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    "Newsflash: You actually can sell your soul.

    Well...correction: Some folks can. Can't exactly have all of creation...well, un-creating itself, can we? See, in some families, on this lovely rock of ours, a long time ago, they discovered a way to contact some very special folks. Throughout the past few centuries, these beings have been simply known as The Bankers. These Bankers, see, they happen to control a very precious, very powerful, resource...magic.

    No no, not that magic you see in media, in games and movies. If magic was truly like that, it'd be a dream for us and a nightmare for the rest of the world. Magic, in reality, is more like a contractual transaction (as the moniker 'Bankers' may have possibly given away). Those that practice it spend months, years, possibly their whole lives arranging arrays, lines, circles and runes to form the fine print of this "contract". Once complete, the contract is bound into a single Sigil, and then placed on any media of choice; rings, scrolls, staves, anything.

    Then the tricky part. The Bankers are running a business, after all, and business is by nature quite tricky. Upon activation of the Contract Sigil, you are essentially "purchasing" the energy needed to power your spell. With what, you may ask? Well, I said it was possible to sell your soul, didn't I?

    In exchange for the energy you are using, the energy must be replaced. To replace it, the Bankers use the energy found in human memory and emotion, what essentially makes up the soul, and purify it. Depending on how big of a spell your casting, it could cost you as little as the memory of what you got at the coffee shop two weeks ago, or maybe the annoyance you felt when your plans got cancelled yesterday. Or it could cost your entire sense of happiness. Your love for another. Maybe you'll forget everything you are. The Bankers will decide what's most appropriate.

    Those that expend all they have? They become Husks. Just empty bodies, seemingly in a coma from which they'll never awake. Sometimes you'll feel it, as you walk along in a hospital. A hollow space where a person should be. It's a very real possibility, my friend, and you'll have to ask yourself if what you're doing is truly worth the price you pay. The price we all pay.

    Ah, but I ramble. Age does that to ya. I'm writing you all because while you may know of your family history, I don't think they've been 100% honest with you. You've seen what they can do, what you can do, but did you truly know what's behind it? What I've just explained is not light stuff, and even if you're adults yourself it's a lot to handle. But I explained it because I'm, quite frankly, out of options. Let's just say someone's planning to make a massive purchase, and that's a very bad, bad omen for the rest of us. Enclosed are two tickets to San Francisco for each family. Please. For once in human history, time is not on our side.

    J. Novaius"

    The Families (open)

    ~The Wrathian's~

    A wealthy family with roots in the military. Many of the more famous members used their knowledge to bolster their country's brute strength. Skilled in combat magic , and have an elemental affinity for Fire, Earth, and Shadow

    1. Reserved for Flabbysaurus
    2. Open

    ~The Autumn's~

    The Autumn family is known to own several small-town pharmaceutical and botanical stores across America. Gentle folk learned in the ways of defensive wards and charms, as well as healing. Have an Elemental affinity for Earth, Water, and Light.

    1. Reserved for Bird
    2. Reserved for Wandering

    ~The Aster's~

    Renowned collectors, enthusiasts, and some museum owners, the Asters specialize in conjurings (giving magic energy shape, as either an item, weapon or familiar) and seals (magical traps). Have an Elemental affinity of Water, Air, and Energy

    1. Reserved for Dip
    2. Open

    ~The Wallstone's~

    Surprisingly, for a family with roots in magic, the Wallstones are quite active in the scientific community. Their specialties include manipulation (controlling an >>object or substance<<) and ley lines (tapping into ancient lines of magic underground to create portals). Have an Elemental affinity of Energy (Neutral)

    1. Open
    2. Open

    Rules (open)

    1. You know the drill, folks. No...
    Powergaming (Controlling another player's character without their EXPLICIT PERMISSION)

    Metagaming (Using information gleaned outside of the character. Like, if I give an explanation of an enemy in the OOC, and suddenly your character knows exactly where all of it's weak points are, that's a no no.)

    Godmodding (You're character is not a god. They aren't invincible, and their power is not limitless.)

    2. Just in case, please make sure to spell-check your posts. This is to ensure clarity and make sure we're all on the same page :)

    3. In regards to post length, I'd really appreciate at least 2 paragraphs, but in the case that it isn't possible, 1 will do. For lengthy conversations or combat scenes, try to do a collaborative post in TitanPad or Google Docs.

    4. If you're going to be absent, please be a peach and tell me or someone so we can know. Otherwise, if you're gone for 2 weeks without any notice whatsoever, I'll have to free up your spot.

    5. Romance is all well and good, just don't "get busy" here. Kisses, flirting, what-have-you is fine, but there's a line to be crossed.

