The Power of Three

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  1. Sayaku rose early in the morning, wiping any fatigue out of his eyes quickly and rushing to the kitchen. He worked hard on making a simple breakfast for himself and his sister, who still rested in the other room, not yet woken up by the sunlight. While making chocolate chip pancakes, along with some simple toast and eggs, he got together some simple leftovers from the prior evening's dinner and packed them into two separate bags and marked them off as their lunches. While he was setting up the food, already cleaned and clothed, his sister finally appeared at the doorway.

    The brown-haired boy watched as his sister sat at the table idly, a large yawn escaping her thin lips. He mulled over how frizzy her long hair was that seemed to be an almost bluish color, falling into her green eyes, which greatly contrasted his blue ones. Their family was certainly strange- they had no father living with them, and there was no physical similarity between the two. However, the seemed to make a good family unit. And if nothing else, they got along as one, even if most wouldn't expect them to be related by biology.

    "Finish quick, you still have to brush your hair so we can go to school." Sayaku mused. His sister sighed and did as she was told, too tired to protest. After eating her food begrudgingly, she returned to her room and groomed herself well, before returning to the kitchen and watching her brother finish with the dishes.

    "Ready to go, Saya." Flutter mused. The two soon left their household, walking to school at the best paces they could, before finally separating at the school gate. Sayaku was happy to have music first thing in the morning on his new schedule for the new year. For Flutter, she was unlucky enough to have her worst subject first thing- history.

    The two each went to their own classes carefully, waiting for the day to begin. It was only the start, after all, of a long and likely uneventful year...Or so they assumed.
  2. Alessandra called to her children from the first floor. The new town had yet to be explored and if she didn't wake them soon they would be late for their first day of classes. Abbigail heard her mother's tense calling as she finished combing out her lengthy brown hair hoping her brothers were awake and ready. The knock on the door made her drop the comb and peer over at her mother's tired expression. "Please tell me that you woke your brothers before getting ready?" she asked with an exhale. "Sorry?" she asked innocently with a shake of her head. With that her mother closed the door and stalked towards the boys' room.

    Adrian heard the door knob's swift jerk and within nanoseconds had the covers ripped from him. "Up, now!" Alessandra commanded. His eyes tried to make out how serious she was but kept seeing double. His hands reached out carelessly knocking off items from his bedside table he felt the glasses and fastened them behind his ears. "You have five minutes to get yourselves out that door." She said before turning on one heel and making her way down to the kitchen where her pancakes were starting to crisp. "Well she's mad." he mumbled pulling on his jeans and tousling his hair. "Aidehn?" he called looking over at his brother's bed on the other side of the room. It looked occupied but only pillows laid under the sheets. "Damn it." he muttered pulling the first shirt he could find on and heading downstairs.

    At the table Aidehn and Abbigail sat taking quick bites of their plates while their mother paced staring at the clock on the wall. "Another long night brother?" Adrian asked giving him a piercing stare. He responded with an all too unflattering grin with bits of pancake protruding around his teeth. Just the last thing they needed was Aidehn starting up problems in a new town. All they needed to do now was get through another year of school. Alessandra hugged each of them tightly and sent them out the door. She stared out after them as they walked side by side like little soldiers.
  3. The school was rather busy because it was the first day of the year. By the time he'd gotten to music class, Sayaku was already in the midst of a crowd, including both old and new faces alike. Stretching his arms upwards, he was startled when he nearly hit the teacher who had come a bit too close during his stretch. Instead of getting mad, however, the man merely sent Sayaku on an errand to pick up some print outs from the main office.

    On his way to the office, Sayaku peeked in on his sister's history class. She sat quietly by a window in the back, her notebook and pencil on her desk along with her head, which lay in her folded arms, eyes shut from being still sleepy. The boy sighed seeing his little sister in that state, reluctantly leaving the room without a word- she was sure to get into trouble again with that situation. He'd have to help her sleep earlier that night so she could start getting into an earlier waking time without being so exhausted.

    At the main office, he stated his need for the print outs. While he waited aimlessly, stretching his legs while standing around, he overheard gossip about a group of triplets. Triplets, huh? We have cousins that are twins, but triplets? That must be even harder...I'm doubting they're identical. That'd be really hard, wouldn't it? Shaking it off, he decided it was none of his business. The secretary soon came back with his needed print-outs, smiling to him. "Have a good year, Sayaku. Don't get into any fights, okay?"

