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  1. -They are many families across the world that have certain powers. Human or Angel/fairies or elves or just any type of race has a certain ability.

    Though there is peace through out all families there has been some feud of who would be the most powerful of all.

    Many become friends and many become foes. But two families that are wanting it all. A Fire user family and a angel water water family. which family will come out on top? or will they come together and call it even?

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    "You really need to learn to cooperate with others." The words only seemed to become louder the harder the lad tried ignore them. Who was he kidding? How could he possibly ignore one of the most persistant men he'd ever known? "I don't see a point in that." Xaconas grumbled with folded arms. The older demon glared through his annoyance for the young demon's unrelenting stubbornness, but then it surprisingly faded. In fact, the glare was replaced with a smirk. Xaconas noticed the abrupt change in expressions, which caused suspicion to grow immediately within himself. "...What?" Should he have even asked? Now, he wasn't so sure. "I know just what could make you learn cooperation with others." He stood up from his seat and trudged over to the window. The older demon, Luan, glanced back at the younger male that he'd taken in years ago.
    Though they were not related by blood and did not express such affections that most families would due to their demon traits, they still considered themselves a petite family...even if both refused to say so out loud. Luan was generally like a guardian for Xaconas, but being Xaconas he did not want to address him as 'father'. Instead, he merely called him by his first name. It felt more casual to him that way. "Perhaps you ought to spend a little time with a family nearby, to learn the skill of cooperation. It'll be important in the long run." Luan finally revealed his notions aloud. In the meantime, Xaco stared at Luan as if he'd suddenly grown a second head. "Why are you so obsessed with me learning about cooperation? Who cares about what powerful family we're affiliated with? I sure as hell don't." However, Luan continued to speak, almost entirely ignoring what Xaconas had just said.
    "Yes. In particular, you should spend some time with the angel family. That should assist you well. I'll speak with them tomorrow about it." Luan concluded, much to Xaco's dismay. "Out of all families, you choose the 'angel' group? What kind of demon are you anyway?! Shouldn't you be against affiliating yourself with anyone altogether?" The white-haired male frowned. "They may be angels, but they are a powerful family. It would be preferable to continue befriending them rather than make them our enemies. You should learn that for yourself." Luan replied. "I refuse! I'm not deliberately spending time with them when I could use that time to train! I'll do what I want and...he's gone." The young demon finished his sentence that way when he realized Luan was already walking out of the room. Why was his guardian so concerned over whether he could work well with others? Well, due to his demon nature, he would never say it aloud but he was honestly concerned for Xaconas. He worried over the fact that, to survive in this world, one needed to learn how to work well with others. Xaco, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with anyone. Aside from that being somewhat unhealthy, Luan predicted that this kind of behavior would eventually oblige Xaco to perish.
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  3. [​IMG]Laughing and flying fast Dawn and her friends all played Sky Tag. Their training was over for the day and they all wanted to have some fun. Dawn was it and she flew up and down side to side trying to catch her friends. Finally she had caught her close friend Hayyel. Dawn took off flying in the other direction so he wouldn't catch her. Hiding in the clouds she giggled. Peeking out of her hiding spot she saw that everyone was flying around. "Dawn Marie! Please come down here for a moment!" A voice called below. Swooping down and landing in the grass she saw her personal trainer, Ms. Rose standing in front if her.

    "What is it?" Dawn asked.

    "You're parents would like to talk to you." Ms. Rose replied

    Nodding she walked past her ability trainer and walked inside their estate. Folding in her Beautiful white full wings behind her she saw that her mother and father were sitting at the dinner table. They smiled and told her to sit down. "Dawn, we have something to share with you and to ask you." Her father said. Nodding Dawn sat down as told and she listen to her parents and what they have to say. "We will soon be having a guest here for a few weeks. He is about your age as well and is having trouble with some learning about cooperation and maybe some other things as well. When his guardian told us what he was like we thought maybe you could help him. You have very unique abilities. You are one out of five angels who can do what you do. Do you mind Helping this boy?" Father explained. "if not we can ask someone else"

    Dawn took a moment to think and replied with a simple nod of the head. "yes. i'll do it. But which family is he from and what is his name?"

