The Plight of Karathorn

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  1. "A people on the verge of extinction, deemed too dangerous to the greater populace. The Kingdom of Varyllion, a prosperous kingdom, widely loved by the populace, has ordered that the people of Karathorn be extinguished from the lands of man. Called savages, barbarians, the Royal Guard took up arms and went on a massive genocide.
    In their attempts at self defense, it was only considered self-incrimination. There was no love for these people, who in ages past had been instrumental in saving the realm from darker powers. There was no pity as they cut down the children, the elderly. The people of Varyllion cheered as each village fell, believing their cause to be noble.
    All that stands in the final village of Remedir, the final stronghold that Karathorn has to cling to. Abandoned in this world, no allies to reach to, only enemies whose hate has taken them this close to being erased, they must find the courage to turn the tide, to show the world the wrongs that they have unknowingly created. Soon, they must act, or forever let the Plight of Karathorn go unnoticed."

    The Karathorn, a prideful, powerful people of berserkers, live an unsophisticated, rural lifestyle. Living off of the land, using only the resources around them and giving back to the environment, they are at peace with their surroundings. Their exposure to the elements has toughened them, and they take this toughness to heart, a common trait that unites them.

    The Varyllion are a people that are sophisticated, cultured, refined. Their cities are on the cutting edge, constantly expanding, continually intaking more of everything. Their cities sprawl, their buildings rise, and their people multiply. Each of their cities is a trading hub, and resources trade between them constantly. Their people are at ease, their cities surrounded by great walls, and even the lowest of classes have decent living conditions.

    These two people have coexisted for generations, and despite their cultural differences, have come together several times in the past to defeat various evils that have plagued the land. Lately though, their relations has drifted apart, with no need to unite in over 2 generations.

    Then, without warning, the Varyllions marched towards the people of Karathorn and began to cut them down. The Karathorn were outraged, and in utter disbelief, wondering what their affront was. But they received no logical response, other than the cold edge of a sword, or the blistering destruction of magic.

    The Varyllion Supreme Council had decided that the people of Karathorn were a "threat" to their society, with their barbaric lifestyle, and the fearsome power that came when their berserker blood was boiled. Using clever propaganda, they twisted the public opinion to suit their needs, and thus a genocide was born.

    The Karathorn, after the initial stun, tried to fight back. But raising a defense further damned them, and the public support for their demise increased, and the Varyllion army grew from a swell of volunteers. The Karathorn, having never had a population close to that of Varyllion, was unable to sustain any sort of defense for long, continually falling back until their final village of Remedir was all that remained. The final battle looms, with Varyllion amassing forces for the final blow. Is there any way to turn the tide?

    Karathorn are a dark skinned, dark haired people. Some may have tribal tattoos. Their use of magic is generally limited to one form, as their berserker form limits their compatibility with multiple styles. Their berserker blood either manifests as physical or magical power, but heightened senses are traits in both. Their pride in their people is great.

    If making a Karathorn profile, in the personality space, please note their personality before and after the Genocide. How were they before this atrocity, and how are they coping?

    Varyllion are fair to pale skinned, with light colored hair. They are a people of diverse skills, with most having at least a basic level of competence in magic, arms, etc. While they can't match the singular expertise that most of the Karathorn have, they make up for it with versatility. A note that I'd like to make is that most everyone of the Varyllion are supportive of the extermination of the Karathorn. Most don't know that they're being used by the Supreme Council, the government that holds the reigns of power in Varyllion, in order to fulfill their own agenda.

    Magic is performed by utilizing energy present in all things. It is done by taking it magic from the atmosphere, and then controlling it with magic energy from within. Doing this allows for the manipulation of that energy into various forms, such as fire, etc. Magic can be done alone, or in a group, however group magic, while stronger, takes a level of control and teamwork that generally can't be accomplished by random magic users. One can perform magic only as long as they have the energy required to manipulate it.

    That's the basic idea, I want to leave open the various forms it can take. Just keep what you're capable of doing in check, and stay away from things like time, as they are impressively difficult to keep away from godmodding.

    Bio Form:
    Karathorn or Varyllian:

    Brief History:

    Post often enough to keep things moving, preferably once or twice a week, as I think that's maintainable by most everyone.