    "I don't get into fights. You know that." He smiled gently- he'd had one fight the prior year trying to protect his sister, but otherwise he had a nice clean record. He was generally well liked by the staff since he was helpful and upbeat, but still actually paid heed. "Have a good year. See you later." With that, he began to return to the music room, cutting through the main gate area once again, carrying the paper stack carefully so he could see where he was going. "That teacher orders too much at once though..."
  4. Abbigail sighed waiting for her brothers to catch up with her as they entered the building. "You do know first day is very important. We are a full ten minutes late. Not only are we going to awkwardly have to enter the rooms now, mom is going to go ballistic." "Abbie, breathe." Adrian countered holding the office door open for her. They filed into the main office and smiled sweetly at secretary who eyed them astonished at the resemblance. All with fierce set of bright hazel eyes that almost reached yellow and deep brown hair. The boys kept their hair cropped short as if military style buzz with a longer top. Aidehn's a tad bit longer on the top then Adrian's. Abbigail had long hair that almost reached her hips and she kept it down, gracefully falling as if in cascades.

    "We would have liked to welcome you to the new school year and show you around properly but weren't warned you would be tardy." Abbigail glared at her brothers for a minute second. "We'll have to set something up for later as for now here are your schedules I suggest you try and show up on time from now on." The three nodded simultaneously and filed out of the office as quickly as they had made it in. The secretary watched after them the unison of their actions perplexing.

    "What do you guys have first I doubt they kept us together." Aidehn said scanning the paper in his hands. "I'm heading to history." Adrian said scratching the back of his head and peering down the hallway for his class. "Abbie?" the boys chimed together. "I guess it's chemistry for me. Please don't embarrass me so early in the school day!" she emplored as she jogged off towards her class. Adrian looked up at his brother and shrugged. "Anatomy and Physiology for me. See you later." Adrian stood watching his siblings jog off and shook his head. Whatever happened to walkiing? He wondered opening the door to the classroom. Eyes peered up at him and he felt that awful twinge of anxiety deep within his chest. He took the first available seat next to a girl who was apparently sleeping and focused on the book in front of him. This day cannot go by fast enough his thoughts were drowned out as the teacher continued the lesson.
  5. Sayaku returned to class easily, though a bit concerned about his sister still. In class, they were tested on their individual instruments- Sayaku, as most expected, got the best score for percussion. They played varying songs based on their own knowledge as part of their tests- for him, it was a folk song beat, while others did anything from classical to their favorite pop song. Music aired throughout the hall in aimless streams of sounds. They closed the door after complaints were made, and continued on with the testing first day.

    Flutter woke up soon enough in her class, before they actually started learning something. She opened her book carefully, staring at it with complete confusion. Of course, the book asked an "illogical question" right off the bat. What is history? My question is...What sort of question is that? She sighed, trying to respond to it carefully, unsure of what they meant. The next question, however, was a bit easier. Name a part of history you feel is the most relatable. That would be easy. She began scribbling something down. Then, the teacher asked her to read aloud her answer.

    "The most easy thing to relate to in history is war. War is neverending, and depicts the scientific logic of animal instinct to fight for dominance. It is easily understood because it involves patterns and tactics that are constant and only advance. It is a constant cycle. Thus, it can be related to without doubt." Yes, logic lingered in her thoughts constantly...And this was said logic.
  6. Adrian's eyes trailed over to the girl, Flutter, his mind remembered the teacher calling her name. He listened intently to her statement and squinted his eyes slightly as she finished. War, something he knew all too well. When her head drifted slightly his direction he snapped his gaze back onto his notebook paper. He did not want to be caught staring. Confrontations were not his best suit.

