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  1. Another fine morning in New Bark Town. The Sun was shining, it was a perfect day. A perfect day to grab her first pokemon. Ara was extremely excited. She had been jealous of her friend who already had an eevee. But the Professor was going to give her her very own today. Leaping out of bed right on time, Ara stretched her arms to the sky. Her long hair flowed gently down her back. "Let's get this day started!" She said to herself, starting the usual morning routine. By the time she was out of the shower, she had expected Thomas to be here already, but he wasn't. Pursing her lips, she shrugged and put her hair up, heading downstairs.
  2. Thomas gently awoke to light that filtered through his window blinds hitting his eyes, his eyes fluttering as he let out a yawn. He sat up in his bed, blanket covering his lower half, as he wiped the sleep from his eyes and opened them fully. He turned to his side to see Kou, his Eevee, curled up on top of the blanket, her chest slowly rising and falling as she snoozed. Reaching over, Thomas ran his fingers through her snow-white fur, especially the scruff around her collar. "It's time to wake up, Kou," Thomas said, giggling softly. Kou shuffled around before rising to her feet, giving a big stretch and yawn. Kou then looked up at Thomas with her big, bright eyes. "Ee?" Thomas giggled. "It's Ara. Today's her birthday. That means she's getting her very own Pokémon from Professor Elm!" Kou cocked her head and gave a big smile. "Ee!"

    After a nice shower, Thomas got himself dressed in his usual attire, being a collared shirt, long pants, and shoes. His collar was loose, as was the tie around it. His entire ensemble was very greyscale. Looking in the mirror, Thomas brushed and combed his silver hair. Thomas was not like other kids, as he was born with a rare disease called albinism, which resulted in his skin being pale white and his hair being silver - in fact, the only part of him that had color was his eyes, which were a bright blue. Kou had a similar condition. She had silver and white fur, as a result of being what was referred to as 'shiny'. Because of this, Thomas and Kou shared something in common: they both looked different than everyone else. This fact was what brought them together in the first place, but friendship is what kept them together.

    Thomas, realizing how much time he'd wasted, quickly grabbed his satchel and ran downstairs, followed by Kou. He said a quick goodbye to his aunt and uncle before running out of the door and into the warm light of the morning. He and Kou both ran to Ara's house. When they finally arrived, Thomas spent a moment catching his breath before knocking on the door to Ara's house, hoping she hadn't already left for Professor Elm's laboratory.
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  3. Ara had a hard time believing she was turning sixteen. She didn't feel older at all. She didn't feel a lick different. The only thing she did feel was nervous. She was getting her first pokemon. Her time had finally come to get out of this town, to train pokemon, to adventure out, to become strong. That is all Ara wanted. She had on her signature outfit. It was pretty traditional for modern day, but Ara felt nothing but comfortable. Even if the skirt was short, and the long blue sleeves brushed her calves, she didn't care. She would be able to land a solid whack to the face before they did anything.

    Ara let her feet skip a stair with every step. She felt elated. "Morning mon!" She called out without even looking. Ara knew her mom was making pancakes by the smell wafting through the house, and the fact that it had happened on every single birthday before that. She landed gracefully on the bottom step, her long brown hair settling against her back again. "Mmm, chocolate chip. My favorite." She said, sitting down at the table. She practically inhaled all the food in front of her. She didn't want to sit anymore. She wanted to go get her pokemon already. Everyone else had one. She hoped it would be something cool and explosive. Those were all the best types.

    Stretching out her arms, Ara finished quickly, a knock sounding just as she finished up her milk. Wiping her mouth, Ara headed for the door and flung it open. "Good, you're here. I'm heading out mom!" She called, reaching for her bag by the door and leaping out past him.
  4. Thomas jumped back a little as Ara flung open her door and said goodbye to her mom before leaping out of the house. Thomas never got used to how hyper and energetic she was, even though they'd known each other for practically all of their lives. Thomas moved in with his aunt and uncle when he was two, growing up under their roof. He didn't really know anywhere else, and nothing as well as New Bark Town. This was home, and Ara was his close friend.

    At first, though, Thomas and Ara didn't seem like likely friends. Ara was loud and rambunctious, and sometimes had a very "my way or the highway" attitude, not to mention her bravery, courageousness, and strength. She had a lot of heart. Thomas, however, was much quieter and tended to stay to the side of everything. He was very sensitive and he tended to cry a lot. This was especially true as a kid. The other, tougher children would pick on him because he was different and wasn't able to defend himself very well. This was where Ara stepped in, to defend him. She'd had to do it repeatedly, to prevent him from being hurt. While he appreciated it very much, Thomas was getting tired of being a pushover, always being meek, shy, and fragile. He wanted to be strong, for Ara and for Kou. But most of all, he wanted to be strong for himself.

