The Price of Protection

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    "Come on, Fairenz." Raikyo beckoned to the creature. The cat only yawned lazily, tongue curling at the top of its mouth until it closed with a snap. Raikyo's blue eyes glared at the beast, but he received no glare in return. The giant black creature was the middle of a battle.

    "STOP DEMON!" the pursuer yelled, tossing another barrage of knives his way. Sighing once more, Raikyo merely moved his head to the side, knives lodging in the tree behind him. Lazy good-for-nothing cat. He finally pulled himself off of the ground, stepping to the side to avoid another silver knife flying in his direction. His black hair fell lazily on his forehead, shrouding his vision. With a single leap, however, the hair pushed back until it revealed a boy with light skin and azure eyes glaring at the rugged enemy in front of him.

    "Must we do this?"he asked the man sweetly, tilting his head to the side. "The forest is no place for a man like you." He noted to the ragged clothes the man wore. Obviously that was a button he wasn't meant to tamper with, for the man lunged at him with a knife to Raikyo's throat.

    "You will pay for what you've done, swine." the man spat, dull brown eyes swimming in anger. Raikyo's face was painted with puzzlement.

    "And what was that, exactly?"he asked, feeling the cold steel of the blade on his neck. Sighh...I didn't want him to die, he thought, blinking at the man in front of him.
  2. ayame and her friends had walked along the edge of the forest. talking and laughing about things they had done today. "when your mom see's your slipper shes going to be pissed" one her closest friends, roku had pointed out. the boys had taken and arm wrestling match too far and trying to get in between it ayame was knocked down her slipper broken. "im going to make sure she knows it was you and not me who broke it" she said playfully pushing into roku. "well maybe if hikaru wouldntve been a sore looser about the arm wrestling match we wouldnt be in the predicament now "they both busted out laughing accept hiraku who was still mad about the match he had just lost. before anything else could be said a blast was herd from inside the forest ayame stopped. "what could that be?" it was quiet a moment then shouting and more blasts came. ayame stepped closer to the forest "we should go see whats going on" before roku or hiraku could grab her she had run off into the forest. they had no choice but to run after her.

    she hid in the bushes as she came to a clearing watching what seemed to be a fight between a man a panther and a demon maybe the way he was dodging those knives she thought he could be. the boys finally caught up to her. she shh'ed them and tried to remain as silent as they could watching the match.
  3. "You destroyed the village! Plundered! Raped! Kidnapped! M....MURDERED!"

    The man was becoming extremely hysterical now, the blade pushing into Raikyo's throat. He hardly noticed the pain, but the hint of blood was easy to detect. Still, he did nothing but blink.

    "I did all that?"he asked peculiarly. The man's answer was another rough shove of the knife. After hissing in annoyance, Raikyo's blue eyes darkened. "I happen to need that blood..."he replied. His voice was colder, almost like a growl. The dialect was detected by the nearby panther, who had awaken in curiosity. It's orange eyes roamed around the forest...until it spotted a girl.

    Growling internally, it turned it's head back towards its master. Before the rough man could respond, a swimming dialogue crept into Raikyo's head as the panther warned him of a girl nearby. Raikyo merely sighed in returned. Now two deaths?
  4. "they saw you" roku said taking ayames hand, she snatched away "no they didnt" hiroku had been long gone, he ran when the panther had spotted them how far he had gotten roku didnt know and ayame hadnt noticed it was as if she was in a trance by the action before her. "Ayame they seen us we have to get out of here or theyll kill us that one is a demon! i can tell ive seen one before.. any man would have been dead by now by that blade come we must go!"he said taking her hand and pushing through the forest trying to find a clearing, none in sight "they arent even chasing us. it isnt about us this is between them and that guy.. let me go ive never seen a demon " she said snatching from him again, kneeling down in more bushes, she could just see the fight from the distance roku had pulled her to. at one point she thought to have locked eyes with the demon, but she decided against it. he isnt worried about me she thought to herself
  5. "You will pay for what you DO-" The man's sentences was gargled when the blade he held tightly to Raikyo's throat twisted into his own. The man's hand was practically cutting his own throat. Raikyo raised an eyebrow, eyes wandering to Fairenz.

    "I thought you were asleep. Lazy cat."he said, ignoring the sputtering of the man. Raikyo knelt down to the man as he squirmed on the ground. "For the record old wasn't me. But you threatened me, and Fairenz doesn't like threats."he said, pointing a thumb back to where the panther lay, stretching and yawning. He didn't think the man caught the action, for his eyes were glassed with emptiness. Sighing for the umpteenth time, Raikyo raised himself up. "Poor guy."he said.