    Abbigail threw some books into her locker after third period psych and closed it leaning back against the wall. "How's your day going?" she asked taking a bite of an apple. Adrian shrugged and quietly stuffed his book bag with the needed materials. "Nothing interesting to report?" He shook his head at her and fished for his snack. "Well I've had an amazing morning so far i'm glad to report." Aidehn said confidently. "Oh do tell." Adrian muttered throwing away an orange peel. "A&P was easy as was history. Third period was music and of course I dominated." "Is that so?" Abbie said with a smile. "From what I've heard there's another student who is the top contender for best in class when it comes to your music class bro." "What?" Aidehn bit off a chunk of his apple and cocked his head at her in disbelief. "His name is Sayaku. I'm sure we'll run into him next period." "What's that?" Adrian asked rummaging his pocket for his schedule. "PE." Aidehn and Abbigail mused together. "We will see about best contender." "You can't win 'em all Aidehn." Abbigail took pleasure in teasing her brother and tossed her apple over her shoulder into a trash can without looking. Some girls standing near eyed the trio. "Freaks." they giggled.

    Adrian shook his head. "Another school, same bull." "Cheer up little brother you'll make friends." Aidehn pinched his cheek playfully. Adrian glared at him stepping out of his grasp. "Aidehn I have no intention in making friends. All I want is to keep us safe. Maybe if you weren't acting like a complete self centered prick we wouldn't have had to leave Pagosa Springs." Abbigail watched her brothers' tense. "Guys." She said softly feeling the heat begin to rise within her body. "The lights are flickering guys. Stop it!" she nearly yelled. The static around them had risen significantly and they all searched around for any witnesses. "Cut this out. Squash it now before you screw something up I'm serious!" she warned and took off towards the gym the sound of the bell reverberating in the halls.
  7. Unfortunately, Sayaku and Flutter both had physical education that period as well. For Flutter, this was a royal pain, being that she was weak and sickly and was often just kept out anyway. She basically sat there, or would simply do slow, walking laps. That day, it was to just sit there- they were doing more avid sports, and thus she was left out to keep from being harmed. Sayaku pat her head, as they'd walked together to class at that point, and smiled. "Just relax and have a snack or something. At least you have math as your next class. You like it after all, right?"

    Flutter smiled lightly to her older brother. "Yep. A lot." She watched as he moved to the center of the gymnasium to line up with the other students. Sayaku was athletic, but only to the normal degree of any other person. His main skill was drumming, but he was still known for being a bit on the muscular side, though not overly so. As class started, he waved to his brother before being sent to work on the sport at hand. He enjoyed it, but occasionally would distract himself keeping an eye on his sister.

    "Saya, focus!" She soon called out. He was going to get hurt if he didn't focus, and it'd be no good if she lost her brother to a school sport.
  8. Abbie stretched excitedly. Out of her siblings she was extraordinarily well at sports. There wasn't anything she wouldn't try and put her entire effort in. Her mother knew it was the only thing she could feel normal doing. Adrian joined beside her fixing his glasses back onto his face after wiping. "Are you going to be okay?" She asked signaling towards the guys in the center of the gym. The girls were at the other end of the gym for warm up before the soccer match would start. "Why of course Abbie just another day in your hell" he smiled sweetly. Aidehn whistled over to his brother and ran beside him for the warm up.

    Abbie jogged to where other girls were stretching and had to stifle a scoff when eyes were rolled. One girl standing with another group smiled at her. "You'll just have to get used to the drama here." Abbigail smiled and shrugged. "I guess. It's different everywhere you go." "I'm Venicia." she extended her hand warmly. Abbie shook it enthusiastically. "I'm abby." "The new girl so we've heard." "Yeah, it's our first day here." Some of the girls who had just shunned her suddenly became interested. "Those are your brothers?" they gushed as Adrian and Aidehn ran by with the rest of the guys. Aidehn flashed a smile at his sister as Adrian carried on his merry way. "Yep Aidehn's the one without glasses and Adrian... well he's the shy one." she smiled looking after them. She had to control her gag reflex as some girls whispered interest in her brothers. Before she could control it she looked in her brothers direction. Stop trying to hear what they're saying. She scolded mentally.