    Thomas stopped Ara before she went any further. He gave her a gentle smile. "Happy birthday, Ara," Thomas said. He knew that today was very important for her, even among birthdays. Receiving a first Pokémon is a life-changing experience, like a rite of passage, a stepping stone on the path of life, though a better analogy would be the first of gates among many. Thomas unzipped his satchel and reached inside, pulling out a simple, white box. Inside of the box was a small Fire Stone charm fashioned into a necklace. The radiation that came from such stones had all but depleted from that one, leaving it with a faint orangish glow. He thought that it would suit her very well. "Here. This is for you," Thomas said with a smile.
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  5. Ara was halfway out the door when Thomas grabbed her wrist. She was used to this whole back and forth thing by now. Ara had known him since before she could remember. Almost all her best and oldest memories had him in them. Making friends wasn't exactly her forte either. She tended to be too brash, too strong, too irritating to be friends with.

    It was true, her opinions were strong, but her will was as well. She used to stand up for Thomas back in the day, though no one could cheer her up quite like he could. Even though he was quiet and docile, when some asshole from their school squashed her heart he had ended up staying up all night and letting her eat ice cream, and cry. Needless to say that was a long time ago, and Ara was happy with it just being her and Thomas. And now they were both going to have pokemon, and they were both going to explore the region together. She wouldn't have it any other way.

    Smiling warmly at his happy birthday wishes, Ara's gaze traveled to the little white box he was pulling out of his bag. She usually got non regular things for her birthdays. A new set of nunchucks, a training dummy, fighting lessons, anything but the tipical teenager items. But this year, he seemed to have noticed she was getting a bit more girly. She had started wearing the shorter skirts her mom had suggested, and the sleeveless traditional shirts. Pulling the white box into her hands, Ara opened it up, her eyes widening at the bright orange gem inside. A fire stone fashioned into a necklace for her. Considering the box hadn't burned up, the stone had been depleted from radiation, leaving behind the brilliant orange glow. She gently took it out and placed it around her neck, letting the charm settle. Looking up at Thomas, Ara practically knocked him over with a large hug, arms wrapped tightly around his neck. "Thank you~~~ Now come on, let's not waste any longer! I want to see my pokemon!" She said, finally letting go of her friend and grabbing his hand in return and tugging him towards the Professors lab.
  6. It was true that Thomas was noticing the subtle changes in Ara's personality. She was starting to inch towards femininity, albeit at a very slow rate. They were very small changes, and they weren't always noticeable until after the fact. However, there were some acts that definitely showed her femininity. For example, a few years ago, a boy from their school broke her heart, and broke it badly. Thomas was accustomed to seeing Ara as a strong figure that rarely stepped aside for anyone, even authority. So when he saw her in the middle of the night, in tears and shaking, he knew that something terrible had happened. And for all that she'd done for him, staying up through the night with her and helping her was the very least he could do for her. Thomas would always be willing to do something like that for Ara, because it was Ara.

    After returning the hug gently, Ara broke away from the embrace and took Thomas by the hand, pulling him along. Thomas tried to keep up, stumbling here and there. Kou ran alongside them as well, though had a lot less trouble doing so. Thomas was happy, though. Ara was getting her own Pokémon. Her first Pokémon. And Thomas had an idea of which one she would pick. The Professor didn't tell him much, but Thomas did leard there were three for Ara to choose from: a Water type, a Grass type, and a Fire type. Thomas could tell that she would pick the Fire type one. If there was ever an element to describe Ara's personality, it would be fire.

    When they got to the Pokémon Lab, Thomas stood off to the side, as he tended to do, while Professor Elm gave her a lecture on the responsibilities of owning and caring for a Pokémon, and what that would mean for her as a person. She would officially be a Trainer. While Elm spoke, Thomas looked down at Kou, who smiled up at him. Thomas returned the smile happily and gently. When it finally came time for Ara to choose a Pokémon, Thomas watched as a machine opened up, revealing three Pokéballs on a turning platform, showing her every choice she had. Thomas watched silently as Ara made her choice.
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  7. Thomas had never been much of an athletic person. It was obvious from the way he stumbled behind her that running wasn't his forte. But Ara wouldn't let that slow her down today. She was ready to finally become a trainer. She was ready to finally be sixteen. She was ready to go out on the longest camping trip of her life, and explore the region. After all, how else were they going to get all sorts of pokemon.

    She didn't even bother talking when she got there. She let Professor Elm do his talking. She had heard it all before. She knew what it meant to be a responsible trainer. This pokemon was going to be hers now, and only hers. It would be her first and best friend. Like Pickachu and Ash. Turning to the console, Ara looked at the three pokeballs in front of her. She knew that each one had a different type pokemon inside. And she already knew which one she wanted. The stone on her chest seemed to glisten in agreement.