    As if something called his name, Raikyo's head snapped quickly to a bush. Right...the girl. A grin lit his face as strode silently up to the bushes where she hid.
  6. roku took her hand "hes comming right towards us RUN!" he said trying to get ayame up. "stop! didnt you hear him? the man was crazy, the demon is innocent" she said emerging from the bushes since she and her friend had already been seen. "what are you crazy? he still just killed a man! he is still a demon ayame!" ayame was annoyed at this point "if he really wanted to kill us he would have sent the panther to do so.. come lets meet him. roku rolls his eyes "that panther looks as lazy as hiroku!" he nearly screamed after her as she took a couple of steps. she had to admit she was scared. but of course she wouldnt show it, she always wanted to meet a demon and now was her chance. one that didnt exactly want to rip her throat out either. "im ayame" she said sweetly "and this is roku.. we werent being nosy its just we heard the fight so we.. just came to see what was happening" she said apologetically just in case murder was on this demons mind and he was just good at not showing it.
  7. Raikyo pulled the girl close to him, and pulled her into a kiss.

    Fairenz lifted his opaque head, swiveling its bright yellow eyes to Raikyo and the girl. He licked at his wet nose, and stood up, stretching. He placed one paw after the other, slowly, as to not startle the other boy.

    Raikyo's lips continued to press against hers until all was quiet. He broke away, eyes dimming in annoyance.

    "There. She;s quiet. Don't say anything, or I'll find other methods of quieting you. I am Raikyo, human, and I don't give a damn about who you are."he replied, knowing her name was Ayame. The sound left a nasty taste in his mouth. His blue eyes started to return to its natural color. "I suggest the both of you leave. Before Fairenz here becomes restless..."he snarled.

    Fairenz only crept to Ayame's legs, purring loudly. It nudged her, wrapping its black tail coyly around her legs. Raikyo glared at the creature.

    "Nice goin'..."he muttered.
  8. she was startled by the kiss and had he been a human she wouldve gladly smacked him but this was a demon, meaning the ball was in his court. she turned to roku who was frozen in fear not knowing what to say or where to go. ayame kneeled down and pet the panther hesitant at first becauseof its size and the strength it probablt possesed but she didnt want to shoo it away or ignore it. she then stood back up right and looked at the demonn sympathetically "your bleeding... are you sure your okay?" she said reaching a hand out to where his wound was, roku took a step towards her "ayame.. he said to leave lets just go" ayame ignored him taking a step closer
  9. Raikyo bared his teeth, angered that Ayame did not heed her little friends warning. The warm blood poured out of his throat, but it didn't bother him too much. His annoyance with the human was a fire, burning steadily in his heart. He could feel his eyes threatening to darken again, but Fairenz's purr broke his trance. Darting a look, he scrutinized the panther. Fairenz only acted that way towards one person...

    "You're bleeding...are you sure you're okay?"

    His blue eyes pierced her own as she stepped closer to him. If she touches me. I'll kill her. I swear I will. I will kill her. You hear me, stupid cat!? She will be dead! The boy tried to get her to stop but she ignored him. The closer she got, the darker his eyes became. Raikyo didn't move a muscle, glaring at Ayame.
  10. the wind began to pick up a little as if even nature begged her to stop. her hair switched directions with the wind, she moved the long dark locks from her face comming closer. roku held out his hand too scared to even go get her "AYAME STOP" he begged but she couldnt here him, for a second it was as if time had stood still. then that moment was over and she took his wrist in her frgaile hand "my mothers a nurse.. i think i know how to stop the bleeding" she said ripping off a piece of her kimono to dab it against the wound. rokus fists balled up into anger glaring at raikyo daring him to harm her, though his fear wouldnt let him say a word.
  11. The moment her hands touched his skin, Raikyo felt a wave of...paralysis. He couldn't move. Though his eyes were almost tinted black, and he could feel the power to kill well up inside his chest, he could not move a muscle. Wide eyed, he only stared as the girl began to operate on his throat. Such a sensitve part of his body, and yet, he still could not reach out to grab her throat. If he even wanted to grab her throat.

    Fairenz chose to stride away, tail swaying with an air of happiness. As shocked as Raikyo was, when he and the boy caught eye contact, he only became angered once more. He'd kill him, just for looking at him wrong.

    Minutes passed until the bleeding ceased. Raikyo found the will to move. Flexing his fingers, he grabbed the girls chin roughly, forcing her to stare at him. Seconds passed, until Raikyo blinked.