    Adrian wiped the sweat off his brow as the teams were chosen and the boys matched up against girls. Somehow this didn't seem very fair to him since generally guys had more strength and endurance. Abbigail made all the stereotypes melt. She was like a ghost, omnipresent shifting from position to position dominating the court. He felt like out of the trio he was born into he was nothing more than the brain. He heard the girl from his history class call out to one of the players on the other team. Abbigail was moving towards him to steal the ball and heard his brother's mental note. ​So that's Sayaku.
  9. Sayaku could barely feel her presence, but was able to get out of the way without colliding- unfortunately, not with the soccer ball. As he pushed his limits for the game, he generally failed to help the team as much as he'd have liked. Most of the game, in his case, was attempting to keep up with Abbie. As the game came to a moderate halt for a water break, he panted, walking over to her. "Man, you run faster than a horse gallops, and they can gallop mighty fast. You're probably as strong as one too. I give you credit on that." He laughed slightly, smiling to her as he held a hand out. "The name's Sayaku. You're good. It's fun to play with someone with so much skill...Though I just like getting to be physically active." His smile was simple and easy-going as he kept one hand on his waist in a natural fashion.

    His sister, having been benched the entire game, walked over carefully with a cup of water from the water pitcher. "Big brother. You're covered in sweat."

    "Ah...Thanks sis." He mused, taking the water from her. He almost moved to pour it on his head as if to wake up, but saw a teacher glare at him for even moving towards the action, thus gave in to just drinking it instead. "This is my sister, Flutter. Flutter, say hi to the nice girl."

    "You sound like a parent introducing their baby to a stranger." The girl muttered awkwardly. Shaking her head, she smiled mildly to Abbie, though sticking close to her brother out of a natural anxiety- one she would claim didn't exist if asked. "My name is Flutter. It's nice to meet you. Do you happen to have a brother with history first period? I think the person next to me this morning had a slightly similar air as you..."

    "Wow, it's rare for you to notice things like that." Sayaku mused.

    "Most siblings look similar, unlike us, big brother. There are minor similarities."
  10. Abbie panted lightly and shook Sayaku's extended hand. "I'm abbigail. You must be the music class wonder i've heard about." she smiled sweetly turning to look at the girl who walked towards them with a cup. Sayaku introduced his little sister and she smiled warmly at the girl who gravitated closer to her brother. "I believe you are talking about Adrian." She answered Flutter's question. Like clockwork her brother looked up at her from where he stood with Aidehn before she mentioned his name. The two boys shuffled towards the small group. "Sayaku, Flutter, these are my brothers Aidehn and Adrian." Aidehn nodded at Sayaku and smirked.teTop contendor? he asked his sister telepathically. She gave a slight nod and watched in amazement as Adrian stuck out his hand to shake Flutter's. "I remember you from history. I enjoyed your point on war." He said with a slight smile.

    Aidehn was oblivious to the first real conversation Adrian had probably had the entire day and turned his attention to Sayaku. "So I hear you're quite good at the drums." his competitive tone made Abbie roll her eyes. "I'm sorry my brother seems to think he's a god of some sort although any sport you throw his way and I'm guaranteed to win hands down." she laughed lightly hanging her arm on her brother. Aidehn shrugged her off and shook his head. "And i'm the god?" She laughed and nodded matter of factly fixing her hair up into a bun for round two of the match. The adrenaline was pumping through her veins she was dreading having to return to class after PE.
  11. Flutter was slightly startled by Adrian's extended hand, and also a bit confused. Looking to her brother for guidance, all he did was nod before turning his attention to Aidehn, who had quickly started a conversation to him. Flutter looked at the extended hand a moment before accepting the gesture in kind, giving it a weak squeeze as she shook it before smiling meekly to him. "It is the only thing in history I can understand," She mused in response. "You weren't asked to read your paper, but I'm sure it was good too...I mean, I think it was...I'm not good at judging such things. They're illogical and hard to understand most of the time."

    Sayaku chuckled as he listened to Aidehn's words. "I've been playing since I was a little kid, but I don't think I'm particularly good at them- there are plenty of people better than me, I'm sure. I just happen to enjoy them." He smiled easily, looking to Abbie after her response. "Based on today's match so far, I can see how that wouldn't be an overstatement by any means." He smiled a bit, looking at Aidehn soon after. "I don't think anyone here is a god. We all just have our strengths and weaknesses. I have more strength in music than my sister, but you can ask us any math question and she's bound to get it before I even start writing down the work. She's scarily good with numbers."

