Nautica.

    Pacing back and forth in the Captains Chambers, Clay took notice to the many screens that reported various data from all parts of the ship. She was a smooth running beauty, though Clay, and in time would prove just how valuable she really was. Not only equipped with high impact laser shields, she was also packing Twin proton cannons on the nose along with six basters on each side. The Captain was confident in their survival rate if hostel forces came their way.

    A high pitch beep came from the overhead monitor, signaling that the time had some. Captai Desmode grabbed the near by intercom and gave this announcement:

    " Good Morning, This is Captain Clay Desmode, welcoming you all aboard the Prime Nautica. I hope that your luggage and accessories found their way on the ship O.K. and that you are well settled and ready to depart. Before we leave I wish to meet with you all in the Commons lounge so I can properly introduce myself to you and brief you on our first mission. That is all."

    Captain Desmode clicked off the intercom and headed to the Commons Lounge to meet and brief his new Crew.
  2. Andria was the first into the Commons Lounge, having no luggage or anything else to see to. She waited patiently for the captain, who she truly hoped to prove her worth to. She silently hoped she wouldn't have to prove herself to him the same way she'd had to for her past masters. But the odds of that were slim. Some of her former masters had been gifted when it came to cultivating a positive impression, but usually shed the facade behind closed doors. Captain Desmode had been pleasant and understanding from the moment he bought her.

    She stood by the door like a slender sentry, taking a quick peek to see if he was on his way. She heard some footsteps from the Commons Lounge's other entrance; the other crew members. She didn't want to lose their approval, either. She straightened herself as much as she could.

  3. ღL O L A Mangochiღ

    Lola sauntered into the Common Room. She was wearing a baggy blue sweatshirt, a pleated green miniskirt and jeans; her hands stuffed her pockets, hood up, headphones plugged into her ears. Her music wasn't loud, but her walk was contagious. She was smiling brightly as she came into the room, glancing over at Andria. She tossed the brightly colored duffel bag she was carrying to the floor and bounced onto a sofa on the side, pulling the plugs out of her ears.

    "Hey there~ I'm Lola Mangochi, but I'd love it if you just called me Mango~" she grinned. The woman looked like she was super nervous and Lola couldn't stand seeing someone who looked so worried. She just had to get them to loosen up and have some fun. I'm so excited, aren't you?" she flashed her thumbs up, crossing one leg over the other and leaning back in her seat. She stretched her arms over her head with a long, satisfied sigh. "I can't wait to get to work. This ship's such a beauty!"

    ~Cecille F A L L O N

    Cecille walked into the room momentarily after Lola and was glad to hide in the girl's outgoing demeanor. She quietly took a seat on the same sofa and placed her bag on the ground, silent. She didn't like talking to people as much as Lola did. And she knew that somehow the thin line between being that confident and being this confused was not so thin at all. Still, as Cecille looked up at Andria and tried to come up with something as witty as Lola, she was at a loss for words.

    "Why don't you sit down?" she snapped instead. She hadn't meant to make it sound like an order, but it had and Cecille shrugged away the guilt. It wasn't her fault she wasn't good with people. It was Andria's fault for not already sitting down. Exactly, Cecille told herself. It's not my fault she hasn't the brain to take a seat and someone else has to tell her.
  4. Andria eyed the two critically. She found it odd that they were regarding her as a person, instead of the machine she was. The first one struck her as overly optimistic, far too excited to let anyone get a word in edgewise and with too positive an attitude to be easily insulted. Some so care free and easy going would make a good master, she reasoned.

    The next guest was not quite so gracious as designation Mango.

    "Why don't you sit down?" Andria's speech program recognized tension in her voice, as well as an order. She immediately obeyed, knowing that when the captain wasn't present they were her masters. This other crew member reminded her of some of her previous owners; controlling and abrasive. So when Andria obeyed Cecille's order, she made sure to sit closer to Mango than to her.

    After she had performed her command, her programming continued against her free will.

    "I am model AI 317. My name is Andria. How may I be of service?" her voice was positive, but she dreaded what the answer might be.

  5. ~Cecille F A L L O N

    "I'm Cecille. Cecille Fallon. You can call me Fallon..."
    Cecille realized her mistake and was quick to revert to Lola's form of introduction. It was a problem, she realized that Andria was a robot and didn't know common courstesy like sitting when everyone was sitting. Cecille was a little worried that Lola hadn't realized this, but as she glanced over to the chirpy girl, everything seemed perfectly fine.

    She sighed. Well, she shouldn't be too surprised. The girl named herself after a fruit. A fruit. Lola was a perfectly good name, Cecille thought, it was decent and reflected the girl's strangely extroverted behavior, but Mango, was just too much.

    She found herself snickering.

    ღL O L A Mangochiღ

    Lola grinned at Andria, "Well you didn't have to go into detail. It doesn't matter if you have a model number! I'm model number three in my family. And boy, you don't know much I wish I was number one. I guess that's one of the reasons why I'm here, anyway," she smiled.

    She looked over at Cecille snickering and shrugged as she looked back at Andria, "Anyone seen the Captain? Is this the whole crew? And then leaned back into the sofa with an exasperated breath that sounded like it was being held in because of excitement. "You could help if you knew where the captain was," she teased.