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  1. +Basic forum rules and common sense apply...
    ++To be edited in the future...
    ++++No primary knowledge of the games/anime are required

    Welcome to the Pokemon Ranger Association! I can assume you're here because you received the boat ticket, correct? The Pokemon Ranger Association (or simply PRA) is international, so if we had our headquarters in only one region, that wouldn't exactly be fair, would it? Wondering where you are now? Well, you're at the PRA HQ! We're based on a special nature preserve that very few researchers are able to visit! There are tons of cool wild pokemon to be found here in the Nature Preserve, but we called you all here for a different reason.

    Your applications to be pokemon rangers have been accepted! We've carefully inspected each and every one of them, and most applications didn't make the cut. What's that? Why do we need more recruits? Well, in addition to the normal criminal activity worldwide, there have been sightings of mythical pokemon! Intriguing isn't it? Some of our more experienced rangers have gone missing from missions to further locate the legendary pokemon, so it was necessary to find more youth to undergo training. (We're not just some second-rate operation, you know... we're here to save the world and stuff!) Though since you took all the time to fill out the application, please allow me to brief you on the basic rules of being a ranger.

    First of all, all rangers have ranks. Based on how experienced you are, you can be rank 1 to 10. Of course, you newbies are rank 0- the lowest rank, mind you! As Trainee Rangers, you'll have to accept the dirty and tedious, mindless jobs until you're able to take an exam to earn a promotion. In addition, you're not allowed to have a partner pokemon yet. Don't worry, though! That used stylus we provided you with will do you just fine to temporarily befriend weak wild pokemon. Plus, once you take your first mission, we'll give you a pokemon egg to carry around! Cool, eh?

    As far as the pokemon egg goes, no you cannot choose what pokemon you get. This will be your partner for your entire career, so once it hatches you're encouraged to name it and be as nice as you can to him or her. ((However, I will allow you to choose the TYPE the egg will be...))

    Next, all rangers work in groups called squads. Depending on our haul of recruits, squads may be anywhere from 2-4 people. The captain of a squad, chosen by a senior ranger, will have some authority, but will also have full responsibility for the squad's mistakes. (Sounds like a double-edged sword to me...) Squads that have similar average ranks are known to often have friendly (or not-so-friendly) rivalries with one another. In addition, just to make everyone a bit more competitive, squads that do better in their missions have more privileges. Likewise, squads that do worse... Well, you don't change or pick your squads, so you had best work something out!

    There are three types of pokemon rangers: help, hurt, or hunt. Once you become a rank 1 Rookie Ranger, you'll be allowed to declare your specialty. There are some missions and tools that only certain rangers can use! Help rangers specialize in rescues, escorts, assistance, and the like. Hurt rangers specialize in taking down the baddies, human and pokemon alike. Hunt rangers are expert trackers- they're hired to recover people, rare artifacts, and just about anything else!

    While here at HQ, you live in a structure known as a bungalow with your squad members. Don't worry, everyone will get their own rooms! The PRA is actually quite wealthy... Since you are all new recruits, you'll all be Trainee Rangers, making you the bottom-feeders of the Mission Board.

    The Mission Board is updated regularly, and will have a detailed description of exactly what the client needs you to do. Since we are a primarily good organization, we don't take damage or assassination requests, nor do we take thievery or other dishonest quests. ((However, you can take one of those secretly via the Dark Mission Board... but be warned if you are caught, your ranger license could be stripped from you!

    Hm... I think that just about covers everything you need to know about life here at the PRA HQ! Remember, there is more to pokemon than most trainers realize...

    Rules (open)

    *No power playing or godmodding.
    *When using the capture styler, end the post without us knowing if you caught it or not- to keep things fair I'll okay it. An exception to this would be if you had several posts leading up to it, and let me approve it.
    *High casual spelling, grammar, and punctuation is expected.
    *There is one posting rule: Wait for at least two posts after yours before posting again. Other than that, you are encouraged to post frequently.
    *Missions will be done via Collab Posts.
    *NPCs will be controlled by GMs, though minor ones can be used by the players.
    *If you are gone or haven't posted in three days, you may be removed from the roleplay. However, if you alert us beforehand, this can be prevented.