    Hearing her brother's words, she turned from Adrian for only a moment. "Mathematics are logical and consistent for a majority of it. As long as you know and accept the formulas and the data, it's all repetition and logic."

    "Yeah, uh, as usual you're going over my head with that." Sayaku mused. "But that's why we let you do the budget at home. You're better then uncle at it."

    "Uncle understands illogical things like you do better." Flutter smiled a bit to her brother, before turning to Adrian. "Do you prefer logical or illogical things? For some reason, now I want to know. It's strangely illogical of me to be so curious..."
  12. Abbie nodded at Sayaku's words about strengths and weaknesses and smiled at him when he mentioned her love for athletics. "Sports is to me as math is to your sister." She said after learning Flutter's strongest suit. "Adrian is a math and science guy himself." Abbie said. "More like anything books related." Aidehn added. Adrian shrugged casually. "To answer your question, logic is based on strict rules of validity. I wish everything I was passionate about were logical. You would be surprised how many illogical things surround you at this very instant." he said a deep note in his words. Both Aidehn and Abbigail watched him. How's that for a confession? he thought to himself even though his siblings heard every word and felt it just the same.

    The sound of the whistle split through the air and the game was back on. Abbie was, like usual, a silver bullet. Aidehn kept up as best he could and kept watching the score climb. At this rate the girls would win with only a few players that had actually participated compared to the guys who were working up quite the sweat defending themselves. As much as Adrian would have liked to keep his head in the game he was preoccupied with so much thought.

    Adrian stripped his clothes off in the locker room and opted for the closest shower to quickly get in and out. He had never been comfortable around other people let alone a room full of naked ones. He had no reason to be physically insecure. He wasn't unattractive in any form. He shook his head wishing he could have an ounce of self confidence like his brother and sister possessed. He dressed himself quickly and made it to his next class that had both his siblings sitting beside him. The english teacher called attention and he sat zoning out watching little droplets of water fall off the ends of his hair and concentrated on stopping them before they hit his desk. He smirked at his small exhibition of power and tried his best to make sure no one around could see.
  13. Flutter found Adrain's words to be a shockingly simple and understandable notion, despite including the fact that the world itself wasn't quite so logical and simple. Smiling slightly, she was apparently pleased with her answer, as she nodded eagerly in response, though without a word.

    Sayaku, meanwhile, looked at Abbie easily. "I see...An interesting mix. Well, if yours is sports and Adrian's is the books, what's our last contender's calling?" He grinned slightly, holding a hand out to Aidehn. "Let's push this game into high gear next round. We may or may not win, but we won't give up without a fight, right?" He chuckled, but was stopped by the whining whistle, which lead to him returning to the game while Flutter went back to the sidelines.

    After classes, Sayaku took a shower in one of the closeted ones as well. He had tried taking showers in the community showers of the boy's locker room in the past, but had found he got asked too many questions about the various scars he had from his past as a human punching bag for violent girls and rams. Instead of dealing with that, he found it easier to wash quickly in the closeted shower and clothe himself soon after. Once in normal attire, he groaned as he left the locker room, finding himself heading to science, a class he unlike his sister wasn't as particularly entertained by.

    His sister, however, had waited for him outside the locker room. "Right, you have science next too." He mused simply. It was strange that the two, who weren't even exactly the same age, had certain classes such as science as a unit. Not that it bothered him- his sister was blunt when explaining things, so despite her logical nature, it was actually a blessing for him in that particular class. "Something on your mind?"

    "Adrian is a very understandable person." Flutter mused simply in response. "He's interesting."

    "You don't say?" He looked at her with a concerned glaze, yet a grin plastered on his face. "Flute taking interest in someone- and a guy no less. I think the world's about to end." He laughed as she attempted to punch his shoulder, but her weak build made it impossible to hurt him like others already had. "I'm teasing, I'm teasing! But really, if you feel that way, you should try to talk to him again at some point. Who knows...Maybe you'll be awake in history enough to talk to him tomorrow." The idea was an interesting theory, and Flutter smiled to her brother as if taking a challenge, before nodding and heading to class with him quietly.
  14. Aidehn raised an eye brow and grinned. "I'm overall good at whatever I put my mind to. I don't excel as much as my other halves... I guess i'm ground zero." He mused. Liar. Both Abbigail and Adrian said simultaneously. Their brother's gaze shifted from each of their faces as if questioning them. Out of us three you are more than just a little more developed than us in your powers. Again the words were spoken simultaneously. He shrugged off their answer and nodded at Sayaku's request even though he knew they were most probably going to lose.

