The Power of Secrets, A Dragonriders Tale {MxM}

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  1. Storyline-

    MC is an assassin who was trained under the most infamous and powerful assassin known around the entire world. MC was charged with the next target of assassinating a smuggler... A smuggler who smuggled dragons and dragon eggs to the cruel king who desired a powerful and unstoppable army of dragons and dragonriders. When the mission takes a turn for the worst, MC finds himself bonded to a baby dragon and just barely makes it out alive. Three days later he managed to hunt down a very famous dragonrider... YC, who knows almost everything there is to know about the dragons. He needs YC's help to survive with his very stubborn and untamed and untrained dragon. However MC is use to being independent and not having to rely on others... This might be quite the challenge, for all of them. Not only that, but MC's master, the master assassin will be on the hunt for MC and the king... Will they be able to come out from the greatest assassin and the kings wrath alive?



    1. I am looking for a seme/top for this rp.

    2. I would like at least 1-4 paragraphs, more is definitely welcome!

    3. Third person only please.

    4. I don't mind anime or realistic pictures for this rp. [​IMG]

    5. I will only roleplay in the threads, I can make the thread and start the rp, but I will not rp through pm's or emails. :3

    6. Please pm me if interested! ^.^
  2. Still looking! :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.