    Both parents looked at each other and sighed. "His name is Xaconas ... and he is from the demon family" Mother replied. Dawn was stunned. She thought this would be an easy task. She isn't one for talking. As well as being her self. Only her few friends that she was hanging out with know her true self with. "As the heads of this family and you or your brother, the future heads of the family, has to take on this young man. Plus we couldn't refuse. The man Luan was very kind and sounded concerened for his son. Once again nodding she spoke "I will try.." Her parents smiled and thanked her. Standing up she walked towards her room. Pausing she turned around and asked her final question. "When is this, Xaconas, coming?"

    "Tomorrow" They said in unison/
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  4. "Damn it." Luan frowned as he stepped outside, realizing that Xaconas was nowhere to be found. Morning had arrived swiftly, but apparently the younger demon was even swifter. Luan may have been a little 'up there' in his age, but he looked like he was in his late 20's. Ultimately, he was still physically adept as well. He was the one that had taught Xaconas, after all. Narrowing his eyes, he darted into the forest ahead at a blinding speed. His lengthy black lockes of hair streamed after him in a desperate attempt to catch up with the rest of his body. "Just wait until I find you..." he grumbled to himself, sensing that the adolescent male's presence was nearing. He gradually increased his velocity, evading the trees in his path. It was obvious as to why Xaconas had conveniently disappeared like so, and that fact only peeved the older demon even more.
    Meanwhile, Xaconas walked nonchalantly; he was temporarily unaware of his guardian. His white brows were buried deep into his features as he spoke aloud. "Why is he so persistent with pursuing this? It won't make a difference." He shook his head and folded his arms. Why was Xaconas so against his guardian's suggestion though? Aside from the reason that he just wasn't extremely fond of angels--and presumably thinking that the angels probably weren't too fond of demons either--, what else was there? Xaco glanced up to the pristine azure sky above him, with the uncovered optic. The lad possessed creamy-white hair, which was cut slightly unevenly along the edges. Some of it threatened to block his uncovered eye. The front section of his strands streamed down to his cheekbones. Simultaneously, the rough ends near the back stopped to about a couple of inches past his broad shoulders.
    The deep turquoise hue within his irises were distinct and as well-defined as his physique. He was certainly on the very slim side of the spectrum, but his lean muscularity was of well-toned quality. Nevertheless, he usually kept only one of his eyes unveiled. The other was constantly concealed by a black and silver eye-patch There was nothing particularly erroneous about the hidden eye in physical appearance, but his vision wasn't as superior in that eye. Thus, he wanted to prevent it from interfering with his better optic. He was currently not wearing a shirt either, which he preferred as it allowed him to feel the gentle breeze against his skin. He merely wore arm-length black gloves with white buckles upon the hems, and faintly ragged black pants to match. He kept his black demon tail hidden inside his pants as well. In his peculiar mind, he figured that his attire was simply normal.
    "Whatever. That old geezer can shove his idea up his a--," Xaconas paused, finally feeling the familiar presence emerging. He blinked and swiveled around, but that was certainly a mistake on his part. Just when he had turned the opposite direction, a blow was delivered square to his bare torso. Due to the sheer force of it, he was knocked backwards a decent distance. After directly crashing through several trees, his movement was suddenly halted when his back slammed into an extensive boulder. The boulder wasn't left unscathed either, however. As Xaconas fell to the ground on all fours, an imprint in the shape of his body was left embedded into the rock. Luan had only punched him, but...this was what happened when Luan delivered blows while someone was off their guard. It was surprising that Xaco had been off his guard to begin with. Luan landed in front of the younger demon thereafter, yellow irises glowing red as he glared down at Xaconas.
    Xaconas stood up, calmly brushing the debris off of himself despite the former harsh blow. "What's up?" he queried casually. "Don't give me that! Why must you be so disobedient?! This is for your own good!" Luan stated. "I could care less whether it's for my own good or not--I'm not going!" Xaconas countered. "Yes, you are." the older demon replied in a calm tone. Like before, his glare quickly altered into a smirk. "What--," was all Xaco could utter prior to Luan's next move. On the contrary, he didn't move from his spot but he did activate his energy. It appeared as swiftly as it had been activated. The energy looked to be in the form of chains, which slithered up and around Xaconas's body like a snake. The energy ensnared him in its constricting grip. Directly after, Luan grabbed his end of the string of energy and pulled the currently confined male towards him. "Let's go." And with that, his guardian leapt off all the while dragging Xaconas along.
    An hour later, Luan was politely knocking on the door that belonged to the angel's residence. For someone that was a full-fledged demon, he was quite well-mannered. It wasn't that they couldn't be well-mannered, but... In any case, it was different when dealing with Xaconas. Force was the only component that Xaconas seemed to respond somewhat to. Plus, Xaco's occasional sour attitude truly irked him. When the door opened, the peculiar scene of Luan standing beside a tied up Xaconas prevailed. Although the younger male's expression was flat, a single bead of sweat rolled down his cheek. "Greetings. I've caught him~." Luan said in a calm, but content tone as he pushed Xaconas inside. The push knocked him right over. He plummeted to the ground, landing onto his front. The fall didn't phase him though, probably because he was too busy glaring at Luan. "I must thank you once again for this. I really do appreciate your help and I'm sure Xaconas will in the long run." he added with a gentle smile as Xaconas somehow managed to stand back up to his feet in his confined state.
    This entire display may have appeared a tad harsh and it probably didn't look like Luan was actually worried about Xaconas, but...this was merely how demon families interacted with one another. For them, it was normal to harmlessly knock some sense into the younger generation as a sort of 'tough love' so to speak. Especially when they were unruly like Xaconas. He kind of deserved it, and Luan wasn't nearly as sadistic as some of the demons he'd encountered. With a snap of his fingers, the string of energy had disappeared from around the lad's body. "Finally." Xaconas muttered, rubbing the faint red marks that the energy had left behind on his arms. "Now Xaconas, behave yourself while you're here or else I'll need to teach you a lesson." Luan still sounded content saying this, but the younger demon was fully aware of what he meant by 'teach you a lesson'.
    He continued to scowl at Luan, but he looked as if he had fully acknowledged his meaning. Did he fear Luan? Not exactly, but there were genuinely times when the guardian had managed to strike fear within him. According to Xaco, fear was for the 'weak' so he refused to allow himself to be fearful of anyone or anything. However, hadn't he been scared of Luan at least once before? Xaconas merely sighed, watching his guardian depart after saying his good-bye.
  5. Dawns parent were at the door talking to Xaconas guardian. It was strange to see that the boy was in chains and that Luan said that he had caught they boy. They demon family and they angel family were bery different in many ways. But in some ways they were the same. They talked to Luan for a few minutes longer and the man walked away. The parent introduced themselves. "Its nice to meet you Xaconas. I am known as Af, and this is my wife, Ariel." Af said. The young man looked mad. and unammused. Dawn's father hoped that he did the right thing by having his daughter take on this task.


