The Politics of Demons and Angels

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  1. Cesare took a deep breath. It had been years since he had visited earth; it was the anniversary of his move to Hell, as well. He wanted to grip the hilt of his sword, but he hadn't brought it with him. He heard it was human policy to execute those who weilded weapons outside of war. But this was war, he knew in the deepest pit of his heart, and he was risking the most out of anyone. Being an angel fighting on the demon's side was risky, but it was a risk Cesare had to take.
    He found himself walking through an abandoned part of the town he had somehow found himself in. He wasn't sure where he was, or what exactly he was doing, but he felt at home amongst the rubble of destroyed buildings. It was just like New Kyoto, he thought to himself. He felt as if he was blending in well enough, but was actually sticking out like a toddler in a retirement home. He just never was good at being human. He was only good at being a criminal and a demon.
    The street became more narrow the farther he walked. It gave him an ominous feeling, but he felt he had to continue down the path he had chosen. Only fate would tell if he had made the correct choice.
  2. There was far more to do than she had time for. Alienor was swamped by the plight of humankind, and every day the workload became heavier and heavier. Of course, only a handful of those plagued by mental illness received her panacea, and this pained the angel more than any demon war ever could. Perhaps her priorities weren't quite right, but then again - other angels had shown her no loyalty, and so she had no obligation to do the same for them. Alienor lived only for the mad, certainly an unhealthy demographic to be mixing with constantly.

    Today the deep purple haired woman was experiencing an extreme headache. She could hear screaming, the paranoids were out in force today. At least they drowned out the schizophrenics, not to mention the manics. Still, it hurt like hell. Alienor walked with her grey eyes focused on the ground, slender hands tucked away in her pockets as she drifted on in her thoughts - not to mention those of others. The world at large had no meaning to her, and so she wandered, in search of someone that might benefit from her intervention.
  3. Cesare heard the footsteps of Alienor and stopped dead in his tracks. " there someone there?" He cautiously took a few steps forward and caught a glimpse of her as she walked farther into the darkness. What's she doing out here? he wondered, and decided he would follow her. His curiousity overtook his need to be cautious.
  4. Due to the fact that she was so enthralled in her own world of fantasy, Alienor did not detect that she was being tailed for some time. When she finally did come back to reality, the angel turned to face whomever was there. "Who the hell is there?" The hell part was unbelievably unnecessary, but most of what this woman did was just that. She peered into the darkness, her body poised as she attempted to work out what manner of monster was there. Of course, this unexpected turn of events had brought out the paranoia in her, causing her mind to run riot as she imagined alien forces sent here to impregnate her with mutant babies, the devils minions happily come to take her soul. The ideas were not her own, but had been with her for long enough that they were deeply ingrained. They were just as real as the earth she walked on, but unfortunately more problematic.
  5. Cesare nervously stepped forth from the darkness. "M-my name is Cesare." His golden hair and shimmering lips offset his odd wardrobe. It was obvious he wasn't from anywhere near where they were. He almost looked lost. He felt lost. "I seem to have gotten myself lost. I'm not sure where I am..." He studied her trying to pick out anything that would expose her as a demon or an angel. Her eyes weren't odd, and she looked normal enough. Although she seemed a bit absentminded, Cesare just assumed she was a human that lived nearby. He became a bit less tense.
  6. Anxiety faded to rage so swiftly it was almost impossible to see the seam between them. It was an intense experience just to watch, as the womans eyes widened, her fingers tightening into fearsome claws. Alienor growled at this man, not thinking or caring who or what he was. He needed to die. "You!" Earth was no longer here, she was back in the world of heaven, facing the one who had planted the seed of betrayal that had ended with her incarceration here.

    She charged. In this state she was all claws and screams, not giving a damn about anything but destroying this phantom of her past. It was unlikely that she would resort to any real fighting, it was all mad bluster, to be honest, but to her it felt real. Alienor went for the mans face with her nails, wanting to carve his face off. It was perhaps more brutal than was strictly necessary, but since when did propriety ever stop a madman?
  7. It took him a moment to realize that she was attacking him. He let out a weak half scream and turned to run away. Had she figured out he was an angel? Or maybe she thought him to be a demon? Either way, he knew he had to run, and forced his legs to move faster and harder. If he weren't on earth, he would've taken to the skies with his majestic golden wings. But this was not heaven, this place was not even Hell. It was worse than both of them. Here, Cesare was powerless. He breathed heavily, almost as if he were panting. As he turned a sharp corner, his shoulder rammed into a wall. Clumbsy, clumbsy... he thought to himself feeling his skin tear.
    He looked back to see if he was still being chased and met eye to eye with what almost looked to him like evil incarnate. Alienor was closing in on him.
  8. Gabrielle watched from above with her light blue eyes wavering at the sudden attack and now chase. Weapons banned or not, she never left without her reversed blade sword. She took a soft breath inward. She needed to intervene, and she couldn't wait once she saw how angry other woman was. She jumped from above, landing elegantly near the running male. She stepped right between the two, as soon as he passed her. She wasted no time in drawing her reversed blade and held in a defensive stance.

