The Potions Master/The New Professor. (HP) (Severusx & French Toast)

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  1. Two seventh year Slytherin best friends, Atropa and Keagan, get involved with Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy, who becomes a professor at Hogwarts.

    Atropa Trist woke just as the sun was rising, as usual. She'd been on this ridiculous schedule since the year started, due to nightmares.
    The one good thing about waking early was that she could take a shower before any of the other girls woke up.
    Atropa had never fit in much with the Slytherin crowd. She should have been in Ravenclaw, but she'd asked the hat to put her in Slytherin, to appease her parents. Too bad it didn't work.

    Sitting up, Atropa yawned and stretched, slipping her feet into the bed slippers she had.
    Looking out the Dorm window, she smiled at the fog rising over the grass, leaving sparkling dew behind.
    It was quite beautiful this early in the morning.

    Grabbing her bathroom supplies, she made her way to the showers and turned one on, removing her dressing gown before getting in.
    The hot water woke her up and warmed her cold body, making her forget about her nightmare.
    When she finished washing and shaving, she got out, doing a quick drying spell on herself, and put on her uniform.

    The other girls were just now getting up, so she grabbed her things and made her way back to her bed, where she packed her bag and left the Common Room, deciding to skip breakfast again and go straight to her first class of the day- Potions.
    It was her favorite and best class, and she was always first to arrive, and last to leave.
    Professor Snape had been friends with her family for a while, so she knew him outside of Hogwarts, and thus, they got along well.

    He scared everyone else, but Atropa quite liked him.

    Yawning, she took her seat and began to pull things from her bag, reading some notes she'd taken the other day.
    Her best friend, Keagan, would know where she'd gone. They'd see each other at lunch.

    Lucius Malfoy woke from his fitful slumber, feeling ill rested. He'd been sleeping in an open dorm for the professors at Hogwarts, and the bed was much less comfortable than the one in his mansion.
    Even so, he was almost glad to be away from home right now. He and Narcissa had been arguing a lot recently, and he needed a break away from all of it.
    He'd taken a substitute job for the Defense Against the Dark Arts position, until a new teacher could be approved.

    Standing, he flipped his long blonde hair behind his back and made his way to the bathroom to shower, glad it was warm inside the castle currently.

    After drying off, he dressed in his typical robes, and brushed his long hair until it shined brightly. He wouldn't say it, but he was actually pretty vain.
    But he had reason to be. His skin was pale and blemish free, he was tall and slender, with just a bit of muscle, and his hair was so blonde it was almost white.
    His eyes were a piercing blue, and he'd been quite a charmer in his school years.

    Smirking at his reflection, he grabbed the materials he'd need for class today and made his way to the classroom, taking a seat behind the desk, reading the lesson he'd be teaching today.
    He'd been enjoying teaching so far. Like Severus, he was feared, and thus, the students were quiet and listened in his class.
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  2. This was a disaster. Keagan Sanders absolutely dreaded mornings. You would think after the six years prior that she would be well adjusted, and yet she still stumbled about, had half closed eyes and a constant stream of yawns following her until at least half past nine. So now, as it was nearly hitting eight o'clock- Keagan was slowly pulling on her uniform. White blouse, Emerald sweater, Green and silver tie, hanging rather loosly. She pulled her charcoal skirt on high enough so that it would show enough leg to show off but low enough not to be trampy. Slowly, she made her way into the bathroom, applying a slight bit of makeup and leaving.

    Kea was never much of a breakfast person, more of a double lunch type of girl. Maybe that was due to not being a morning person.
    Yet another yawn escaped a Keagan's lips as she strolled into her first class of the day, Defence Against the Dark Arts. She rather enjoyed the subject, Not to mention the new professor was quite attractive.

    She let out a loud yawn, closing her eyes fully, before she bumped into something solid and warm. The yawn instantly subsided and her ocean blue eyes popped open. "Oh, Professor Malfoy.. I didn't see you there.." She took this moment to stare up at the man, realizing that her body was still pressed into his. Her hands were square on his chest that was undoubtedly flawlessly pale like the rest of his skin. She swallowed hard, a nervous blush rising to her caramel cheeks, "I'll just.. Um.. Go to my seat?" She felt almost stuck where she was.. Was it because of his hand that was so gently placed on her arm as to steady her? Or the fact that she couldn't look away from the icy blues that belonged to the blonde professor? Either way, she was utterly entranced.

    Severus Snape had recently taken on more than one job. Being the Potions Professor at Hogwarts was a simple task. The more difficult was a request from the Trist family. Severus had been a close acquaintance of theirs when he served the Dark Lord, but the night of Lily's death changed him. He finally saw the evil that his "Lord" was. But the Trist's.. They still followed blindly. Their daughter, Atropa, though was the only one who refused to join the ranks of the Death Eaters. Her father now expects him to change her mind, to make her want to be a Death Eater, a follower. Severus couldn't allow her to be a part of such an organization. He wouldn't let her be in such danger.

    He stood from his desk, knowing that she would be in his classroom at any moment now. She was always early. She was also the only one that wasn't deathly afraid of him in his black robes with his black hair and black eyes. Everything about him was dark, and yet, there she was, in his class acting as if he was a harmless house cat. It was almost infuriating. "Atropa." He greeted. That was actually considered warm for the dark professor. He knew that in order to keep her safe, he had to keep her close. But, was there such thing as too close? "I'd like for you to help me out with brewing potions over the next few weeks, after dinner. Is that acceptable?" he asked in a low drawl.

    After she answered, he nodded. The rest of the class already funneling in and staying quiet enough except for a few rowdy Gryffindors. He directed a sharp glare in their direction, and they instantly hushed and ran to their seats, mumbling about Snape being so mean looking. He turned just as he began to smirk, a hand slowly covering his mouth. He hoped none of his students actually saw his enjoyment.
  3. Atropa looked up in surprise at the Professor's question. Smiling, she nodded, then cleared her throat.
    "Y-Yes, Professor. That sounds good!" She winced, hoping she didn't sound too eager.
    She had an issue with that- especially when it came to attractive people.
    The classroom had filled up now, and Atropa put her previous notes away, pulling out new parchment to begin new notes for today's lesson.

    She was always excited to get to Potions, not only because of the teacher, but also because she genuinely liked the class.
    Potions was her favorite class, and best subject as well. She always got top grades in it, despite not always following the directions.
    Atropa liked to experiment with potions and try new ways to do things, to see if she could make the potions better somehow.
    It usually worked.

    Lucius had been almost in his classroom when he felt someone bump into him. Looking down, he spotted one of his students, and he grabbed her arm gently to steady her, not wanting her to fall.
    Despite what most people thought, he wasn't a total asshole.
    Seeing the poor girl blush, he wondered if she was embarrassed, or if she had a crush on him. Maybe both.

    He'd already had to speak to a few students about inappropriate crushes- but he felt that even if this girl had a crush on him, he wouldn't really mind.
    It was an odd thought, and he pushed it from his mind, managing a small smile.
    "Yes, please do find your seat. The lesson is about to begin." He let her go, and made his way into the classroom, ready to teach.
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