The power of one woman's blood

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  1. (OOC: I apologize if you like longer posts, but I try to keep mine fairly short.)

    It was hot out. A 90plus degree day. Many were outside doing chores or just hanging out in their front yards on patios. Kellen was taking her usual walk, like she did everyday. However, today wasn't going to be like everyday. She was walking through the back roads, taking the scenic route, unaware of the man following her.
  2. Despite the high temperature weather, an bone chilling aura seemed to loom about a certain fellow- Max Roan.
    He was currently tailing the girl who was known as Kellen; the very girl he needed for his experimental spells.
    All he needed was her blood...Maybe even her life...
  3. She paused to rest for a moment in the shadows of a tree. She unclipped a water bottle that was hooked to her belt around her jean shorts and took a long drink, wipping her forehead with the back of her hand.
  4. Max seized this moment to strike, quickly casting an ice trap-
    Weather spells....seemed to be his strong suit...
    But would they work on the girl?
  5. Kellen screamed and dropped her water bottle, which rolled down the street. Ice was forming on the side of the road right where she was standing and slowly creeping up her legs, imbolizing her. She tried to move but couldn't because of the ice. What the hell was going on? She wondered, watching the ice with wide frightened eyes.
  6. Max grinned like a gleefully twisted demon.
    It was so, to get her out of view...
    He walked up to the captured girl and once in arm's length of her, he teleported them to his domain.
  7. What the hell had just happened? She wondered, looking around her, chilled from the ice still keeping her from moving. "Let me go!" She demanded.
  8. Max rolled his eyes at the demand of release. "And lose a specimen for my spellcraft? I think not."
    Using a levitation spell, he lifted the ice trapped girl up into a large cage that hang from the ceiling of his laboratory like room.
  9. "What are you talking about?" She asked, looking down at the man who had captured her. She glared at him. "What do you want from me?" She asked, still unable to move because of the ice.
  10. "Why, it's simple...All I want is your blood so that I can make new spells.
    It was either yours or old fashion things, like eye of a newt..." Max shrugged.
    "Nothing personal...Just a way of how things are."
  11. "At least defrost me!" She demanded, shivering from the ice. How the hell had they gotten here anyway? What spells? Ugh. This was giving her a headache.
  12. "...Mmm, how about no." Max laughed before going to a little chemistry set of sort.
    Wonder what he was making...
  13. She glared at him and looked at the cage that she was in and then at the ice around her feet. She sat down and started kicking at the cage, hoping to break either the ice or the bars.
  14. "Continue to do that, and you'll be an icicle in the next ten minutes." warned Max.
    But he didn't care what the girl did- blood can be retrieved and used frozen as well as fresh.
  15. She stopped, steaming, no longer able to feel her feet. The cage swayed a little from her struggles. "Why can't you use someone elses blood?" She asked.
  16. "Because this requires only your blood- if there was someone else, you wouldn't be here."
    He levitated up to her. "May I see you arm?"
  17. She glared at him. "How about no?" She snapped, mimicking him, still shivering from the ice around her feet.
  18. "Well, too bad." He reached into the cage and made a grab for her arm. Didn't have to be her arm...But he thought it was more convenient.
  19. She inched away from him, yanking her arm back. "Leave me be." She demanded as he reached for her.
  20. "After I get a sample? Sure, why not." He made another grab for her arm, but just caught it with a syringe. Only one drop of blood was collected before he dropped down to the ground below, landing safely.