    Setting her hand atop the middle pokeball, Ara pulled it off the system. "I choose Cyndaquill!" She said happily, popping open the pokeball. Just like that, the small little creature appeared out of the red orb. Small and adorable, the porcupine hand flames coming out of it's rear end. It seemed equally happy to see her. "From now on, your name is Cinder." She said, squatting down to eye level with her new friend. "Thank you Professor Elm!" She said happily, scooping up her new friend as she left the pokecenter.
  8. Thomas smiled softly as soon as he saw Ara's hand reach for the Pokéball in the center. He watched as the Pokémon left the Pokéball, standing on the ground. It was very cute and cheerful. Kou gave little "Ee"s as she watched the Cyndaquil, which Ara named Cinder. Thomas liked the sound of that nickname. As Ara picked Cinder up, Thomas felt compelled to do the same with Kou. He picked her up and held her too him, scratching behind her ears. Kou nosed and licked Thomas's cheek.

    Thomas followed Ara as she left the Pokémon Lab, smiling. He caught up to her by walking faster. "You have a Pokémon now, Ara," he said in amazement and some semblance of pride, although he knew about this months in advance. He already knew what Ara wanted to do. She wanted to be the greatest. She wanted to become the strongest trainer in Johto, and even the world. And she did have the potential to do it. She had potential to do amazing things. She just needed to follow the right path.

    "I need to go say a proper goodbye to my aunt and uncle. I owe them that much, at least. You can wait for me, or you can follow me if you'd like. They may want to see Cinder," Thomas said, smiling gently as he looked at Ara's newly obtained Pokémon. He then turned, Kou in arms, and walked to his house. He wasn't moving very quickly. He was pacing himself. A little much, even. Almost as if he was hesitant and unsure. But Thomas had already made his peace with exploring with Ara and Kou. So what was he so nervous about?
  9. Ara was fully ready at this point. Thomas and her were going on a long adventure. Simply put a camping adventure. She had a guide book and a sleeping bag, pretty much everything she needed to be a trainer. Her parents understood. They did the same thing as a kid. No more be home by midnight. Just her, Thomas and the stars. It was all she had been dreaming about since she was ten.

    Looking up at Thomas, who had caught up to her, Ara smiled. "Yeah, I do. And now begins the dream I have been waiting for for a life time." She said, looking up at him. She was cursed with being a little shorter than him. If only height could match their personality, then she would be seven feet tall.

    Hearing him mention a formal goodbye, Ara turned and watched Thomas pace himself towards his house. He was walking slower than usual, which was already slow enough. She almost couldn't stand it. But she understood his fear. They weren't going to have that cushion anymore. They couldn't go home to a warm bed at night to sleep, watch tv in each other's rooms. There was no safe space besides a bed of grass and a sleeping bag. Walking up next to him, Ara put her arm around his neck, like buddies. "Relax Thomas. Everything will be fine. I know it's one big foot out the door, but you will always have me and Kou. I am never going to leave you. I'll always be there. Through rainstorms and chilly nights. You always have a friend in me." She said, giving his hair a little ruffle.
  10. Thomas thought over everything that they were about to do. He and Ara were going to give up all of their comfort of being home, being in a place they were familiar with. They were trading all of that for adventure and uncertainty. As exciting as it was, it was just as terrifying. What if something happened to Kou or Ara? The world was dangerous, and Thomas was afraid of either Kou and Ara being hurt. They were his only friends. He couldn't bear the thought of them being hurt.

    Thomas's thoughts all came to a halt when he felt an arm around him. It was Ara. He looked at her, listening to her speak. As she spoke, Thomas slowly formed a gentle smile. She was right. He would always have her and Kou. He needed to stop assuming the worst or running away from things because they were scary. Even though they won't have much, and will be surrounded with things they don't know, what they do know is that they will have each other. "Th-thank you, Ara," Thomas said, continuing to smile as a tear rolled down his cheek, followed by another on the other. Wiping his eyes, Thomas looked up at his house. His home. Kou jumped out of his arms as Thomas started walking with more courage.