    6. These next two aren't as much rules as things to keep in mind. Sustained things like wards, conjurings and the like will cost significantly more than single-use spells like fireballs or whatever. But, the upside is they aren't timed, they'll stick around til they break/are killed. Magical weapons are good, but keep in mind that they are fragile and can be broken after so long.

    7. Memories and emotions fuel your character's power: BUILD THEM! I'm not including a bio section (though you should have a basic history in mind), I encourage you to come up with memories and thoughts for your character that will power their spells. Build your character's history and narrative...even if they themselves forget, it'll seriously pay off in the end (in more ways than one hint hint)

    8. Rules subject to change and addition, yadda yadda pancakes

    Character Skeleton (open)

    Name: (Make sure to include your family name)
    Age: (Keep this between 18-30)
    Personality: (A lovely practice I've seen here, just five adjectives that describe your character)

    Contract Sigils: (THE FUN PART. Everyone starts with two Sigils: Their Family Seal and a personal one. The Family Seal draws off of each family's "collective account" I suppose you can say, and can be used without detriment to the user (as long as they're part of that family). However, they take a day to "cool down", to avoid using up the entire "balance" in one go. They are as follows-

    Wrathian: Grants enhanced reflexes to deftly combat foes for a short time
    Autumn: Heals you or an ally moderately
    Aster: Call on the family familiar, Jarn, a spirit familiar more suited to non-combat tasks (though he's a great diversion)
    Wallstone: Open a pair of portals used to travel short distances. Cannot transport energy or magic (i.e. can't absorb attacks)

    Your personal Sigil, on the other hand, can be whatever (though you'll have an easier time with one within your family's domain) and doesn't operate on a cooldown. You'll be the one paying for this one, though, and the more powerful it is, the more likely you'll wind up a vegetable (don't worry though, even vegetables have a part in the plot), so I recommend keeping it low key for now. It can be on a personal item, a tattoo, or just a piece of paper. Whatever you want~)

    Feel free to make this pretty (I'm not good at it xD) . I'll add pictures for the Seals and such tomorrow.

    Given the time of night, this is probably rough looking, so please, if you have any questions, shoot me a PM! or post here I'll explain to the best of my ability!
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  2. Will have a CS tomorrow! Can you save an Autumn spot for me?

    Soren Ray Autumn




    Naive, Friendly, Adventurous, Honest, Stubborn

    Contract Sigils:
    (Be makin' my brain hurt. Coming soon)
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  3. Aedian Salem Aster





    Unhappy Florist


    Hard to chew and hard to swallow.

    Family Sigil

    The ability to call upon forward Jorn, the Familiar.

    Personal Sigil
    His personal sigil, being the inverted signs for both water and air, along with the sacred sign for the sun, is used to collect energy for either small or large summoning/casting abilities. This comes in handy when he works at his flower shop.
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  4. Done and done :D
  5. Can the appearance be anime or no?
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  6. Sure, I don't mind~
  7. Uh, would you mind saving a Wrathian spot for me please. My CS will be done tomorrow.
  8. Sure, gotcha covered. Glad to hear it Zombehs lol
  9. I would be ever so happy if you would allow me to reserve that second spot within the Wrathian family please?
  10. Is that what you meant, the adjectives for personality? ^
  11. Nahh, I'm just excited about this. :3
  12. Gotcha covered, Neko, I'll edit the OP when I get home from school. Maybe get ahold of Flabby and discuss how your characters would be related?

    Oh yay, sheets! I'll give em a good read when I get home. Thanks guys! Yep Bird, that's perfect :D

    I said I was going to find pictures and I can't find any that speak to me, and I apologize xD
  13. Alright, so, it was brought to my attention that the costs for spells might be a little confusing. For reference, I thought to put spells into three power levels: Minor, Moderate, and Major.

    Minor: Costs a small amount of magic, so it'd drain you of a rather trivial or insignificant emotion (these don't require much power, and thus won't completely take a memory on a few uses, more or less just make it hard to remember for a while and leave you more emotionally drained) . Keep in mind that these are weaker, but can still add up, though, and through repeated use in a small amount of time, it could lead to depression and that won't exactly make you very useful...and in the wrong place, that could be deadly.

    Moderate: Has a decent cost. This one will take a memory, or several smaller ones, to power it. Nearly all Conjurings and wards/charms fall between Minor and Moderate, due to their sustained nature and demand for more energy. These spells are useful, but using them over and over again will be bad news.

    Major: The most powerful, and rare, spells. These will run you a pretty penny, most likely taking entire chunks of your past or emotions to power them. However, they can be serious tide turners and have an incredible amount of potential.

    I decided to ease up with the lower level spells, just so I don't accidentally back you guys up into a corner. Should still have that "use power with caution" feel, though.

