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  1. The Portal

    Xian was a paradoxian, a rare kind of breed, extinct! You may add. He was the lonely last survivor of his kind. He was brain washed by the devil himself giving him all the memories when he was created from God with a twist changing the enhancements of Xian born from his own kind from God. The devil wanted xian's soul but he couldn't touch it. It was too strong for him to bare. So he sent Xian to earth lost in the unknown. It been half a decade. He made new friends fitting in. His friends were chaos the creation from hell and heaven, Ray The Fox, Mike the doctor and Sally the gunslinger. They were in a team helping eachother out till one faithful night Xian crept to a field alone feeling a strange aura. He saw a creature like Ray running to a door. Xian followed to investigate. Until he was out of no where sucked into the door. Hours passed by. He woke up in the middle of the field it was bright daylight outside the field. He stood up dusting himself off til he realised about his hands they were paws. "Ahhh!!" He yelled as he fell on his but hurting the tail making him yelp. "Ahhh! Damn it! The hell!?' He looks at his tail and wagged it confused seeing diffrent colors on his fur. His clothes slowly ripped from the amount of fur he haves making it a difficult fit. He stood up once more his nose strong in scent smelling so many things he had never smelled before. He was confused not knowing what's going on. He can't even feel his powers anymore it was if he was reborn but in a different race mot of his own. He saw a furry walking towards him what he can tell was female he just stares up til she spoke

    (Any female jump in this is just an opening plot)
  2. The whole time Xian freaked out a young female creature was hiding behind a tree. She was a furry. With beautiful exotic green eyes, bushy tail and a gorgeous figure. She was a white fox and she planned to get answers on why he was here. Wearing a black and dark blue catsuit with some black boots she sneaked towards him and pulled out a gun.
  3. Xian looked up at the gun. He frowns as he used his mind to crack the gun in half. His eyes widens seeing how be had lost his powers. "W-woah! Chill!" I yelped look up at her
  4. "Tell me now why your here" she said and held her hands up ready to fight. The young gorgeous creature was good at martial arts.
  5. "I-i don't know! There was a door it sucked me in then I woke up here!"
  6. The young creature then gave him a suspicious look. Without a word she held her hand out as if to grant peace to him from now. Not only that but he was cute...that didn't hurt.
  7. He smiled softly and grabbed her hand getting helped up as he looks at her "s-so we're cool?" He asked wagging his tail without knowing​
  8. She smiled slyly "perhaps, come with me...I will explain where you are one the way" she said and started walking, her curvy body moved with each step.
  9. He looks at her curves as he slowly held a boner in walking by with her paying attention to her "alright" is all he said ready to listen
  10. "My name is Jade, I am a member of the fox rebelloin...we are little in numbers but we are staying strong..." she then held herself "I am the last single female of my kind..." she began.
  11. "Damn...hey you got yourself another member then I'm gonna help you Ok?" Xian said with a smile and got in front of her and kneel down at her "I'll serve you and protect you with my very life to keep your kind at one piece"
  12. She gave him another suspicious look "alright, let me show you where our Rebellion is...any funny moves though and we kill you" she kept walking. Her tail fluffed in his face.
  13. He smiled and got up following her "fair enough for me"
  14. Jade smiled and walked to a large water fall. "Here we are" she said and pressed down on a nearby rock. The waterfall split in two revealing a gorgeous city. She started walking towards there.
  15. "Woah....this is amazing !" He said happily walking through the waterfall seeing the town with excitement
  16. Jade was right, every girl was with a man except for her. She walked to her room and gave him some food from her house and set it on her kiychen table. "I will talk to the mayor of the town but in the meantime here" she said.
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