The Prestigious Academy for Royals and Their Peers

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  1. A royal child.

    Often the picture of indulgence and wealth- a life of comfort and security that guarantees safety.

    But many forget the true role of a royal child- to rule and marry and create the next rulers. But how can one know a royal child is fit to rule?

    Why, they have to pass finishing school of course!

    The Prestigious Academy for Royals and Their Peers


    A place where boys become Kings, girls become Queens- and the weak fall from grace. Students fight against one another- physically, politically, socially- to get to the top of the pack. Marriage treaties are created, to hopefully produce the best generation of future rules possible.

    Students study all the necessary aspects of Royal Life- finance, war, fighting, self defence, domestics, etiquette, marriage, childrearing, dining etiquette, deportment and confidence. All students study all subjects- no subjects are gender restricted but, despite the name of this school... The rules are not strict.

    Outside of classes, students are free to do what they please, as long as what they do is not illegal. Groups are formed, alliances both made and broken from time to time- some becoming political alliances that will last well into the future.

    It is not only Royals, however, who attend this prestigious school. The heirs of high profile businessmen, models, criminals- you name it. The school is renowned across the world for being the birthplace of so many influential people throughout the ages.

    Can you handle the dangerous waters of a Royal finishing school turned horror story though? Because someone has disappeared- and none of the teachers have noticed.


    The RP is set in England, at The Prestigious Academy for Royals and Their Peers.

    A limit of two characters is in place, unless you think you can cope with more characters.

    Please vary the countries the characters come from. Only one female and one male Royal from a single country, though there is no limit on the amount of models, heirs or criminal-world children.

    As it stands, these are the countries from which Royals must be selected from:
    Japan (Princess reserved for HollowEastWord)
    Saudi Arabia
    Sweden (Prince reserved for Shattered Secrets, Princess reserved for Sonder)

    South Africa

    I will update these as they are filled.


    6 female, 6 male.


    4 female, 4 male


    4 female, 4 male

    Please keep character ages between 16 and 20. I will make exceptions if needed.

    There will be bi-weekly or weekly events each week, in which I will pose a challenge or event in the IC. Things such as a test on etiquette, a possibility of political alliances from outside, missing students or balls/debutantes. If players score additional points (explained below), I will add these to their dice roll scores. Each event will have a bar mark, such as a pass being above the score of 5. This is merely something I will be doing as I go along and you guys don't have to do anything, to avoid anything complex.

    As I mentioned above, the characters can earn bonus points to help them pass the events.

    For 1 bonus point:

    Join a 'clique' or group
    Gain an older student mentor
    Form a political alliance
    Break a Political alliance
    Form a clique

    If you want to add anything, please let me know.

    The setting is England- however, the time period is a bit mixed. It's modern day, however- the styles of fashion are Victorian in style and the courts are still very much in control.

    Character Skeleton

    (Image of your Character)


    Age: Between 16 and 20


    Appearance: Written please.

    Personality: What does your character act like?




    Brief History:



    Linnea Berndotte ~ @Sonder (Sweden Princess)
    Claudio Demetrius Bernadotte ~ @Shattered♦Secrets™ (Sweden Prince)
    Alexandra (Windsor) @Shayla (English Princess)
    Ayane Kuge ~ @HollowEastWord (Japanese Princess)
    @Nikol227 Jacob and ?
    @ᗰᗩᗪ ᕼᗩTTEᖇ Xiang Jingfei (Chinese Princess) Kwon Jeon Han ( Korean Prince)
    @koolkat4595 Nari kwon (Korean Princess)
    @Dreamever Rakhshan El - Sayed (Saudi Arabian Prince) Inyoni Motala (South African Prince)
    @Viscera Adelina (Princess of Spain)


    @Satan's Mistress


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  2. Can I please have the Japanese Female spot, I'll post my cs after school.
  3. Can I please have The Swedish Prince...will have him up after work today.
  4. Alrighty! I shall reserve those for you, as long as you get them in within the next few days.
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  5. Character Skeleton


    Linnea Hjort Bernadotte

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: The typical Swedish stereotype of smooth skin and blonde hair framing a strong, aquiline face and crystal blue eyes. She's tall, standing at approximately 6', with long legs and a slim figure. While her figure may be regarded as beautiful and natural, it's not a situation to be envied. She has an over active thyroid, meaning she burns fat almost as soon as it enters her body. If she doesn't maintain a good diet, it can be pretty dangerous.