    Abbie felt satiated at the end of the match and enthusiastically ran to her brothers. "Good game brothers but I have whooped you once again. Gosh I'm going to need some real competition if I want to make it through the rest of my life with you two." She teased them. "Oh aren't you the sore winner." Aidehn glared at her playfully. "Says the contendor!" she pushed him before ducking behind Adrian. "I swear you two could not have come from the same ovum as I." The triplets laughed together as they made their way to the locker rooms.

    Abbie sat playing with her damp hair listening to the teacher drone on about Plato's Euthyphro and the question of morality and the divine code. She felt the sudden surge deep within her core and turned her gaze towards her brother sitting between her and Aidehn. She raised an eye brow watching him play around with a drop of water. She smirked and concentrated on the drop making it freeze instantly. It fell onto his desk and his head bobbed lazily towards her. You're no fun. She stifled a giggle and shrugged. And you two say I'm the one that gets us in trouble. Whatever happened to stop showing off? Aidehn chastised his siblings. A single droplet of water compared to causing an entire city to black out is a completely different matter Aidehn and you know it.Abbigail came to the defense of Adrian. The teacher cleared his throat. "Am I boring our new students?" He asked aloud the classroom filling with laughter. "Not at all Sir. Please continue explaining to us about socratic irony." Abbigail had to catch her jaw from dropping at her brother's answer. The teacher just huffed and continued his lesson.
  15. Science was far from Sayaku's strong point. As the teacher droned on about photosynthesis, and how it also aided animals who required oxygen to breathe, he kept an eye on his sister who sat next to him. Science was far from Sayaku's strong point. As the teacher droned on about photosynthesis, and how it also aided animals who required oxygen to breathe, he kept an eye on his sister who sat next to him. For one thing, Sayaku did find keeping an eye on his sister much more interesting than he found ecosystems. Secondly, he could always ask her later to re-explain things he missed- even if he was bound to get a lecture along with his answers.

    "Mr. Catane, care to answer question eight?" Sayaku paled when he realized he hadn't been fully paying attention, but was lucky the question was based on something he actually knew. When he answered properly, he leaned back in his seat, a sigh of relief escaping him. A giggle from the seat next to him caught him by surprise. It was rare his sister would show much emotion at all, and thus catching her laugh was almost invigorating. After the teacher told them to partner up, he moved his desk closer to that of his sister's, watching her trying to stifle her laughter. "Am I really that funny?"

    "You were spooked silly." She mused slightly, smiling weakly to her brother. "I bet if you paid more attention, you wouldn't be as timid when the teacher calls on you. It's inevitable he would, you know."

    "Yeah, yeah." Sayaku groaned, before getting to work with her on their assignment. "Can you explain this one more? I don't get it..."
  16. The triplets filed into the cafeteria. Adrian looked around at the gazes and stared down at his feet as we walked. They aren't going to bir Abbie said telepathically to her brother to soothe him. He smiled up at her warmly. They stood in line and each smiled at the lunch lady simultaneously. "pork or beef?" She asked the kids. "beef." they said at once. She blinked at them blankly and placed a serving on three trays. They each smiled once more and moved down the line paying for their meals and turned to look for an open seat. Like in most high school the tables were segregated by clique. Most of the high school had heard about the newcomers by now but hadn't seen them. Empty table? Abbie and Aidehn asked their brother. With a swift unison nod they sat down.

    Adrian scanned the cafeteria every few bites. Aidehn raised an eye brow at his sister. "Are you looking for someone?" Abbie asked with a sheepish grin. Adrian self consciously shook his head and went back to his sketch pad. "Oh look there's Sayaku and Flutter" Abbie said smiling when Adrian looked up once again. Aidehn laughed. "Well look at that." "Enough children." Adrian shook his head. "It is the first time you have ever shown interest in school in a human being and it happens to be a girl. This is huge." Aidehn said as Abbie nodded. "Invite them to sit with us." Abbie said nudging her brother with her shoulder. "We are sitting at a table alone like lepers... I doubt they want to sit with us." Adrian said. Abbie snickered. Aidehn groaned as if actually sickly and people stared over at them. Abbie couldn't help but laughing out loud.