    No Godmodding. Losses are just as important to the story and character development as victories. Every person has limits, including your character.

    Have fun!

    This is my first time running a role-play, so I will be leaning on you guys to help direct the story. I've set down the canvas, but it's up to us to paint the picture. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
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  2. Name: Shadow Cor

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Karathorn or Varyllian: Karathorn

    Occupation/Role: Magic User

    Appearance: Shadow has long, black hair and cold, ebony eyes. She always wears a black long sleeve shirt and black pants. She has a tattoo of a black wolf howling on her right cheek. All of the black she wears contradicts her pale skin and white teeth that have a slight sharpness to them.

    Personality: A warrior of the night, she is merciless towards the Varyllian. She is protective of her people, but the chaos of battle has stripped her of most of her softer feelings. Her focus is unwavering in the presence of death, and fearless in the face of her enemies. She doesn't talk much, but when she does, it is often straight to the point and/or rude.

    Brief History: She was once kind, happy, and in love with the world around her; that is, until she watched it burn. Her village was one of the first to be attacked, burned to the ground while her people slept in their beds. With an unusual case of insomnia, she had stayed awake, wandering to the river bank that laid far outside her village. No one had survived with the exception of herself and she had almost starved herself after fleeing the burned ruins of her home. A rogue berserker, a blacksmith, had saved her and taken her in. This is where she learned to fight, using her powers for destruction instead of wonder. Then she began to help evacuate the villages under siege until she eventually ended up at the last one.

    Talents/Abilities: Summoning and controlling of shadows/ darkness.
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  3. A berserker who is physical/weapon based would gain a large increase in physical stamina, strength, speed, etc. Any quality that would assist in hand to hand combat or weapon use is something that they're receive.

    A berserker who is magic based would instead gain a huge boost in magical stamina and power than in their normal form. However, despite drawing in more power, there's no time lost in casting them like there normally would.

    Both types gain an increase in awareness and reaction speed. Also, berserker mode can generally only be activated by high emotions. Also some sort of physical change is noticeable in them as well, indicating that they've currently gone berserk. Does that answer everything?
  4. MWAHAHAHAHA. It's all coming together....
  5. Name: Mardi Frisiertisch
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Karathorn or Varyllian: Varylliam
    Occupation/Role: Courier / seamstress

    Personality: She grew up in a rich family, and always got what she wanted. She's spoiled, stubborn, and doesn't respond well to authority. She generally does what she wants, and it's gotten her in trouble before. However, she doesn't have much of a guilty conscience, and doesn't learn from her mistakes very well. She is far from perfect, but does have some good qualities. She is good at making and managing money, she's a good leader, and very resourceful and clever. Problem-solving, critical thinking, and innovention are three things she excells at.
    Brief History: Both of her parents worked busy jobs, and she was used to being alone from a very young age. She was educated by tutors her parents hired, as her parents were very wealthy. When she was fifteen, she began designing clothes and doing very rudimentary sewing, like blankets and pillows. From there, her career took off, and now she runs her own clothing business in Veryllion. When it comes to the Karathorn, she believes that they are barbaric and uneducated, comparable to cavemen, and that they are only a threat to society. In a way, she also pities them for the terrible lifestyle they live, and maybe if they weren't, in her own words, dangerous, morale-less, ruthless and violent, she'd go as far to say that she felt sorry for them. She doesn't see through the Varyllion government brainwashing whatsoever.
  6. Name: Bjorn Aviira
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Karathorn or Varyllian: Varyllian
    Occupation/Role: Ronin ( Independent Swordfighter. )
    Personality: Bjorn is quiet for one of his race. Although he is slightly against slaughtering the other race, he is in it only for the coin, and will betray anyone when it comes to riches. He has no real hobbies other than swordplay, and he is a fine user of the katana at that. He hates authority, which is why he works as a mercenary, he can't stand being ordered around.

