The Price of Life (w/Phantom Thief)

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  1. Europe was everything Juli Rossi dreamed it would be. It was fast-paced and exciting, and she rarely felt bored, an emotion that had been much too common back home. She never wanted to leave. Her two travelling partners, Lila and Quinn, talked of never going home, of buying a little house in Cannes or Milan and living out their lives their. She had never wanted anything like she wanted that fantasy; Juli couldn't imagine a better life.

    But, of course, like most fantasies, it was destined to stay just that, a fantasy.

    They met Erik and Niklas at some nightclub, the name of which she'd already forgotten. They were all already pretty tipsy by then, Quinn's bubbly laughter loud and permeating the dance floor. She couldn't remember what they said to each other, just the bright, neon lights flashing, bodies pressed so close against each other, and the music so loud it drowned out all other thoughts. Lila might have kissed Erik, but it could have been Niklas.

    Somehow they ended up following them to a party, but fuck if Juli knew how. She didn't ever remember leaving the club. And it's back to pounding music and flashing lights, classic party elements that have a habit of making you forget your own name. Quinn was still laughing, and now Juli was laughing, and laughing, and laughing, but she had no idea what was so funny. Where were Mike and Aaron? Or was it Nick and Ernst? Oh well, whoever they were, they'd lost them in the crowd.

    By the time they all left around 2 a.m., they'd each had more drinks than they could count. Their rental car was there, so they'd clearly driven it to the party, but Juli couldn't even remember the ride there. Lila drove, with Juli in the passenger's seat and Quinn half asleep in the back. They blasted the radio on one of the highest settings, paying no mind to Quinn in the back.

    Juli didn't even see the cliff coming.


    When Juli woke up, her lungs were filling with smoke. Which ticked her off, since she'd told Lila not to smoke inside the hotel room at least a dozen times. The next thing she registered was that she was upside down. Her thoughts were muddled and she couldn't think straight; why was she upside down? That's when the pain hit, and oh God, was she in pain. Everywhere hurt, but the pain in her head was agonizing. She felt around blindly, finding her seat belt and fiddling with it desperately till it released her and she fell hard down onto the roof of the car.

    There was blood, so much blood, but her brain couldn't process it, couldn't connect the dots. The windshield had shattered, as well as been smashed down, but Juli managed to climb out and into the night, though it was a tight fit. Where were Quinn and Lila? She needed to find them. Sh stumbled through the woods, dazed and confused as to her destination; the pain worsened with each step.

    Finally, she stepped out of the dense woods and into a clearing, a huge castle in the middle of it. Had that been there before? Juli wasn't sure. She tried to get closer, to go and get help, but she finally collapsed to the ground, and was unable to find the strength to rise again. Tired and defeated, she laid on the ground, listening to the sounds of the forest as she started to slowly lose the fight against her own body.
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  2. Everything was quite from the birds to the crickets. But that seemed to change when the sent of blood filled Eli's nastrals and the crash of something heavy falling from the near by cliff. "Looks like yet again someone has crashed." Spoke a soft weak voice. Eli pulls his fangs out of the young woman's neck and looks to her. "You seem to be right Bella. That sent is strong an it seems to come closer." He mutters with irritation.

    This wasn't the first time people have managed to crash off the cliff but this however was the first time the smell blood had gotten this close to his castle. He was not one that liked to be bothered with such things and trespassing on to his property was something those of his own kind wouldnt dare do. "Should I check it out?" Asks the woman who was a maid. "No. I'll deal with it." He says walking out of his room and then the castle.
  3. Juli blinked the spots out of her eyes, struggling to stay awake. She just wanted to be able to think, so she could try and reason out a plan, but the pain and the alcohol were addling her brain, making even simple thought difficult, let alone anything more than that. She could die here, and probably would. If she had been able to think about that, she probably would have been scared.

    Suddenly, she saw a man walking towards here from the corner of her eye. She struggled to lift her head, trying to focus on him without much luck. Get help, was all she could think.

    "Please," she said, her voice hardly more than a whisper. "Help me. Please."
  4. Eli heard the struggle of a whisper from the girl. "Your as good as dead. Even if someone wanted to save you they couldn't. How ever I'm not just anyone." He says to the girl as he stood in front of her. A slight breeze blowing through his hair showing his silver eyes. Eli thought to himself for a moment before a smirk played across his lips. "How much do you really value your life? Would you talk this life you have and throw it away for the new life I would give you?" He asks knowing her mind was a haze. For him this was brilliance. He would easily save the girl by making her a vampire. Controlling her would be rather easy if she's a vampire. Being a pure blood he could simply command you and you must obey. This was the power of a pure blood, this is the power of the Royal family.
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