    When awoken there was a knock at her bedroom door. Getting up out of her nice comfortable bed she walked to the door and turned the knob. Outside her door was her Older brother, Daniel. "Hey, your um, demon is here." He told Dawn. Rolling her eyes she walked back into her room and he followed. "He has a name you know." She replied. Going into her bathroom her brushed her teeth and did her hair as she always did. Smoothing it out and brushing her bangs to the side she decided it was fine and walked to her closet. Dawn doesnt have different types of clothing or different color. It's more like differnt styles. She decided on a normal tank top and some dark skinny jeans. Smiling after she got dressed she walked out and unfolded her wings. She noticed her brother had stopped talking for a while now.

    It appeared that Danny had fallen asleep. Smirking she silently flew into the air and went to her bed and was directly above her brother. Lowering herself she hovered above Danny. His light brown hair and his lightly tanned skin matched Dawns. Taking in a deep breathe she yelled "WAKE UP DANNY!!!". His eyes flashed opened and he sat up faster then lightening hitting his on head on Dawns. She laughed so hard she didnt notice the pain her head was in.

    All he did was shake his head and say "You are childish.".

    "I might be childish but you still love me" Dawn replied with a smile.

    Putting on her gold cuff on her arm she and Daniel walked out of the room and to meet this Xaconas. Walking down the hall way daniel stopped and pulled him with him. "Lets have a compitetion" He suggested with a smile. Dawn nodded getting ready she noiced that Danny wings were bigger then hers. "Show off" She thought.

