The Politics of Demons and Angels.

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  1. Politics
    In the realm of the angels, the stories behind their king and queen are not any more sacred than those of the humans they consider lowly. Once upon a time, on a night so lovely, the Queen and King gave birth to a beautiful child with hair as blue as a bluebirds wings and eyes as pure as snow; his name was Boss. Only a few years after, peace was destroyed between the King and Queen when the Queen gave birth to a Terror; a child of a demon and an angel.As much as the poor queen tried, she could not keep this being out of spectators eyes, and to her horror, she was found out only a year after his birth. Outraged, the other angels raided the kingdom and tore from both of their children every trace that they had once been angels before throwing them down into the depths of Hell. Only days later, the Queen and King were found murdered in their own kitchen, without a trace of the perpetrator. Now, years after their hideous murders, a new King is in power. His name is Xioh, and while he appears like an angel, he hides a dark past in those bright eyes of his. Xioh started a war with the demons, who up until this point had kept quiet and accepted their fate as the ones considered less than the angels. Something in the demons seemed to have changed. They felt just as entitled to earth's creatures as the angel's; a feeling they had never felt before.
    This world is one of conspiracy and death around every corner.
    Which side will you choose?

    Cities in Hell of Importance
    New Kyoto - Home to this age's samurai. The demon's who dwell here wear traditional Japanese clothing and most weild weaponry everywhere they go.
    City of Dead Voices -This is where the beasts of Hell live. The beings here are humanoid, but they all have animal qualities; some more overbearing than others.
    Ruins of Moscow - Afrozen place filled with civil war and a dark past. Demons of all races call this place home.
    Lost Salem - This is the religious center for demons. Interestingly enough, there are many different religions in Hell, just like those on earth. Not many live here, other than monks and older people seeking solace.
    Bankor - A quiet town where not much occurs. This is where the King and Queen of Hell would live if there were any, but currently the unwed Queen has gone missing.

    Cities in Heaven of Importance
    Valhalla - A center of vikings, pirates, and other criminals of Heaven.
    Shangra La -The city that the King of Heaven calls his home. The city is very split on whether Xioh is a truly fit ruler, and it has been subject to civil war as of late.
    Shamayim - Home to the greats of Heaven. A sort of retirement place for those who previously led others in many different positions, most commonly in the military.
    Solom - The religious center for angels, similar to Lost Salem. The monks and elderly of the angels live here.
    Samsara - This is where the mythical beast of Heaven live. From those with seven or eight wings, to beings like sphinxes and fairies.

    Angels - Generally humanoid creatures with large wings. They are not immortal and just as easy to injur as a human, but they have stronger powers than the demons, and many of them have the ability to bend light. They have very pale skin and light colored eyes, in most cases, though not all.
    Demons - Tan skinned beings with sharp teeth and crazy eyes that each harbor a unique power. All of the demons powers revolve around how their eyes look and often involve getting another being to stare into their eyes and then asserting some sort of control over them, however there are also demons with much stronger abilities as well. Demons are not immortal, but much more resilient and harder to injur than angels.

    Our story begins on earth, where the angels and demons have starting warring like the humans do, through mass violence and murder. The fate of the humans is in your hands. You have some decisions to make.

    Who areyou?
    Name -
    Age -
    Race - (human, angel, demon)
    Home city - (not only limited to the major cities. Just remember heaven's cities are based on mythological havens and hell's are based on real cities on earth)
    Personality description -
    Phyisical appearance - (remember that on earth, all demons and angels look human)
    Backstory -
    Who's side are you on? - (angel's, demon's, neutral)

    Every choice you make will have an impact for better or worse.
    We'll be waiting for you.

    -post your sign ups in the descrption, you are not limited to only one character, make as many as you want. Be creative and think outside of the box.
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    My (first) character!

    Name - Cesare
    Age - 19
    Race - Angel
    Home city - Valhalla
    Personality description - Warm, kindhearted spirit. He likes other people, and he likes them to like him as well. He can be a bit sarcastic and sometimes comes off as cold, but he never means any harm by what he says.
    Phyisical appearance - He has pale white skin and golden wings, as well as golden hair. He has icy blue eyes, and his lips shimmer with gold due to an odd family trait he got from his mother. He wears a kimono around unless he's on earth, then he wears tacky clothes that he thinks are normal, but actually only make him stick out more.
    Backstory - He used to be a pirate in Valhalla, but was forced into Hell during a blood moon and became part of the community in New Kyoto. He lives with a group of eight samurai, and has since taken up fighting with a katana. He previously faced a lot of racism in Hell, but is now considered family to those who know him. The only thing he regrets about leaving Heaven is that he left his fiance behind. He hopes to find her and bring her back with him someday.
    Who's side are you on? - Demon's
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    I'll be joining. I just need to think up a character for meself.
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    Let me know if you want me to change anything.

