The Power of Song

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  1. Magic Speaks Volumes.... Listen to its Song

    Allanya Sumner frowned, rolling over in her bed and pulling the covers over her head. The sunlight streaming in through the dorm window was a bit too bright, though, and seeped through the cloth. The blanket, ignorant of its intended use, merely left her shrouded in a pale blue filtered light. She squeezed her eyes tighter shut, but to no avail as the phone on her desk began singing a bright and far too cheerful melody in attempt to get her out of bed and on with her day.

    It’s Saturday. Why did I set an alarm on a Saturday? Especially after last night...

    She reached over and managed to swipe the screen and activate snooze. But now thoughts of the night before were inextricably twisting through her mind. It didn’t help that the motion had reminded her of bruises and pulled muscles she’d tried her best to ignore. The battle. That hadn’t been fun. It was just a couple local hooligans trying to inflict their particular brand of torment on a young couple who’d been dumb enough to get caught in the park after dark, but she’d drawn their attention when she’d stepped in. They’d given her a rather good beating before...

    She didn’t want to think about that. It was still too hard to believe.

    The phone seemed even more insistent the second time round, so Allanya tossed off the covers and stood, silencing the alarm for the day. Why HAD she set an alarm for a Saturday? She had made it to the bathroom with her shower caddy and was inspecting her face in the mirror when it hit her. Saturday. The park. The music festival. And it would start in roughly an hour and a half.



    Marlena hadn’t slept since the strangeness of the night before. She knew the festival was coming up but she was debating skipping the whole thing. The events she’d experienced troubled her. She’d never been prone to metal breaks, despite a lifetime of teasing. Yet that’s what this must have been, some snapping point or odd hallucination. If it had been a dream, she’d woken without realizing it, because things seemed normal enough now.

    But the memories were vivid. Bright colors, music, the hammer in her hand. It wasn’t as though she’d never heard of heroes. There were a few in other places in the world, but the fact that she seemed destined to be one, that was the overwhelming part. She was fairly used to being an average background ornament, someone people invited to parties just so they could bulk out the guest list and foist off annoying relatives on.

    Maybe it was the exhaustion of having been up all night, but now she was seriously considering that this might be real. The longing to hold that hammer again, feel the power, that was certainly real enough. And she’d walked by the building she’d hit on accident two times since reverting to her normal self. The dent looked like a truck had plowed into the wall. All because she’d missed the would be car thief the first time. As it was, she’d only clipped him the second time, a good thing since even that had sent him sprawling. Well, she wouldn’t think any more of that. She’d been defending herself. It wasn’t her fault that glowing golden light had decided to make her into a super hero in a miniskirt.

    She was obsessing, thinking too hard. She really needed to get to the festival, if only for a distraction. Some classmates were selling handmade bohdrans and she wanted to get her hands on one before they ran out.


    The festival was bright, cheerful, and full of sound. Music rang out from the seven stages set up around the fairgrounds, each playing a different genre. Inside the auditorium, the school’s orchestra performed a selection of movie themes. Where there weren’t formal performances, buskers worked the crowd and artists painted pictures. People bought food and trinkets from booths, sat in the shade of trees, and danced to the music surrounding them. It was a beautiful day.

    While Marlena sought out her friends and their drums, Allanya hoped that her makeup was concealing the bruise on her cheek. Her hand unwittingly went to the silver flute charm on her necklace. It did nothing. Not that she’d really wanted it to here, in front of everyone. A soft breeze played with the hem of her skirt and tugged at a few strands of hair she hadn’t secured behind her headband. Well, it would be time, soon. Only an hour before her debut performance here at McVaneten College of Fine Arts.
  2. "Wake up sleepyhead."

    The bus jolted to a stop with the squeaking of breaks and the clatter of several bags falling to the floor with the sudden stop. The interior of the bus smelled of grease, sweat, dust, vomit, and rust but Anna was used to it, the small mint green haired girl was also used to being woken up in odd places by Carrie, her identical twin. Even though Anna was technically the older twins sometime during their childhood their roles seemed to have swapped to the point where many of the foster parents they had had over the years kept confusing them with each other.

    "Come oooon."

    "I'm coming."

    With Carrie pulling her up Anna looked out the window, though the slanting shaft of light and shimmering particles of dust in the air at the festival taking shape. This was the first the two had had the chance to go to but they had spent months talking about coming and they were finally here... even though something else had been bothering Anna.

    It had been a week ago and the two of them had been returning from filling out paperwork for their college loans and there had been... something... it was tricky to member. Someone had called for help, Carrie and Anna had both rushed to the aid of a teenage girl, her parents being harassed by a loan shark. It had happened so fast... light, sound... then feel of the strings beneath her fingers... strangely addictive even after one taste.

    "Annnaaaa you're holding everyone up."


    She stepped off the bus and crossed the sidewalk into the field, their hands held as they looked at the gathering crowd and the stage...

    "This is going to be the best day ever!"
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