    Please Pick up your Application Here... *This is the CS... If you want to get ahead, go ahead and fill this out. Answer in first person, as if they're actually filling out an application. This will also help me gauge if you're suitable for the high casual standards of the roleplay, so hit hard on the grammar and stuff! ;3 No single section should be longer than a paragraph. If it is, you're doing something wrong.
    Application Sheet (open)


    Age: *Somewhere between 14-20*


    Hometown: *If you can, make it a canon town, or at least in a canon region.*

    How would you describe yourself? *Personality... No need to get too long here. Everyone has flaws, so keep that in mind. Try to make your character as real as you can... Mary Sues and Gary Sues will be asked to be rewritten.*

    Why do you want to be a ranger? *So this is two things: their motivation and a bit of their bio. Do they want to be ranger for the fame? For the adventure? To give back? I know how fun secret pasts are, so this is for a bit of freedom there.*

    Do you want to Help, Hurt, or Hunt? *So we have an idea of what your character wants to do after passing their trainee exam. Does not have to be final...*

    Do you have any Special Skills? *Are you a natural leader? Do you have sharp natural instincts? Do you have a natural poker face? Explain!*

    What is your Favorite Type of Pokemon and why? This can easily be changed later.

    Anything else we need to know about you? Do you have some dark secret? A condition? Or perhaps you really like a certain type of pokemon? Explain.

    Important Events (open)

    None yet.

    Accepted Characters (open)

    Indicates death...

    NPCs (open)


    Annemarie Rouge: (Age 14) A young rank 1 ranger from Coumarine City, in the Kalos region. Clumsy and shy, she always seems to be tittering- be it with fear or the espresso she just drank. She stutters a lot, when she does try to be social. Notably, she has major confidence issues. Her partner pokemon is a Torkoal named Everett, and she's a help ranger. She is also one of four rangers responsible for assigning the first mission of the trainee rangers.

    Dante Isinglass: (Age 17) A cold and calculating rank 1 ranger, who is always striving to be the best. He also claims that he's seen Regigigas resting on the ground floor in a mysterious temple... He's from Sunnyshore city, and he's a hunt ranger. His partner is a short-tempered Bouffalant named Rexx. He is also one of four rangers responsible for assigning the first mission of the trainee rangers.

    Kyler Savage: (Age 19) From Dewford City in the Hoenn region, Kyler is a rank 2 ranger and seems to really like blaziken and fighting-type pokemon. His parents used to own a martial arts dojo, so he's used to fighting with his bare hands. He's not very friendly, and is only seen smiling during a fight. His partner pokemon is a Timburr named Chow. He is a hurt ranger. He is also one of four rangers responsible for assigning the first mission of the trainee rangers.


    Viva LaBelle: (age 16) Previously a part of the well-known singing group 'Aloha Azurill', Viva has given up the glamorous life to pursue a lifetime with her true passion-pokemon. Her partner is a Minccino named Starstream. She's also pretty modest about her previous career. She is a hunt ranger. She is also one of four rangers responsible for assigning the first mission of the trainee rangers.

    If you're interested, please click this :3
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  2. Best idea ever!!! I'll be making my character soon!
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  3. Thank you! I look forward to your help in bringing this world to life! :D
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    Serena Tskunio

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto Region

    How would you describe yourself? Serena is a hard worker and adores pokemon. Her loving attitude towards people makes her a loyal friend and an all around sweet person. Though her self esteem is very low and she is very sensitive. Her outgoing and bubbly attitude make her seem weak to some. She has a fiery personality and loves to argue with others. Though she is very serious when needed. Her flaws include talking to much, being stubborn and set in her ways, and trying to be a know it all.

    Why do you want to be a ranger? Serena is a die hard pokemon lover. Her Dad was a gym leader in Goldenrod City and he really inspired her to go off on her own and pursue her dreams and start her own adventure. She love adventures and wants to explore the world, while making a difference. Her grandparents were robbed by Team Rocket and ever since that very day Serena has vowed to stop Bad guys where ever she goes.

    Do you want to Help, Hurt, or Hunt? Serena is striving to be a Hurt Ranger, though sometimes she wants to be a Help Ranger. Her dreams to help the world be a safer place propel her to pursue being a Hurt Ranger.

    Do you have any Special Skills? Serena is a great actor and works great on a team She can lead when needed but she is a great team mate.

    What is your Favorite Type of Pokemon and why? Fire Types are Serena's guilty pleasure. They are full of life and are beautiful. Much like Serena.

    Anything else we need to know about you? Serena may seem like an open book but she is hiding a secret about her past.
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