The power of knowledge is screwed.

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  1. I find myself in a predicament. "Now what problem would that be?" You may ask. But of course there's a considerable, but finite amount of other questions or statements one could put forth to that. But lets assume the first. I find a majority of phrases or ideas or even just simple words can create an extensive array of bullshit results through various search engines available on the world wide web. Pure knowledge, all of it. However knowledge doesn't seem to imply the exercise of wisdom or common sense.

    I say this because a majority, if not almost all searches that I perform through search engines turn up a remarkable amount of information which is not only arbitrary, but just short of ridiculous. Now of course a search engine searches for relevant data pertaining to, well, whatever information you entered. What else can be expected? Though as of late I've begun to notice a rather frightening trend which brings up the borderline between stupidity and idiocy.

    We're going to use Google as a focal point for our search engine in question. (in spite of testing this with other engines and achieving similar results) You are guaranteed to find one of three things on your first page of searches with a minimum of ten searches made visible on the first page.

    The first most common is something attempting to be marketed toward a demographic. But of course as a consumer society in America and something similar in many other countries, no matter the cultural variation, this is to be expected. Yes? What is disturbing about this is the idea that something somewhere, implying something is any product, is the idea of consistent commerce and the ability to essentially sell anything. Things such as knowledge to the essential building blocks of life as we know it are available for sale in some form and fashion.

    The second is entertainment, which may be considered part of something being marketed. Specifically though are media entertainment outlets of sorts. Mediums such as music, video, typed word and game as marketed yes but contain a different ideal to a slight extent. These things communicate with you based on the popularity of the general market and how well something sells. Though this is far from always true, it is a common denominator to apply as something which communicates with you the consumer. Music being the most popular as I can see and it's ideas pushed forth into the waiting ears to receive whatever message waits in that digital form to be released. More common than not, one cannot type simple sentences or phrases into a search engine without having some recent or well known bit of music in particular be high on the results.

    The third most common is the one I have a hard time explaining, I suppose that would be irony as the third item is explanations. How to dos. How to's. Do it yourself. Instructions in various mediums. But of course this has improved upon how we function on a day to day basis but it has had an unusual side effect I may subjectively observe from a cynical standpoint. That is making the general amount of people who use said third product more susceptible to lack of original thought, a drone if you will.

    What each of these things have in common are impartial structures which surpass the ideals of basic Darwinism and through coincidence actual Creationism as well. I say this because these products have made it easy to not think to hard. Now this isn't entirely a bad thing, this has pushed the progress of humanity to an entirely new level, the free flow of information has become just short of staggering and the creativity a many peoples has grown to a new high. Though a cancer seems to spread among this. The truly idiotic by definition are also given a chance to thrive without truly having the ability for original thought, instead influenced by the enormous amount of information handed to them for a convenient monthly fee as a product from your local internet and cable service provider. But of course that depends on your geographic location, it may be your local government for all I know.

    Point being is I fear this. I don't fear this in the way of irrational thought or the desire to destroy what I fear; but rather I fear this in the way of this product of society eventually destroying itself or devolving into nothing but a consuming nightmare fraught with those who are incapable of original common thought without having a product to work toward. But is that not the goal of so many of us even in this day in age? Was that not the goal years ago? Life in and of itself is has become a product, sold one bottle, can, case, box and compartment at a time. Simplicity being the father of invention whereas necessity being the mother, I can only shudder as to what may happen when the necessity ceases to be in the way of life and only simplicity remains.

    I ramble. As I cannot sleep. I was about to push the "create thread" option and I realize this would be better suited in an area of rants but I shall leave it under general discussion for now, as I do not feel this is so much a rant, but an observation from a sleep deprived mind.
    Do with that what you will.
  2. Drunk, not quite. Sleep deprived? Yup.
  3. Sorry, teal deer
  4. They have remarkably similar results. :lol:
  5. .... Wow.
  6. Sorry dude. All I see now is Bravestarr.
  7. True that.
    What the hell is Bravestarr? nvm. I looked it up. Though you may have to explain how that's related.

    Okay I read into Bravestarr and I can see how this is related in the idea of basic needs being sold as goods. But I imagine that's but one piece.
  8. Hurr hurr.
  9. I think you're thinking too hard about this.

    The way I see it: the ones truly trying to educate themselves are, well, educating themselves. The idiots will continue to be idiots, rest assured, but the ones that genuinely want more will do it however they can. Those "How To's" aren't just an Idiot's Guide (though they are, quite literally), it's a means of learning as well. So are Wikipedia articles, and any of those websites offering legitimate high school and college courses (Khan Academy, edX, etc..)

    I don't know how to change my car's oil. No one ever showed me. Do you expect me to get under my car and fiddle around, potentially doing irreparable damage? I ain't doin' that! But now you expect me to go to Mechanic's School to aquire that knowledge? Pfft.

    WikiHow, here I come!
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  10. See that's one of the conundrums I encounter which has such a good effect in just the way you say, yet has an equal reverberation for those who read the guide as well. Only difference is that column B puts tranny fluid into the oil pan.
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