The Price of a Wish Come True

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  1. Hey guys, Dex here. I had a bit of an idea for a roleplay, if anyone's interested we could make it a thing.

    So, I was thinking about having people summon a demon, and have said demon grant them a wish for a future favour. And once that wish comes true, he comes in knocking, and wants to rediem the favour.

    The favour is helping him overthrow the current King of Hell. And thus we have a few people who end up having to do something completely crazy for a wish come true.

    Forgot to add the setting. It would be set in the modern world, probably around North America and obviously Hell.

    Anyone would be interested in that?
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  2. Hmm, perhaps. What kind of setting are we talking here?
  3. Modern world, current year, that kind of thing.
  4. Alright, yeah I think I would be interested in this. :o
  5. Awesome!
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