    Aidehn stared at his brother and stood up walking towards Sayaku and his sister. What are you doing? Adrian asked in alarm telepathically. Doing what you're too chicken to do Abbie couldn't contain her laughter. She giggled uncontrollably at her brother's glare. "You guys are unbearable." he muttered concentrating further on his drawing of an old tree in the moonlight. "Hey you two... we would like to see if you guys wanted to join us for lunch... our table is pretty bare..." Abbie watched from afar "Just don't do the leper impersonation please" Aidehn smiled and lifted his arms slightly as if he was going to act out the a zombie when Adrian focused on him sharply. The feeling took Aidehn over as his arms were forced down against his will and held in place "Are you done?" Adrian snapped mentally.
  17. Sayaku and Flutter had brought their own lunches, thus at the time were generally sitting alone. Sayaku tended to sit with people from the music program, but today most of them had to buy and had other things to do, thus he spent the time solely with his sister that day. He had talked with his sister quietly before Aidehn walked to the table, having actually mentioned a similar idea, being that Flutter didn't seem to mind the triplets at all as far as her generally shy demeanor went. When he spoke, Sayaku gave his sister a glance, before smiling to Aidehn in return. "Sounds good to me. If it's just the two of us, it'll get quiet fast."

    "Isn't it easier for me to help you with your homework when it's quiet?" Flutter mused, her head on her shoulder as she subconsciously returned a wrapped article of food into the bag that was on the table. Her brother laughed without a thought, smiling.

    "We'll do it at home. This is good for change." Standing up, he didn't bother to return the stick of celery in his hand back to his bag, instead biting at the end before starting away from the table a bit, looking over at Aidehn. "It's okay with your brother and sister though, right?"

    Flutter looked at him blatantly while receding from her seat as well. "Big brother, it's the logical deduction that one would ask before inviting someone. You're the only illogical one that doesn't ask before inviting me to sit with random people you know. You're lucky that they don't get mad at you yet." This was where Sayaku merely let out a slightly feigned laughter, returning to ignoring his sister's usual remarks and going with Aidehn and his sister to the triplet's table.
  18. Adrian fidgeted in his seat as he looked up from his sketch to see Sayaku and Flutter begin to walk this way. He released his hold on his brother when Abbigail cleared her throat staring at him. Just breathe Abbie mentally told her other brother who stalked over towards the table. "Thanks " Aidehn muttered as he sat down. "Hello." Abbie said as Flutter and Sayaku reached the table. She nudged her brother who looked up from his sketch to look at Flutter and softly smiled. "Thank you for joining us I couldn't bare another second with my lunatic siblings." Abbie grinned. "Well aren't you sweet." She crinkled her nose at him. Remember that I am stronger than you brother Aidehn said to his brother mentally a biting note in his words. Adrian ignored him and continued sketching

    Abbigail sensed the tension between her brothers escalate and the feeling exuded heat within her core. "So, what is there to do around this town? We just got here two days ago and haven't done much other then unpack the new house." She said switching the conversation. "Unpacking has been so much fun!" Aidehn said with fake enthusiasm. Adrian and Abbie laughed simultaneously at their brother. Adrian finished up his sketch and went to close it. "Great shading." Aidehn said from the far corner of the table without looking up at the sketch. "Thanks." Adrian whispered meekly. "Is this somewhere in particular?" Abbie asked. "Just on the walk here i saw it... thought i'd draw it at night." He closed his sketch pad and looked up at their visitors.
  19. "It's better than being stuck with big brother by myself, being with more people." Flutter mused, as if trying to relate to Adrian's notation of relief to be no longer alone with his two siblings. She took a seat quietly afterwards, opening her lunch properly and taking out a piece of sweet bread with a slightly spicy aroma. Taking a bite of it, she looked at her brother as he finished his vegetable, opening his bag to reveal something a bit more regular- leftover stir fried vegetables with just a bit of meat in it to balance it out. "Big brother, you need to eat more meat. It's amazing your muscles have lasted with how little iron you intake."