    Personality: She's a warm person, kind at heart but ruthless on the outside. Growing up the second born was a fight, as she felt as she was born to rule- but her brother was born first, making him the heir. As a result, Linnea had to fight hard and dirty to come out on the top. She's crafty and highly intelligent, always pushing herself to be more.

    Likes: She likes her younger sisters, though they annoy her and family is truly something precious to her. Her favourite foods are key lime tart, cheesecake of any sort and fresh fruit. She loves all seasons.

    Dislikes: She dislikes her only older brother, as well was anything frozen (ice cream or ice blocks).


    From a young age, Linnea has always been confident but reticent, with a great talent for elegance and grace. Dance lessons from an early age helped foster that inner poise and by now, she's almost an expert. She enjoys playing the piano and singing, but has almost no talent in other instruments.

    Brief History:
    Born the 2nd child of Karl and Silvia Bernadotte, Linnea was quickly dubbed the smartest of the children- and was pushed to excel, at absolutely everything. This push is one of the main reasons that Linnea strives so hard to meet her parent's expectations. She's always strived to overtake her brother and once she had, she had a lot more freedom. She could do what she wanted and it was something she'd never known before.
    But charisma something she lacked- the one thing she could never excel in. She's confident- but words don't come easily to her.​
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  6. Ayane Kuge (open)

    Name: Ayane Kuge

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Ayane has shiny black hair that is waist length, she doesn't wear a fringe but has bangs that slightly curl. She dresses very traditionally and tends to go for warmer colors like red, orange and black. She is pale skinned with light colored lips and dark green eyes.
    She has an hourglass body build and stands at 5.6

    Personality: Ayane is outgoing and highly intelligent. She is poetic and speaks more then just one language. She prefers the company of 1 or 2 close friends. Even tho her exterior is gorgeous she is dangerous and a very skilled fighter, despite that she is warm and welcoming with a witty side to her.

    Likes: Poetry || Books || Landscapes || Martial arts || Music (mostly japanese) || studying history, arts and languages || Rain || Dancing || Winter

    Dislikes: Being alone || Loud people || not understanding things || wearing yellow or green || warm temperatures ||

    Talents: Her voice || Her fighting skills || Writing || Dancing which she has done a live time || Excellent in violin ||

    Brief History: Ayane is the 2nd born of Kian and Acacia Kuge, she and her older brother Ren Kuge were only separated by two years, sadly he died at age 10 from a disease. Her brother's death is what made her want to become even better no matter how amazing she already was. She swore to her parents to become the best ruler to take his place. Ayane now has a younger brother, Ishai (age 7) who she spends a lott of time teaching.
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  7. Hi, Just a quick note! She is Japanese, correct? I might ask that you reconsider the name choice? There is no pronunciation close to 'L' in the Japanese language.