    Name - Alienor
    Age - 23
    Race - Angel
    Home city -
    Personality description - Generally melancholy, though this cometimes drifts towards mania depending on who surrounds her. Usually her emotions are dominated by the feelings of those around her, although on occassion she experiences bouts of clarity. Her anger at the plight of humans (and other races) is pretty consuming, and so little time is left to feel much else.
    Phyisical appearance -
    [​IMG]Dark feathered wings (black/purple) that were clipped due to her insubordination. Grey eyes. Quite petite.
    Backstory - Alienor took it upon herself to watch over any humans suffering from mental illness, often absorbing their madness - meddling beyond her station. Due to this, she was unceremoniously kicked out of Heaven, her wings clipped and much of her power stripped from her. She continues to do what she can for humans, but is much less in control of herself than she once was.
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    That sounds great, she sounds like an interesting character. :)
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    Name - Angelica "Angie" Lemmont
    Age - Twenty
    Race - Human
    Home city - Olympia, WA

    Personality description -
    Angie is usually pretty clam in her demeanor she almost never gets mad and even when she does her temper doesn't last long as she tends to forgive quite quickly. Because of this people see her as easy to walk all over, and usually she'll let people. For her it's easier to just be calm and not start a fight than deal with telling people to not use her and be so rude.

    She's generally sweet and kind to all those she meets, and offers her assistance any way she can. She tends to be naive though, and assumes most people aren't out to hurt her. She avoids most conflict which in turn can cause conflict. She often keeps her problems to herself and not wanting to "be a bother" or "hurt someone's feelings".

    Physical appearance -
    Show Spoiler

    Backstory -
    Angie grew up with two loving yet over protective Christian parents her every move was basically watched by her parents to make sure she grew up righteous. As a teenager this made things very difficult for her and she began to resent her over protective parents and their life style. When Angie was seventeen, while on her way with her parents to church, a reckless speeding driver ran a red light and smashed right into the car she and her parents were in. Both of her parents were killed instantly, and Angie was put in a coma.

    After a year of debate on if she would ever come to Angie opened her eyes, and after months of physical therapy and rehabilitation she was able to function on her own. Angie seemed to have lost her faith after the coma blaming God and herself for the death of her parents. She claims she did not see heaven while in a coma, and could not understand if there was a heaven why she did not see it.

    She left her home town soon after her physical therapy was completed, and with the money from her parents life insurance she purchased a large mansion like home. Now a days she rents out many of the rooms, as a way to make friends, supplement her income, and make sure people have a roof over their heads. Lately, a lot the people she has been renting to have been causing her to worry. They seem to always be fighting other people, and some have even showed up with some serious wounds.

    Who's side are you on? - neutral


    hope the back story is ok, I was a little confused how to make it fit in with the whole Angel Demon thing. Lol. Sooooo I just guessed. :P Since I mean I'm guessing humans can't really see Angels and Demons as Angels and Demons so I'm pretty sure she'd just assume they were other humans just fighting and she really wouldn't get involved. She'd more just help out whoever she can. Lolol.