    Please, if you guys have any suggestions or additions to this, don't be afraid to let me know! :D Hope this helps make the Sigil creation easier.
  14. Vince Wrathian


    Age: 20

    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Height: 5'10

    Personality: Hot headed, Confident, Honest, Energetic, Rude

    Occupation: Student

    Contract Sigils:
    Family Sigil - Wrathian -
    Grants enhanced reflexes to deftly combat foes for a short time
    (Location - A small leather bracelet located on Vince's left wrist)
    Personal Sigil - Causes a small flame to appear wherever it's directed to. It will extinguish if the flame has nothing to keep it going.
    (Location - A black dragon tattoo located on the underside of his forearm)​
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  15. Looks good, Flabby :D
  16. Quick questions: Should the sigils be pictures, or some sort of description? Also, for the family sigs, should it just be first-come-first-dibsies? Like, I can put one in Aedian's description for both himself and the family.
  17. They can be either one, you can even give it a name if you want. For the Family Seals, each family member gets one in some form or another, so you and whoever else takes the other Aster spot will have one as well.
  18. Ohhh intresting can you save me a spot in the Autumns. Im making the skelie right now with some meat!
    Library Staff of the Month (open)

    Markus 'Drevis' Autumn


    Find me at the library...


    Bisexual (Leans more to the guys)

    Show Spoiler

    Markus is a creative person who likes to draw and doddle whenever he feels like it but he often times feels down at times, always thinking to the past of what he could of done differently. But he always smiles and hides what he is feeling in the insides and instead helps other people shine to their potential. He is modest when he is complimented and is slightly boastful when slightly nerdy topics pop up but besides that he is a humble person to friends. Markus also hates to be in front of the crowd or center of attention especially negative one as he has a small anxiety problem, hating presenting to large crowds. He is calm enough to talk to a small group of people maybe like two to four but if its a large group around like ten then it starts to become awkward. He also prefers people of his age to talk to up to around five years older than him as he feels more connected to them whenever he feeling down to remind him what youth he still has in him compared to his elders.

    Markus is also a hopeless romantic which is know to a few of his closest friend, which he can talk to about anything. He is slightly flamboyant but that just him in touch with his womanly side as he easily makes friends with girls and has quite a confusing time befriending guys. With adults he doesn't know when he is 'smart talking' as he is quite naive to what they are trying to say to him. He just smiles and tries to accept the criticism as best as he can and do what he can with it. But when yelling starts getting involved Markus is not easily broken down as he faces it head on, but afterwards he feels terrible on the inside crying to himself... Showing how vulnerable he is despite his brave face. What he does on his free time is mostly reading as he likes well... books! Occasionally the Tv series that he is interested in watching will come on and he will watch until its over but besides that reading is his main thing. Ranging from Fantasy to Mystery he likes to ready anything that is not non-fiction.

    Contract Sigils:
    Family Sigil (open)

    Autumn: Protecta Maxima - The family seal that Markus possess is a different one that was customized to provided a different effect but still under his family's specialty; being able to create a powerful ward that attaches onto the environment which he can adjust what can enter and what cannot. Or if placed upon a person, the ward becomes a potent shield still but is weaker in this form but can still take several heavy hits before dispersing; if used on two people the shield's power would then become an normal barrier as a strong strike or two would easily break these wards. This ability can be placed on a maximum on two people or one place. After using this ability Markus experiences a large amount of his stamina being drained and will have some trouble preforming any task but he manages. His cost for using this ability is covered, however his cooldown for this ability is every two days, one and a half at the least, and that's pushing it.

    On top of the Compass reads: There are no shortcuts, to places that are worth going...

    Personal Sigil (open)

    Weaver of Life - The personal Sigil that Markus has is a from the Autumn family, which he comes from allows him to create barriers. His skill in weaving these barriers and applying layer upon layer after one another is impressive for someone of his age and is consider better than most family members who have their power for as long as his. However though he isn't consider the best and still has a while to go. His weaving skills are indeed great in detail however its is indeed time consuming as he needs to improve how fast these barrier can be put up. After the first ward, everyone after requires 5 seconds to overlay, and every two after that increases by another 5 seconds up to a maximum of a minute. The process of weaving barriers is a careful art and requires a lot of concentration. How many time he can overlay the barrier depends on how long he is staying there and how much energy he wishes to consume. This ability he has consumes at most a minor emotion or memory to weave a barrier, however after several dozen of them if he actually completes the are exhausting for him as his fingers ache of carefully placement of wards to maximize defense.

    Along the Tree, it quotes... "Nothing Is Impossible, Everything is permitted..."

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  19. I'll putchya down :D
  20. Hey Dusk, im just wandering... is it possible for a person of another family to master a family's magic thats not his own? Or just simply use is quite well as if they were one of the Family's Mage?
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