    "1...2...3 GO!" They both took off flying down the hall. They were head and head all the way down the hall. Both saw the balcony and they flew over it and down to the floor. Dawn landed first and and a few second after so did Daniel. Dawn laughed and Daniel crossed his arm. She loved her brother. The two sibling were very close. She saw her parents up ahead laughing as she was. Behind them was him, Xaconas. He looked displeased. And annoyed. He was going to be trouble. Dawn hoped she could get along with him.
  6. An apparent look of dismay continued to etch the young male's features as the angel's parents proceeded to introducing themselves. He had nearly missed their introduction because he'd been so wrapped up in various notions. Remaining quiet, Xaconas took note of their names and nodded his head a single time, uttering an "Mmh" noise, as if to confirm that he had successfully collected their names into his memory. Almost like a robot. The poor boy didn't possess much social skills whatsoever. It was surprising that Luan, also known as 'the social butterfly', had raised him because Xaco certainly didn't obtain any of his social wit in the long run. That had always been a difficult aspect to absorb. There was so much to the skills of sociability. It was basically equivalent to a complex science that Xaconas would need time to learn steadily, but gradually.
    Even as the younger angels entered the room he was in, the sullen and solemn expression stubbornly remained on his face. He was definitely displeased with the situation altogether, and that wasn't just evident in his expression. It was also obvious within his uncovered eye--the sclera, to be more precise. Feelings of negativity such as anger or displeasure caused the sclera in his optics to convert from the normal white hue to pitch black when the negative feelings were so strong that he was unable to conceal them. Now, his irises would turn red along with this when he was genuinely enraged, much like how Luan's had done so earlier. Of course, he wasn't filled with wrath just because Luan forced him to stay with the angel family but he was incredibly annoyed by the entire predicament. Thus, his sclera was black and his irises were of their normal turquoise hue.
    A regular white sclera was associated with more positive sensations such as contentment or merely feeling neutral. Xaconas's unveiled optic basically made him into an open book whenever it came to whether his current feelings were of negative or positive quality. Well, it was an open book for those that learned how to read its signs. Thankfully, it wasn't specific with what he was feeling exactly aside from whether it was positive or negative. Xaconas blinked softly and finally swiveled his head in the direction of the brother and sister that had just emerged. His vision shifted from the older brother to the younger sister. He was not given much detail about this, in all honesty, so he was not aware of who would be the main one to take on the task. The lad didn't really pay much mind to the decor or the inner structure of buildings, but the home that he was currently within did manage to catch his attention.
    It was certainly different from his own petite home with Luan. After all, it was just him and his guardian that lived in the house. Xaconas did not consider whether he would get along with whoever his main 'mentor' was. He didn't care if he did or not, but perhaps this train of thought was linked to Luan forcing him to stay with this family in the first place. It would defeat the whole purpose if he continued to think in this way. The words that his guardian had uttered lingered with him as well. He would 'teach him a lesson' if he didn't behave, or in other words, if he didn't at least put forth an effort to cooperate with the family and learn something new from them. Xaconas sighed mentally and remained silent as he watched on casually, lightly leaning back against a wall.
  7. Dawn took a deep breathe and walked towards that boy they call Xaconas. Folding her wings back in she stood a few feet from the guy she would be helping. "Hello" Dawn spoke. Looking up to the ceiling, she felt awkward. She didn't know what to say or do. Her mom spoke up and said "Why don't you give him a tour of our home". Ariel suggested.

    Nodding, Dawn reached for Xaconas arm and lead him out the door. She stayed quiet for a while, but soon found the courage to speak and show the boy the grounds. Left and right Dawn showed the combat training grounds to the school that they must attend. As well as the mission room. "Here in the mission room the workers give out missions to the angels to go on to comeplete. Its like training and working all the same time. I hope to get into this line of work soon. To go out and do missions." Turning around she asked Xaconas, "What do you want to do when you are all trained and ready to pick a job?"