    "Thanks." he said.
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    Ayame was a little startled at his aggressivness but understood he was just an angry creature. demons in nature are angry. she gave him a warm inviting smile "your welcome" she said sweetly. roku took a few steps forward until he was just arm length with ayame and he grabbed her "come on lets give him some space." ayame again snatched away from him "roku we just got here" roku was hot with anger. the fact that this demon was bold enough to kiss her like he knew her. He was a little jealous he had to admit. "what more do you want ayame? youve met a demon tended to one and even kissed one all in one day.. i think its time to go home." roku again began to pull ayame towards the village but ayame was still reluctant dragging her feet with each step. "i dont wanna go though.. i want to stay a while.." roku acted as if he hadnt heard, he continued to pull her by the hand making sure not to look back, knowing angry stares from him and the cat were probably upon him now.

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  13. Now was a good time to get pissed. Raikyo, though he didn't know why, was slowly infuriated at this Roku person. With every persistent coax and every yank at the girl's arm, Raikyo could detect himself drowning more and more in his own demonic aura. Fairenz was obviously feeling the same way. As rare as it was, the black panther's nose wrinkled in a snarl, showing its large rows of sharpened teeth. Fairenz easn't angered easily. but at that moment, he was royally pissed. Raikyo only needed to take a few steps forward before he reached the two of them.

    Suddenly, his hand whipped out, and cracked against the boy's neck. Although he was aiming to kill, unconscious would do for now. Fairenz seemed satisfied as the snarl transformed into more of a yawn, laying it's lazy black head on the ground. Raikyo didn't reach out to grab the girl, he was already disgusted about the paralysis her touch released. Instead, he shoved his hands in the torn jeans he wore.

    "Humans have horrible choice in the people they hang around with. I'll never understand."he growled, looking away from her and the boy on the ground.
  14. "roku" she said in a worried voice. she leaned down and put the boys hand on her lap. "why did you do that...?" she noticed he was breathing, he was alive. she sighed in relief then looked at the demon in anger "you didnt have to hurt him.. he was just trying to be a good friend.. are you listening to me?" she stood comming towards him once more, an angry look on her soft face. "do you know what being a friend is like? you didnt have to touch him!" she said pushing raikyo he stumbled a little she wasnt strong enough to even budge him probably but she didnt care, sure roku got on her nerves from time to time but he didnt deserve to be knocked out cold. she exhaled and crossed her arms turning away from the demon. "humans make horrible choices? atleast the dont go around trying to kill people for dumb reasons" she said leaning back down to tend to roku.
  15. "Tch...insolence."he muttered, shoving his hands farther down his pants. The girl had some nerve, stepping up to him in that way. He could easily kill her with a small flex of his pinky. As a matter of fact...that was exactly what he planned on doing.

    Eyes dark and blue, Raikyo snatched Ayame by the shoulder, jerking her towards him. His eyes burned into hers, trying to get her to see how serious his next words were going to be.

    "Listen here, human. I don't take well to people threatening me, and coming into my face. As a matter of fact, I take that too a very high offense."he snarled. "I wasn't in the mood to kill today, but you're pissing me off, so I need to rid you of me somehow. So, without further ado...say hello to Death."he said.

    With a quick flex of his pinky, he cut into the girl's cheek slightly, toying with her with a malicious smirk on his face.
  16. Ayame shireked out in pain.. she had tried to loosen the demons grip on her, but it was to no prevail, as a thin layer of blood dripped of her cheek a river of tears began to swell up in her eyes and ran down her cheeks taking along with it the blood. "p..please.." she said looking over at roku then to the panther. she dug her nails into his hand as he digged a little deeper. she jerked to pull away but it was no use. She looked up at him with grieving eyes.. "Dont do this"
  17. "P..please. Don't do this..."

    Raikyo's eyes shot open as he released her quickly, as if her skin had burned him. The girl's eyes were large and pleading, filled with fear. He had seen that look plenty of times. In men, children, women, and young teens like herself. They always pleaded, "No! Don't kill me! Please! I'll do anything!!" Their cries were only a annoying mosquito in Raiko's cat like ears. A mosquito that deserved to be silenced. He did too. With absolutely no remorse. They wanted a demon? Well he gave them a demon. Each and ever wide, teary-eyed one of them.

    But Ayame...was different. She didn't so much beg...she demanded in a begging manor. Even though she was clearly at a disadvantage, she still managed to look him in the eye, through the pain. Most turned away from him quickly. She only stared, pleading with her eyes. Raikyo stepped back, blue eyes shaking wildly... Why...?!

    Without giving much thought to the situation, Raikyo hastily regained himself, a sharp angry expression plastered on his face.