    Thomas opened the door and stepped inside, as did Kou. His uncle looked at him calmly, already knowing that this was the final goodbye for a very long time. His aunt was giving a warm smile and had her arms open for a hug. Thomas came to her and received the hug, hugging her in return. He always loved her hugs. He would miss them. When the hug ended, Thomas came over to his uncle. His uncle simply outstretched his hand for a handshake. Thomas returned the handshake, though winced at how hard his uncle grasped his hand. After a shake, Thomas's uncle pulled him forwards and gave him a hug as well, which he hadn't come to expect. He enjoyed it anyways. Kou also said her goodbyes, receiving many kisses from Thomas's aunt and some petting from Thomas's uncle. After everyone's goodbyes were said, Thomas turned towards the door and walked through, closing it behind him for the final time for a long time to come.
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  11. Ara had known Thomas would cry on this day five years ago. She also knew that his aunt would cry as soon as they left. Her mother and father had spared her and said their goodbyes last night instead of this morning. They knew already that she would be back as the best trainer in Johto. They would write every now and then, but this wasn't the end. This was only the beginning for her.

    "Stop crying you big baby." She teased gently, swiping away some of his tears. "Everything will be just fine. And if it's not I'll punch it till it is." she said, grinning widely. Leaving his one and only home was not easy for Thomas. Ara was just happy he had decided to come along with her. Someday they would be old, and retire to some place around Johto, where they would form their own families and bonds. This was just the first leap of faith.

    Watching Thomas walk inside and say his final goodbyes, Ara had tried hard not to cry. She had Cinder in her arms, pressed tight to her chest as she watched. It was a lot more difficult not to cry when other people were sad. She was doing this to the whole family. Thomas didn't have to go, he chose to come with her. Not that he had much of a choice in the first place. Pursing her lips, she waited outside until Thomas shut the door to his house. Smiling, she let Cinder out of her arms. "Well buddy, let's get going. We have a whole lot of places to visit and not a lot of time so let's get movin!" She said, grinning at him.
  12. It wasn't as if Thomas was leaving solely because Ara was doing it and he wanted to follow her. While that was a part of it, the truth was, Thomas wanted to become strong and courageous like Ara was. He wanted to be able to face danger and fear and not break down. He'd been a pushover all his life and needed Ara to protect him. He felt like he could become stronger with the help of Ara and Kou. Thomas and Ara had a similar goal in the end, after all. They both wanted strength.

    Thomas also wanted to see the world. Ever since moving to New Leaf Town, that's where Thomas had lived all of his life. He never saw much of anything else. Thomas wanted to see all of what Johto was, and perhaps even other regions, like Kanto. He wanted to see new places, meet new people and Pokémon. He wanted the same for Kou, as well. He knew that if they took the Johto League Challenge, they would have to go all over Johto to collect the eight Gym Badges to even be eligible to battle the Elite Four and the Champion. Thomas knew for a fact that that was Ara's dream, but Thomas was still contemplating whether he actually wanted to go that far.

    Thoma turned to Ara and gave her a soft smile. "Yeah, you're right. It's already nine o'clock," Thomas said, looking down at his Pokégear. He received a Pokégear for his birthday two years ago, though he didn't need to call many people at all. In fact, its main use has been to talk to or message Ara. Though, now it would have more uses. Switching over to the Map function, he showed Ara the screen of a simplified map of the Johto region. "First up is Cherrygrove City, and to get there we need to use Route 29," Thomas said as he read from the screen of his Pokégear.
  13. Ara looked over at Thomas. She was just too excited to get going. Seeing his pokegar, Ara pulled out her own and switched to the map function. "Yeah, and 9 am is too late for us to still be here. We should get moving." She stated, looking at the route he was showing. "That should be a good area to practice. Get used to the feel of battling while it's still easy." She said, looking at him.

    She was ready to get going, and get going she did. Adjusting her bag, she let Cinder out of her arms to walk beside her and set out on the pathway out of town. Her heart thumped in her ears as she did so. "Come on Thomas!" She yelled back, grinning before starting to jog.
  14. Thomas looked down at Kou and sighed softly, smiling. Kou gave a happy "Ee". Thomas then looked back up and let Kou jump out of his arms, landing beside his feet. Thomas smiled softly and started jogging after Ara, trying to cath up to her. Ara was very eager about this, with no holds barred. He would expect nothing else from her. But he didn't dislike it. It encouraged Thomas, made him want to go through with this journey just a little more.

    After finally catching up to Ara, he said, "I'm a little worried." He looked down at Kou, happily trotting along beside his feet, her tail swishing in the air, her ears perked up, and her eyes moving about, taking in the scenery of the route. "I don't know how to battle. I've never tried it, and don't know what I would do. In all honesty, I've been scared to do it, because I don't want Kou getting hurt." Thomas then looked up to look Ara in the eyes. "I still don't want Kou to get hurt. I'm nervous about having her fight. What if she gets seriously hurt? I know I could take her to a Pokémon Center, but I don't want to make her suffer...I...I can't imagine her in pain..," he said, his voice breaking and quivering as his mind filled with imagery of Kou in pain.
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