    "I'm going to need to ask you to stand down!" She tells the woman, voice quite loud and intimidating. Protect all, the motto she would keep until her last dying breath.
  9. Cesare fell to the ground as Gabrielle landed behind him. She couldn't have arrived at a better moment. Her blue eyes shimmered in the night, just like his fiance's had. Though, he couldn't really call her that anymore. They had been seperated for years. Still, it was strange that this strange bladed woman could look so similar to her. Cesare struggled to stand, wanting to help, but realizing there was nothing he could do. He needed to find a weapon, and quick. He couldn't allow this beautiful stranger to get injured on his behalf.

    He dashed toward a small pile of sticks in the road. It'll have to do, he thought, and picked it up without hesitation. He stood beside Gabrielle, ready to help her if the moment arose. He couldn't help but notice that his hands had begun shaking. Moments later, he finally realized his arm had begun bleeding profusely. He shook it off, and stood his ground on shaking ankles.
  10. Auzen was walking around the earth realm as he does on any given day, no longer being needed in heaven nor having duties on earth he preferred to spend his time here among the humans. He would wander amongst the masses observing the pieces of their lives they brought with them into public. Listening to the random excerpts of conversations that met his ears, speculating on the context of each. People watching was one of Auzen's favorite pass times. He did so in between helping lost souls to their portals. He may no longer serve a purpose in the ranks of Angels, but he could not sit around doing nothing, guiding the dead to beyond is the only thing he's ever known. He takes it upon himself to wander about, and seeing a wandering soul, guide the soul to it's proper portal. He would simply deliver the soul personally to it's destination, but this was no longer a part of the system and he would be punished in some dramatic way should he do such a thing that is against Angelic decree.
  11. Oni sat above the rooftops watching the angels quarrel, when suddenly his eyes locked on Auzen. He looked so familiar to Oni. His tale would have been twitching if it carried over from realm to realm, but instead he sat quietly, letting his eyes zoom in and out on the man. The power he had to view all underneath him was one he used often to his advantage; and usually to the disadvantage of others. For some reason, though, this was different. He couldn't get a good look at Auzen's face. Curiousity overcame the childlike part of him, and he leapt down to creep closer, feeling the need to find out what was so familiar about this angel.
  12. After a while of wandering, Auzen got the feeling that he was being watched, He didn't bother searching around for the source of this discomfort. He often felt that he was being watched because, well, he often was. Either by sexually attracted humans around him, confused spirits, other angels curious at to what exactly he was doing, or whatever else. He almost could never shake said feeling. He walks into a nearby coffee shop and sits down at the bar. The woman handed him a menu but he waved it away. "That is alright, thank you. I would like a grande cafe mocha with a shot of caramel and one of espresso please." She placing the menu back with the others. 'As usual, coming right up Gene' the woman said with a smile.
  13. Gabrielle just glances at him barely, processing his damage. It was nothing to serious, as long as she was able to knock the woman out and escape with him. She would be able to treat it but she couldn't just turn to him now and fix him up. "You don't need to pick up a weapon." She told him, though she admire his courage to come and help her fight, even after being wounded.
  14. Oni followed Auzen into the coffee shop and sat down at a table nearby, trying not to appear as if he were staring. Did I banish someone in his family? he wondered. Or kill someone in his family? He couldn't answer either question. When the waitress came over to take his order he answered in a rude manner, "I won't be staying long," and shooting her a glare that could kill.


    Cesare knew he could handle the situation. He was hurt, but he had fought through worse. "Don't worry, I'm trained for this kind of thing," he said to Gabrielle, sounding a bit unnerved. He held the stick in his hands like it was the sharpest weapon ever created, just like a professional. He felt a bit embarrassed having to fight in front of what he thought was just a strange human girl.
  15. The waitress returned to the counter mumbling about some asshole. Auzen peered slightly over hi shoulder at the man she was referring to and scoffed, he looked forward, shaking his head as the woman came back to him with his coffee. He smiled with a curt nod. "Thanks Lucy" He said as he flipped out some cash and handed her the bill with a generous tip as usual. She took the money and smiled. 'Any time Gene.' He stood with his coffee and walked out of the coffee shop. He quickly turned around the corner of the building and walked through a plane of golden white light that swallowed him and disappeared. Walking through this, Auzen made his way over to the edge of the mall roof in the downtown area some twenty miles away. He sat down with his coffee and sighed as he looked out over the scrambling shoppers coming and going from their pointless pursuit of products. He sipped from his coffee and laid back, gazing up at the clouds, just happy he could drink his coffee in peace.
  16. Angie sighed heavily as she wiped the back of her hand against her damp forehead. "Damn this thing!" She spat as she pulled her wrench away from the boiler. It was broken again and Angie was stuck trying to fix it. No one else was really around the house, and despite having the money she really didn't want to pay it out for something she swore was 'easy'. Though looking back on it the idea, it probably wasn't as simple as yahoo answers made it sound. "Any luck Ang!?" She heard a voice call out from up the stairs and she sighed softly "Nope... this sucks." She dropped her wrench and pushed herself up from the ground slowly, being careful not to get up to fast in the heat and become dizzy. She shook her head while she stood there looking at the over heating boiler and clicked her tongue against her teeth. It was time to give in and call a repair person.