    "Come, Fairenz...They're not worth my time."he snarled, making sure not to break eye contact with her until his panther was by his leg. When that moment came, and not a second later, he turned around sharply, walking through the dense forest.
  18. "she wiped away the blood as her knees had grown weak..had she just escaped death somehow..? why did he spare her life?" she didnt know she didnt care she just wanted to get out of there before he changed his mind and came to his senses. She pulled roku all the way home... dragging him because he remained unconscious. When he awoke he was in a deep cold sweat, it had replayed over and over in his mind.. the pain.. the blacking out. he was still a little sore but he didnt care all he wanted to do was make sure ayame was okay. He rushed out of the nursing station going room to room until finally he saw her pink kimono folded perfectly on the side of her bed.. "ayame??" he said aloud as he cautiously crept the curtains back

    she was in a white hospital gown and stitches were sewn into her cheek. He wanted to be happy she was alive but some new emotion raised inside him..something different..something better.. it was a cross between wanting revenge and wanting it in the worst way. He replayed the kiss over and over in his head, and then how he had become unconcious how he could picture ayame scream when that demon digging into her with his claws. He vowed that if he ever seen that creature again, hed kill him.
  19. "I told you. I don't know why I did it! She just looked at me with those stupid big eyes. And the scream..."Raikyo stopped his ranting for a moment, legs swinging in the grove of a a tree. He had climbed it along with Fairenz, who was to the left of him. Though the cat appeared to be asleep, head laying on the branch, he was actually conversing through Raikyo's mind. Another question flowed in, and this one made Raikyo mad.

    "I said I don't KNOW! The scream was enough, but...I...couldn't..." He tried to explain that he couldn't hurt her farther, but a strange aura cut off his thoughts. The aura was a mingle of green flames and arrogance. Raikyo scowled. Of course.

    "Raikyo, how uneventful it is to see you here all clean." a voice called out. Raikyo looked to the left with his eyes only and saw a man with long silver hair sneering up at him from the ground.

    "Minero. How pleasant. The only reason I am clean is because it is my choice." he replied. Minero chuckled, circling the tree.

    "We have been waiting for you. To tell you some good news of course. My Lord has found the source that we have been searching for for decades on end. And to was right under our noses!"he replied with a hearty laugh. Raiyko remembered the laugh all too well. That only signified that Minero was indeed excited about it.

    "So he has, has he? Do tell."he responded, not completely interested at all. Whatever Lord had planned with this 'special power' was not a huge deal to him. Minero knew that, yet he still leaned against the bottom of the tree.

    "I have a picture. Would you like to see?"he coaxed. Raikyo yawned, stretching and leaping down from his comfort spot.

    "Only because I was getting a cramp." Minero laughed at Raikyo handing him a Polaroid picture. When Raiyko's azure eyes hit the picture of the girl, he nearly dropped it in surprised.

    "Ayame?!"he whispered. Minero's eyebrows raised highly.

    "I'm sorry, Raikyo. Did you say something?" he asked, taking the picture back from him. Raikyo only gulped silently, shaking his head as normally as he could.

    "N-no."he answered.

    "Good, because according to this scent...she is near. maybe?"Minero exclaimed, head raising into the air to take another whiff. Raikyo tried his hardest not to glare at him, as Minero smiled malevolently.

    "Well, time to get dirty."he joked and disappeared in a cloud of green smoke. Raikyo's head quickly whipped to the spot he was before.

    "Fairenz! We gotta go!"he said sharply, taking off in a run.
  20. Ayame woke up out of her deep sleep , but she could barely talk.. the medication fed to her through IV was working very well, she was numb.. if someone but 2 bullets in both her legs she wouldnt be able to feel it. To give her this kind of medicine she guessed the cut was deeper then she thought. Roku, whose engeries were worst then hers had inisisted he was fine, so they let him sit in the room with her with his IV which had him sleepy and comfortable you could tell.. his arms folded.. eyes closed but he still seemed to be fully alert. She smiled waymly.. "protecting me in your dreams are we?" she said getting up slowly with her IV and putting a blanket over him. Just then the nurse came in the room "Ayame chan you must lay down... or you will never get better.." the nurse said helping ayame back in bed, "But... im not as hurt as him" she said gesturing to roku who was knocked out.. slumped over in the chair. "Yes but he wouldnt let us take him.. he just fell asleep a few minutes ago and we are waiting for the medicine to fully sedate him until we take him out.. and your about to be too.. "she said hooking ayame up to another IV "What? why?" sshe exclaimed nervously "because my dear the stitches on your cheekswere only temporary to stop the bleeding but now its time to do the full operation.. removing scared tissue and infection and sewing it up with dissolvables that will eventually dissapear on their own..youll probably always have ths ugly scar.. but your beauiful.. so maybe people will see right threw that "the nurse said smiling sweetly injecting ayame with the sleep medicine.. everything began to blur as she looked over at roku and blacked out.