    "Just eat your herb bread," Sayaku mused, shaking his head. "I swear, your focus on these things is a bit too extreme." He took out a fork and began to jab at one of the more elusive pieces of meat that seemed to slide when he did so. He shook it off as he looked at the others, smiling when they were spoken to. "There's plenty to do. I mean, as much as in any other town I'd assume. Depends no what you're looking for. I think there's a museum, but I know for sure there are a couple parks...Then there's the hospital, of course...Some stores and stuff...As I said, about the same as any other town."

    Flutter had no real interest in the town, it seemed, and had instead focused on the sketch pad as it was being put away. "Adrian is an artist?"

    "I'm surprised you took notice in that at all...Or an interest." Her brother noted, only to get lightly kicked in the shin- which didn't hurt, since his sister was weak, but he pretended to wince anyway, laughing a bit.
  20. Adrian shrugged a shoulder. "Full fledged artist not so much. I'm not in the realm of Van Gogh." He smiled at her. "He's being modest." Aidehn interjected as Abbigail took a swig of her water bottle. "He's really good at art. Maybe you guys could come by once mom and dad decide to allow us the freedom of inviting people over. You could see the statues Adrian's made." She smiled nodding her head and looking over at Adrian who blushed slightly. "If dad you mean." Aidehn sighed. Their mother had always been the caretaker. She was compassionate and understanding of their difference. The triplets weren't like normal teenagers. They went to school, they lived and breathed like a regular kid, but in the confines of their reality, normalcy was never promised.

    Their father, Sebastian Quill, had one job as caretaker... to keep them moving. Their family became complicated when the triplets turned three and impossible things began to occur. It's not every day a mother walks in to a child levitating objects in the air. Little by little she found out that her children were truly gifted. This is also when G.O.S.H came knocking on their door. Their parents remembered the terrible night when they were forced to watch their children be forced through test after test until the answer was satisfied. Alessandra had given birth to a set of multiples with supernatural powers. She remembers the blue eyed devil who smirked handing them a document stating the children were no longer their burden. "Government Owned Supernatural Human" the man named Lars had explained slowly as he placed each child in a crib like cage. The triplets were to be sent for training and if it hadn't been for an attack on G.O.S.H that night by the resistance of other supernaturals, they had lost their children to the government forever.

    Adrian found himself coming out of a shell he had known all too well. He didn't know what it was about Flutter that captivated his interest. Maybe it was that she wasn't ordinary. She had been the most extraordinarily unique person he had met in a while. He opened his sketch pad and softly slid it towards her. "If you'd like to see that is." he said softly. Abbigail was interested in the miracle happening before her eyes. She couldn't contain a smile. "I'd like to start bringing lunch here too. It wasn't in the least bit delicious or nutritious." she stated. "That just gives mom more work." Aidehn said finishing off his meal. "Not if we helped." Abbie said hinting at her brother to help their mother out more often. The bell rang and Abbie stood up. "Just two more classes until freedom. I'll meet you boys out by the gates after school allright?" She eyed them both. They gave a swift identical nod and she took off. "You can keep it for now..." Adrian said pointing at the sketch pad. "I'd like to get feedback from some one other than my siblings" he said smiling hinting he thought they were too nice to be scrutinizing. Aidehn shook his head. Little brother look at you go. And i thought i was gonna have game this year Adrian squinted his eyes at him Don't you have someone else to annoy? Aidehn laughed out loud from their mental conversation and waved at Sayaku and Flutter. "See you guys later." Adrian watched him leave and picked up his bag. "Bye." he said to the two.

    Sebastian walked into the house and sighed. Alessandra walked over to him and massaged his shoulders. "Well?" "So far I don't think they've caught onto our scent just yet but I don't want to be optimistic. We need to have another talk with the kids. They've reached the age they are going to want to mess around with their powers even more. Look what Aidehn cost us back in Colorado." "I know darling it'll be okay I'll talk to the kids once they come home." "I just want them to be safe." Alessandra nodded and kissed her husbands cheek. "As long as Lars and the goons don't catch up we'll be able to stay here. All this moving has got me wore out." "You and me both my love... you and me both." He sighed hugging her tightly.