    Otherwise, accepted.
  8. Oh okkay, so my Prince is the oldest cool lol, was going to make him his last name would be Bernadotte gotta look up some male Swedish names, should have char up tonight or tomorrow morning^^.
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  9. He can be 19, since that's a year older but you can do whatever you want. :) I'm looking forward to seeing your character! Bernadotte is the current official last name of the Swedish Royal Family.
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  10. Changed it! The nam Tai-lee was in there cause I used an older character just forgot to actually give her a new name. I'm sorry about that.
  11. Yeah, that's all good! She is now accepted! :)
  12. Can I reserve England's Princess?
  13. You may :)
  14. Great! I'll have a CS up later on! :)
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  15. ~ Will have her up in a few and my face claim is Emma Watson
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  16. awesome, can't wait to see her!
  17. [​IMG]
    Princess Alexandra Alice Elizabeth
    Alexandra has delicate features that seem nearly doll like to most. She has rather small lips and very well sculpted face. Her eyes are of a rare pale green that seem to be pooled mirror's. She has waist length honey brown hair that seems nearly dark as chocolate at times. She has small hands and stands tall at nearly 5'9 and weighs around the estimation of 115. She has a well curved and defined body that allows people to know all to well that she is no longer a little girl.

    She is a kind hearted person in general. She is sweet and lady like to all that she meet's. When tested though a more dangerous brazen side escapes her fully. She holds nothing back in her words and never lives to regret much in her life. Being the second born had proved its struggles against that of her elder sister. She held her head high and remained determined to prove herself above that of her sister.. Her sister ended up shaming her family greatly and not many know of what. Except that one day her elder sister was the proud heir and the next Alexandra was being proclaimed the new true born heir in her sister's stead. This led to her become braver and bolder in words and actions. She is highly witty and intelligent and at heart is a hopeless romantic praying that she may be given the chance to have love in her life. She though is quick to anger and jumping to conclusions.. Some say she doesn't look like one you could ever anger but if you push her don't dare go thinking she'll hold it in.. She worries easily especially for friends and those she care's for and attempts to hide it but no very well on most occasion's. Some also say her quick wit and smartmouth could be her greatest flaws of all at times. She is also known to be flirtatious at time's but never has felt true love.

    Children ~ Reading ~ Traveling ~ Sketching ~ Horseback Riding ~ Competing ~ Leading ~ Games ~ Daring things ~ Fast Car rides ~ England ~ Her mother ~ Her dogs ~ Strawberries ~ Sweet treats ~ Dancing ~ Shopping ~ Exploring ~ Snow ~ Beaches ~ Photography ~ Debate ~ Gardens ~ Flowers ~ Surprise gestures ~ Piano ~ Romance ~ Flirting
    Her father ~ Her sister ~ Overly spicy foods ~ Spiders ~ Rude Individual's
    Alexandra has always been noted as extremely talented.. Due to her great deal of studying and excellent memory skills she knows how to speak fluently in nearly six languages.. She is always well poised and balanced when seen walking or riding one of her three horses that she has been trained upon since she could sit straight in a saddle. Another fine skill of her's is that she is known as a exceptionally marvelous singer , violinist and pianist. Much training and love placed her in these particular skill sets and she is also a natural at public speaking. She is known well as a redound Pianist throughout Europe and America and will surprise most with her musical talent's.

    Brief History:
    Alexandra was born the second youngest to King Henry and Katherine of Wales. In her family she was quickly seen as a extremely gifted child that many went about pitying for being the second born. She was raised and pushed to rise above that of her sister and when her sister's downfall came within the family all hope laid upon that of Alexandra. Her parents have already sought to arrange her a marriage much against that of Alexandra's will. She wishes to have a chance to seek happiness and love with another and not be forced into something that she herself does not wish. Until than she pushes aside her parent's wishes and continues to outdo herself in her families name as she preps to become that of a rightful and just Queen for her people. Though as of late she has found herself struggling to accept the throne and the guilt and anger she has towards her sister has begun to eat away inside of her which has led her down a dangerous course of losing hope in herself and on who she truly is to be.
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  18. I really like her! However, she is a little unbalanced and in danger of becoming a Mary-Sue character. Could you perhaps consider adding a few character flaws in?

    Anyway! :) I love her!
  19. @Sonder sorry...I will have my prince up tomorrow night...didn't know I was going to be so busy today, but tomorrow definitely.
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  20. @Sonder ~ I revamped her history a little bit so tell me what you think!
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