    Plus I wasn't exactly sure where most of the fighting would take place and I mean as a living human she wouldn't be in heaven or hell. And since in the plot this is suppose to take place on Earth... yeah... Well .... if you don't like it though I can always change it. ^_____^
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    It sounds good, very interesting too. It fits in with how heaven and hell work in this world as well, because they aren't entered simply through death, the spirit has to find it's way to a portal to one or the other. And to clarify one thing and help her fit in more, humans are able to enter heaven and hell, so there are possibilities she could end up getting dragged into one or the other. I'm interested to see how her story will play out as she finds out more about the world she was blind to.
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    ahhhh ok. Yeah. Thank you clearing that up.
    I kinda had a feeling they could be brought to either place. But that humans can't go willingly.
    Soooo I had to figure out how to put her on Earth but still have her tie in with what's going on. xD
    YAYAYAY!! Glad you like her history though :DDD I was worried there for a bit. Lol.
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    Yes, humans are able to go to heaven and hell if they're touching an angel/demon when they enter a portal. Also, during what's called a 'blood moon' demons and angels can cross between all three dimensions freely, which is how my character Cesare got to Hell.
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    How many people should I wait for to join before making the roleplay thread?
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    Sorry I'm so late, making up a character sheet now lol
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    Damn, I was going to make an Angel character but... there are no demons yet so.... damn.... need demons if you're going to have a fight...
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    Definitely joining this! >w< I'll be posting my demon tonight! <33 The characters and story are awesome!
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    Name - Gabrielle
    Age - 23
    Race - Angel
    Home city - Solom
    Personality description - She is very righteous and always does what she thinks is the right thing. She is very cunning and for a angel she has a sharp tongue. She protects all; human, demon, and angel. She is againist violence but if she is protecting someone she will not faulter. She is caring and passionate, but can come off cruel and harsh. She has a beautiful angelic voice. She though never looks to happy. She has that hurt torn in her eyes.
    Phyisical appearance - Warrior_anime.jpg
    (White huge and beautiful silky wings when she is allowed to show them. And her eyes are a light blue.)
    Backstory - She was born in the city of Solom as her mother was visiting an elder for a blessing. Gabrielle was sworn to be a sacred child and was brought in to study and answer the prayers of young children as she was a young child herself. As she grew older, she fell in love with a high up Angel, Raphael. As love was forbidden for her, the more she craved it. She watched him from a distance. During this time she was to answer the prayer of a young woman, who craved the safety of a demon. She, herself, was confused. She did not know what to do. As such she went to Raphael to ask for help. He in return, told that she was seeking to help a demon. As Gabrielle did not want to lose her wings, she returned to Earth to hide from those who seeked to bring her back and take away her wings. She was labeled a fallen angel and was being chased for it. As she traveled around the world, she grew depressed with the dangers and the battles between all three races. She took it upon herself to protect and intervene in any battle, not caring if she had to sacrifice herself to do so.
    Who's side are you on? - (angel's, demon's, neutral) Neutral
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    I really like this character, she'll fit in very well with the story. She reminds me of my Cesare, being a fallen angel and all. :)
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    Whenever Philosophia and Nekomimist have their characters up, I think I'm going to open up the in character thread. :)
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    Name – Raev
    Age – 118
    Race – Demon
    Home city – Ruins of Moscow
    Personality – Cynical, forceful, playfully cruel, sadomasochist. He loves toying with people, creating drama, hate, pain and lust between humans and angels, even some other demons. Mean isn’t a word that does him justice, he’s plain and simple an @$$.
    If he were to have a title of a deadly sin it would be gluttony, not because he is over weight—he actually has the build of a warrior, tall, lean, cut—but because he has an appetite for everything: angels, humans, even demons. He also harbors no respect for other demons, and especially not humans or angels.
    One trait he has that isn’t demonic at all is the fact he isn’t a poor sport. He loves games, mostly ones of life or death, but if he is beaten he feels intrigued and agitated.
    He has a weakness for necks and boobs. And he's an absolute pain when he's 'blood drunk'.

    Physical appearance –
    In demonic form: He has smooth light mahogany skin, white bat-like wings and layered hair that falls to just above the middle of his back. His eyes are gold with a deep blue ring around the goat-like pupil.
    In human form – His skin is a cold, almond brown, his upper left body is adorned with a dark blue/black tattoo that represents his powers and he has skeletal wing tattoos on his back, however, his eyes remain the same, just with round pupils.

    Back story – Born of brimstone and the tortured souls of Asmodeus, Raev has made a name for himself in the world of demons, and not a good one for that matter. His lack of loyalty and hunger for his own has given him notoriety. He has actually been exiled from many cities in Hell. He is considered young to many.

    Unique Ablity – He is a demon of fate. (more info coming soon!)

    Side – Demons’

    I'll be sure to add more once I finish drawing him up. :3 And Gabrielle is epic, Bank! >w<
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    Awesome idea! I love it! I can't wait till he and Cesare meet, it'll be a story for the ages. :p
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    Name - Auzen
    Age - 28
    Race - Angel
    Home city - Purgatory
    Personality description - Auzen is predominantly Stoic. He is calm, cool, and collected. He can come off as harsh sometimes, that is because of his disregard for the feelings of others. His view of the world is in what is, the rest is petty.
    Phyisical appearance - Auzen (Human form is simply without wings)
    Backstory - Auzen is from Pugatory, a rather forgotten city of a dwindling breed of Angels. The office of the angels of Purgatory was once to deliver the souls of the dead to judgement and there after to their appointed afterlife. Though ever since the portals were formed, their necessity was rather lost. Since he was a child he had served this purpose. Though after the portals he lost his esteemed social status and became nothing more than a third class citizen of heaven. He has spent his newly found free time training his mind and body for combat as, being able to travel between realms, a war was evident on the horizon.
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    Thank you! >w< I have a feeling it's going to be quite fun! =D

    Auzen is awesome, Philo! :3 Can't wait to have Raev meet him!