    Waiting for a reply a thought popped into her head. Maybe I talked way to much and he is annoyed. Sighing she looked around and saw everyone at work. Then she smiled. She loved to be here all the time. Turning back to Xaconas she still awaited for his reply.
  8. Xaconas swiveled his head in the direction of the young woman that had recently entered the room. He'd heard her footsteps coming towards him, which had finally caused him to react slightly more to what was going on around him. Upon planting his optic on her, she greeted him and looked up at the ceiling. He didn't realize that it was due to the sensation of awkwardness, despite that he was frequently the very definition of 'awkward'. Ironic. He calmly stared at the angel for a moment prior to looking away. "Hey." he responded, surprisingly choosing to greet her back. Of course, he resumed his silence afterwards even when her mother suggested giving him a tour of the impressively extensive home. Propping himself up off the wall he'd been leaning on, he turned back to Dawn, assuming he would need to follow along.
    The lad narrowed his eyes slightly when she took his arm to guide him forward. It was merely out of not expecting it that had caused him to narrow his optics, as well as the fact that he was not very accustomed to friendly physical contact, much less by someone of the opposite species and gender. However, he went with the flow of it anyway, aware that it was best to behave properly. Honestly, Xaconas didn't mind the silence as she led him through the vicinity. It allowed him to gather his notions, but he actually didn't mind it either when she finally did speak to explain and state that she wanted to get into this line of work. A spark of interest emerged within his turquoise irises as he caught sight of the combat training grounds and the mission room. His expression didn't appear as dull as it was before, and the formerly black sclera of his had eventually dissolved into its original white hue.
    Xaconas blinked, perceiving the question directed towards him. It caught him off-guard a bit, considering that he wasn't even expecting her to ask him anything. He hadn't thought much about what kind of job he would want. Most of the working systems designed by demon families weren't as organized either. There were, of course, exceptions to this but Xaconas had never seen such a system in action before. Had his guardian also sent him here to instill appropriate work ethics as well? "Job? ....I haven't thought too much about it. I suppose anything that involves combat will do." he replied simply, his uncovered eye falling onto the functioning mission room. "I'd be happy with merely taking missions if they included some sort of action." he added with a faint shrug. "Is that what most of the missions here involve?" he queried, glancing towards her.
  9. Dawn had to stop and think for a few minutes to answer his question. "Well, I guess it actually depends on the mission you get. Some time we go out and protect. And sometimes while protecting we might have to be in combat. But sometimes its just patrolling or something like that. My opinion, patrolling it boring. I wanna protect. I wanna know i'm actually doing something useful with my gifts and helping people. So that way when i die, i know that i did something right and good" She smiled. They continued to talk a few more minutes about the missions and everything when Dawn decided it was time for a tour of the house.

