The Price for Peace.

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  1. Looking for up to five people in this fantasy based RP, meaning swords and magic. I will be playing as DM, controlling several characters in which I will share pictures of with participants.

    This RP has tragic/offensive backstories of characters, frequent foul language, blood, gore, and excessive torment

    "We seduce the dark with pain. And she hides the innocent for us."

    Player(s) come across this land, either they simply stumble across the land, learned from the bard at an inn, with the story.

    "A few millennium ago. The fairest lady took control of Argidal, she caressed the war-torn kingdom with affection. And it seemed.. Her presence stopped all violence thousands of years, no one saw her again. But they stayed peaceful, as if influenced by the deity-like woman. But it seemed her influence faded, two hundred years ago, their king got greedy, riots started, and full on civil war.

    The woman failed to restore the peace, so in her heavenly tone, she told her children.. 'Kill. Them. All.' Her followers did just that, committing mass genocide and saying that their extinction was the key to peace returning to them.

    But then, risen from the ashes of his city, a man named Avir, and his loyal guild mates pushed back the genocidal maniacs. He was successful, but... Story has it, in his final conflict, he pulled the fairest lady out of hiding. She tried to slay the man. he used a mysterious spell, in which when she took his life, she also took her own.

    So the kingdom went on, for potentially five years, trying to decide for the new king, as there was no heir. And a man claimed it, his guild called him 'The Deliverer.' They say that he was the path to light, that the hate of the kingdom has called him into existence. At first, they embraced the king, he said aloud 'In my kingdom, there shall be these four rules.' " or various other versions of the story.

    So when the players come to the kingdom, right as they approach the kingdom gates, carved into the stone walls state "By passing these gates, you shall follow these laws, or be subject to punishment." And in between the six cities, every citizen is peaceful, yet nervous. Merchants have minimal profit margin. Inns and taverns charge next to nothing for their rooms, and many other things.

    But.. You always feel as if you're being watched. The guards openly show their hands grotesquely mutated into claws, and they only seem to come out at night. Cries for help come from alleyways and other isolated, dark locations. All over the walls of homes and businesses "Do not lie." "Do not betray." "Do not harm." and "Do not steal." are written, as well as "Eyes of the King are always watching."

    In this RP, players choose two different paths, join the "Children of light." And assist the king in eradicating the resistance, or join the "Disciples of Dilara" and assist Glenys in the task of overthrowing their vicious king of pain.
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