    AS she made her way up the stairs she was greeted with a few familiar faces. "Hey all." She called out and waved slightly. A few waved and some nodded, they didn't seem too angry about the boiler situation, but then again most people wouldn't complain about stuff like that to Angie. She smiled at them and brushed a few strands of hair of her bright red hair out of her face. "Sorry guys... nothing I could do about the boiler. Looks like I'm gunna have to call in for help." Mostly everyone voiced their sympathies, though no one really offered to help, and it made Angie feel a bit better at least no one was really upset with her. She smiled at them reassuringly before turning towards the phone. It was a brief phone call, and as Angie hung up everyone seemed to lean in interested in what was going on.
    She sighed and ran her fingers through the front of her hair as she turned to face the group. "Well... the good news is... it'll be fixed. Bad news is... It wont be fixed till tomorrow." They all seemed to sighed in disappointment and Angie tilted her head down she felt bad about the situation but really there was nothing she could do about it. "I'm sorry everyone."
  17. Ruins of Moscow had become his place of refuge and it had grown dreadfully boring. Rumors had begun to spread about a bounty on his head in the cities of Hell, and what better way to intrigue him? He’d contemplated moving back to Lost Salem. However, that wasn’t the other piece of juicy gossip he’d come across, another was of a war. While the idea of playing cat and mouse with those who wanted his head aroused him, he had a war to take pleasure in, angels to destroy. There would be bloodshed, betrayal, murder, and what better way to [i[heal[/i] the hurt than tempt them into lust and sex and then suck on that warm, soft flesh until hot blood spilled out. The very notion had him eager, had him leaving the ruins. Through flames and a pool of sticky burgundy red, he arrived on earth—before Raev knew it he’d left his refuge in hell behind.

    This would be his home for a while, and it already appeared that earth was riddled with action. In human form, his light mahogany skin turned to an almond brown and his wings and horns melted into tattoos that adorned his upper body and back. He also wore clothes; tight T-shirt that zipped up, loose plant-splattered tie, tight ripped jeans, boots and jewelry strewn across his neck, chest and wrists.

    First things first, it was time to start trouble, and instigating sin was one of his many aspired talents. As he walked what seemed an ordinary street he allowed his aura of lust and despair and hatred to tickle the senses of the humans around him, tingling the notion of their darkest desires. Some were always more susceptible than others. So much undisclosed sinful thoughts… this was going to be fun. And that’s when he spotted a coffee shop. The scent caught him dead in his tracks and he tilted his head, hair swaying to one side. It had been a while. The taste of human concoctions could prove tasty. He ordered himself something called an Espresso and wandered back to the streets, stirring up darkness in every person he passed…
  18. It turned out that the intervention of another was just what Alienor needed to snap her out of her delusion. The small woman came to a halt almost abruptly as she had begun, her head snapping to the side as if someone had delivered an almighty slap. She remained in this stricken pose for almost a minute, grey eyes wide as saucers, lips parted in a state of
    shock. Even her breath seemed to stop for a time, although of course if anyone had thought to look closely, they would have seen her chest rising and falling ever so slightly. This living statue was an odd sight indeed, though thankfully it did come back to life in a fit and start, eventually relaxing back into a more usual human shape.

    "What...I" She was shocked, to say the least. Her vision of the past had been so real, her mind so involved in the mental picture that suddenly finding herself back here was more than a surprise. Eventually her eyes settled on the two just ahead of her, the two who seemed to be somewhat aggressive, and as far as Alienor could tell, for no apparent reason. She put up her fists in defence, not that they were all that much good against a swordswoman. "What the hell do you want?" She growled, on the defensive now.
  19. Oni followed Auzen careful to keep him unaware that he was nearby. He saw him enter a portal, and copied his movements closely. He managed to do the same. Upon entering the portal he discovered he was on a roof of sorts. When Auzen finally came to rest, Oni finally spoke up. "You, angel." He would later regret letting his curiousity overtake him. "Who are you?" He was just far enough in the darkness behind Auzen that many of his features were blurred. He had a strained look about him. He still couldn't force his eyes to focus on the man's face. "Or are you a demon?"


    Cesare's mouth dropped in shock. Alienor's personality did a 360 in only a matter of moments. He lowered the stick. "You attacked us!" He was still on guard, but no longer felt that the woman was a threat. He felt a soft growl in the back of his throat.
  20. "Lies!" Alienor growled indignantly. This guy put her back up, although it was accurate to say that in just a moment she might be finding him to be the most wonderful person that ever lived. Luckily, for the time being her mood seemed relatively stable, and so there wasn't too much to worry about. "I don't know what you want, but I'm not falling for your tricks." As far as Alienor was concerned, she'd just appeared here - though for some reason she hadn't thought to question that.