    As they walked inside they were silent for a few minutes. Soon when they entered the house Dawn had showed Xaconas everything in the house. The kitchen, The dinning hall, The ball room, The mulitple hall ways they have. And finally his room. "I didn;t really get a chance to put many things in it that you may like. But this is a typical boys room. My brother help with it." Walking inside they room She showed him that there was many things in the room that he might enjoy. Dawn smiled at him and told him that she was right now the hall to the room on the right if he needed anything that she will be there or at the combat grounds. He nodded at her and she left. She sighed in relief. It felt so tense. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. She walked to her room and went inside, changed into some night clothes, and crawled into bed. Soon she fell fast asleep.
  10. Subsequent to presenting his question, he had fallen silent all over again as he listened to her explanation. He'd never had to safeguard anyone before; would he enjoy performing such a task? Probably not, unless the mission of protection consisted of some sort of intriguing action. He was partially neutral about the entire escorting and protection scenario altogether. Would the task of having to defend a weaker individual get in the way of the combat, or would it enhance the experience? Xaconas had always thought about what kind of excitement or adrenaline-pumping brawls he could get into before dying. He peculiarly had a 'thing' for fighting opponents that were more powerful than him, and then dominating them with utter defeat. Apparently he hadn't considered specifically doing the right or just thing before hitting the eternal slumber. He casually mulled it all over until she moved onto the next area: the house. The house truly was enormous compared to his own modest home, but he couldn't help pondering about the purpose of a ball room.
    He was uncertain why he felt a surge of faint surprise course through his being when she, lastly, showed him his temporary room. It was a room that seemed to obviously target the male population, but...he liked it nonetheless. His own room was rather neutral, pertaining to neither gender because it was merely empty. However, he discreetly favored this room over his original dull one. He simply had never bothered with decorating or setting up other objects that would personalize his room. As Xaconas entered the room with Dawn, he gradually looked around. Then, he tilted his head to the side like a dog would when hearing an extremely unfamiliar sound. He did this as she revealed a couple of the items in the room that he would possibly enjoy. Before Dawn left him alone, she told him where her room would be from his own new personal space. He nodded in her direction to acknowledge that he'd perceived her words.
    The fact that he admired room became increasingly apparent as he resumed scanning the room. Even after she left. Finally, he shifted over to the bed and sat down on it carefully, as if a single wrong move would oblige the bed to self-destruct. His eyes dilated slightly. So soft, like a cloud. Xaconas wasn't exactly tired per se, so he chose to stay up for a little while longer. Quietly, he removed his eye patch and placed it beside him on the bed. Randomly, it occurred to him that he hadn't quite caught the girl's name. That was for odd for him, because he usually could care less about someone's name or revealing his own name. Shrugging, he fell back on the bed, arms folded behind his head. What would tomorrow hold for him? How long would it take for him to obtain what Luan wanted to grasp onto? He genuinely didn't understand his guardian sometimes.
    Couldn't Luan have taught him how to cooperate with others on his own, as well as the other unmentioned skills that he wanted him to master? Well, not exactly. Xaconas was too accustomed to Luan, so it would not have had the desired effect. He needed to work with people he didn't know as well. The angel family seemed to be the perfect fit for this because they already knew how to work well with one another, and possessed the other traits that Xaconas needed to acquire. Frowning, Xaconas closed his eyes and eventually drifted off to sleep. Naturally, Xaconas was an untamed sleeper. Through the course of the night, he moved out of the neat position he'd fallen asleep in and sprawled out wildly over the bed. He probably shouldn't have fallen asleep at this time either. Leaning more towards the nocturnal trait, this unusual sleeping time was definitely going to screw with his circadian rhythms by making him sleep late...and heavier than usual. He usually only slept for a couple of hours during daylight.
  11. Dawn woke up the next morning and felt refreshed. Getting out of bed she walked into her bathroom and took a shower. Twenty minutes had passed and then she finally got out. Wings, hair, and body all clean she went to her cloest and picked out her usual day to day where. A White tank-top and some black skinny jeans. When she got dressed she dried her hair and put her cuff on her arm. When she was finally finished she woke up her pet Zu zu. Dawn giggled when Zu zu stretched and made her cute little noises. Casually she looked at her clock. "Oh no" She said. Running around her room she got her Black training boots on and ran out the door.

    When Dawn reached Xaconas's door she almost knocked it down. "Xaconas wake up!!!! Its almost eight-thirty!!! We are going to be late fro training!!!" She waited at his door and waited for him to come to the door. Great. I hope every morning wasn't like this. Even though it was her fault for waking up late. Impatiently she pounded on Xaconas's door. "Come on open up!!!"
  12. As expected, Xaconas endured a restless sleep due to falling asleep at the unfamiliar hour. In turn, this resulted in 'over-sleeping' the next morning. Let's not forget the increased heaviness of his rest either. At first instance, when Dawn began to assault the room's door with pounding, he merely frowned in his slumber and turned over onto his side. However, since the knocking persisted, he began to completely acknowledge the recurring annoyance of the sound. Finally, the young demon shot upright, glaring forward as if he expected someone to be standing right there. "The hell...?" he grumbled, apparently not amused with the early awakening. He began to perceive Dawn's voice beyond the door, claiming that they were going to be late for training. Blinking blankly, he casually shifted off of the bed despite knowing they were on the verge of being late.
    In contrast to the way in which he moved out of bed, he swiftly pulled his trademark eye-patch over his head and walked up to the door. He had fallen asleep with the rest of his regular attire on anyway. Seriously, though--training? Now? Considering the time, he realized that it was actually around the time in which he normally went to sleep, so it was no wonder he felt like he hadn't obtained a wink of rest. Xaconas strongly swung open the door shortly after she yelled out her final statement, an evident expression of displeasure glued to his features as he looked down at her. "Training? We have training this damn early in the morning?" His frown deepened as he folded his arms; his tone was flat. He noticed that she was wearing training boots beyond his underlying drowsiness "And I'm definitely required to participate?" he questioned with an arched brow. Hey, he was just wondering. Asking didn't necessarily mean that he was attempting to 'rebel', right? Then again, if he was required to go, then he knew that he couldn't exactly argue with her. That would be considered 'rebelling', and then Luan would intervene much to his potential dismay.
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