The Price of Freedom

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  1. The night was chill, the moon full and bright, it illuminated the night enough for human eyes to see decently enough to navigate as long as there were not too many shadows crowded around. Stars speckled the clear sky, surrounded the bright moon in their own speckled embrace.

    A human would find it moderately hardpressed to navigate, but the pokemon and even the gijinka that were suited to the night prospered. Chancellor Vincent was one such gijinka. His red eyes looked up, staring at the full moon. He was tall, standing nearly at six feet, with pale skin, black hair that barely reached his shoulders. He had a golden crown around his forhead that had a circle in the middle over his brow. He had long black fox like ears, each had a golden ring around near the tip that was glowly faintly, giving off an eerie yellow light. One ear had two earings, one with a dangling chain and a second ring that swayed in the chill breeze. He wore black robes that covered him from neck to toes. Not even his hands shown, for the long sleeves appeared to be too long. Around each elbow, and along his low belt hung more of the golden rings. Even on his robs the yellow rings were embroidered.


    For a long time he simply stared at the moon, unmoving, except for the occassional twitch of his ears, or the faint jingle of the chain earing in the wind. The low glow on his ears extinguished as he finally moved. He was still remarkablely silent despite the large amount of cloth and metal rigns that could potentially clink together and make noise. He lept into a graceful run, somehow managing not the trip and fall over the robes. As he did run though the robe seemed to part in the wind showing calf high black boots. He lept up to a large rock, crouching there, catching his breath.

    He stared at the city beyond. Lights flickered within the houses and public buildings. He knew what he was after and where it was. It was not within the city. Perhaps to get some fresh air. For as soon and the building stopped within the city the trees and brush started, givng a lot of cover and shadows for things to hide in.
  2. The night was young as many Pokemon and Gijinka alike were beginning to come out and wander off into their habits. The stars and moon made enough light for each and every Pokemon to see, being that they were all night owls. One particular Chandelure had just woken up and was looking down from her tree.

    She had short and wavy hair that started as black at the top and flowed down into a dark purple. Her pale skin shined in the moonlight, her bright and focused hazel eyes looking around at the already deserted area. She wore a corseted dress that was dark gray at the bottom and top and had it's black corset with purple stringing. She also wore purple shorts under the short dress that were the color of the edges of her hair. She had a[SIZE=2] dark gray choker around her neck with a[SIZE=2] necklace that h[SIZE=2]ad a small Chandelure charm at the end, one [SIZE=2]she had gotten from a carnival [SIZE=2]during the only time she had go[SIZE=2]ne into the ne[SIZE=2]arby city. She had tight purple [SIZE=2]gloves and[SIZE=2] knee-high boots, although she could still run fast.


    Skye Ghostheart jumped from her tree, looking around quickly. She saw a small shine from the corner of her eyes but figured it was just a Pokemon passing by. She brushed a bit of bark from her dress, looking towards the city and softly smiling. She leaned against the tree and watched as lights flashed, smiling a bit. She then stood from leaning against the tree and turned, taking off running up a hill away from the city. She looked around as she ran, making sure to watch for any humans so that she would know when to run.

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  3. Vincent's ears twitched to the breaking sound of twigs under feet. He watched as another gijinka ran by with glowing skin. It took him a moment to realize it was his prey. A smile stretched his lips. How convenient, he didn't even have to search, she found him. After she had passed he followed suit. He kept a ways off, and downwind, in case she decided to randomly turn around she could not see him, or go in his direction, he would have enough time to move out of the way.

    He followed her for a while as she headed out of the city. His own glowing ears had shut off before his pursuit. He waited, and bided his time until she stopped.
  4. Skye continued running, jumping over fallen branches and ducking under trees. She suddenly stopped at the top of a hill, a place that looked gardened with berry bushes all around it. She smiled, walking to a tree and pulling a make-shift watering can made of leaves and Wurmple thread. She began going around the clearing, watering each bush lightly with the water that had already been put in the object. She finished after a few minutes, softly sighing and hanging the watering can back[SIZE=3] up.

    She then [SIZE=3]began [SIZE=3]picking a few berries from each bush, fo[SIZE=3]cused on [SIZE=3]gathering as she softly hummed to herself.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

  5. Vincent remained in stealth not far away after she stopped. His plan was unfolding in his head as hunger grew in his deep red eyes. He found himself licking his lips. He was just about to walk into the area she picked berries when something else crashed toward Skye.

    In the dark it was not easy to distinguish the exact shade of purple the hair and clothes of the gijinka, but the glint of the moon off the gem-like goggles that the other female wore. The wicked grin on her face as she looked at Skye was intense and even made Vincent shiver a bit. He knew this woman, she was not good news. Anger welled up inside, turning hands to fists and eyes to slits. His ears started to glow, the anger making him appear to have a halo around his head.

    The Sableye gijinka gave skye little time to react, for a large ball of shadow formed between two gloved hands held at chest height. "Shadow Ball!" she said as she let it launch at the other woman.

    Chancellor Vincent sprang from his spot before the shadow ball had even left the Sableye Gijinka's hands. He planted himself in front of the attack and took it full on. His growl was low and vicious. He launched his own Shadow ball at the sableye, then immediately ran at her, in dark pursuit, just after his own elemental attack.
  6. Skye was relaxed as she picked berries, jumping as something or someone crashed towards her. She jumped back, dropping the berries she had picked as she saw the Shadow Ball forming. She bit her lip, backing up from the woman due to the intense stare and the attack. She closed her eyes when the Sableye shouted the attack, flinching and waiting for the hit. She slowly opened her eyes when she felt nothing, instead seeing an Umbreon man take the attack and then return it with his own Shadow Ball.

    She backed up slowly from the battle, watching both the Umbr[SIZE=3]eon and S[SIZE=3]ableye. She didn't know [SIZE=3]exactly who to cheer for, though she was almost [SIZE=3]hoping the Umbreon would win even th[SIZE=3]ough she didn't know his motive. Af[SIZE=3]ter a few seconds[SIZE=3], she took [SIZE=3]in[SIZE=3] a deep breath and focused. She spun her hand a bit, a large [SIZE=3]pu[SIZE=3]r[SIZE=3]ple flame formin[SIZE=3]g[SIZE=3]. "Flame Burst!" She shot the attack at the two, a[SIZE=3]iming [SIZE=3]more for [SIZE=3]the Sableye[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]