    - Master Swordsman
    - Speed
    - Climbing

    Brief History:
    Bjorn was born in the slums, growing up was the hardest times of his life. His parents worked long, and left him on the streets to fend for himself, and he got himself beaten by older kids a lot. It was soon that he found his first blade, a broken piece of glass. He had tore through flesh for the first time that day. Since then, things have went smoothly. He has made money, and has almost settled down.... Right after this final job.
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  7. So, looking back, I realize I didn't account a section for any sort of abilities. Given the use of combat and magic in this roleplay, it's rather important (shoves the new section into the bio skeleton.) So if the 3 of you could go back and add that section in, that'd be great, as it allows a neater way of representing what your character can do.

    Shadowheart, I've sent you a pm on a couple things for your profile.

    Otherwise, great to see some turnout, hopefully we can add a couple more new faces!
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  8. This sounds very interesting <3 I have a character that would be perfect as a Karathorn! Since I would like to really blend him for this role play my I ask about Karathorn society? Do they have soldiers? I'm assuming they do but I'd like to make sure before I just throw titles on my guy.
  9. Actually no, at least probably in the sense you're talking about. The Karathorn are very tribal, very much hunter/gatherer. So while in a war atmosphere they have people to fight as soldiers, that's not their sole job. Everyone does a little bit of everything for the greater good. This lifestyle has led to most all people, men and women, being self-sufficient. So in their case they don't really have a job.

    The only things that would be applicable is whether you held status. I haven't explained the hierarchy for them so here we go. I'm going to go with a Chieftain, who is in charge of the entire Karathorn people. Below that he has various advisers, and then each village would have their own chieftain that would report to the main. Each of those chieftains would have a couple people that would be their own advisers. Very simple hierarchy. Most of the populace contributes to the greater good, with decisions for the good of all made by a select few. So if you were hoping to be more rank and file, I suppose villager would be best, and not nearly as unimportant as it is with other people, especially when compared to the Varyllian, which has a much more defined power structure. I hope that clears things up a bit?
  10. That helps a lot! Thanks! Added a very rough sketch of my guy.


    Name: Zack Rashiro
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Karathorn or Varyllian: Karathorn
    Occupation/Role: Physical (no magic), Villager with combat experience
    Appearance: (See pic) 7'2" very muscular and stocky build, many battle scars, hair modestly grey, and never really smiles.
    Personality: Zack come off as gruff, angry, and insensitive. He chooses a 'kill it first, let other people ask questions later' approach to life. He's not the brightest Karathorn and thus has a short temper but what he lacks in intelligence he makes up to tenacity and refusal to back down. When his hard earned trust is won, one will gain a loyal and stead fast friend.

    Talents/Abilities: Zack is never with out his heavy great sword. He also has great strength and stamina.
    Brief History: Zack's fore fathers fought in the many wars that once allied the Karathorn and Varyllian. Instilling a great sense of pride, honor and loyalty in their sons along the way. He was taught to respect the Varyllian. Keeping with tradition he was trained to fight, even though the land was at peace, along his skills that he'd need to provide for his other tribe members. He became a skilled hunter to his tribe.

    Eventually he found a wife and together they had a daughter. And while it was a simple life, Zack always wished to fight along side the Varyllian in a great battle, just like his fore fathers. Never did he imagine that he'd one day cut down the very people he admired as a young man. After returning from a days hunt he found Varyllian men attacking his village. He fought with all his strength, but even for someone as powerful as Zack it wasn't enough. He couldn't save his village nor his wife who gave her life to protect their daughter. Now he does his best to fight back any Varyllian as he can so that his daughter will have a future.
  11. My profile! at least part of it, currently on the ship, so internet is shaky and I don't have a ton of time anyways.

    Name: Blaine Roheim
    Gender: Male
    Karathorn or Varyllian: Karathorn
    Occupation/Role: Fighter/Son of Main Chieftain
    Appearance: (Coming Soon)
    Before the unforseen attack by the Varyllion, Blaine was a hot-headed youth, who loved to cause trouble. Despite the fact that the ruler of the Karathorn was his father, he always felt the need to push his nose somewhere it didn't belong. He had caused stampedes countless times, burned down sections of crops, and stolen more freshly baked bread than what the others even suspected. Yet despite all of this, he was a good kid, and was fiercely loyal to his friends.

    However, now he is always angry, his smile gone, eyes staring off into space. He had retreated from his friends, the ones that still remained. There are days that you can hear him screaming into the wilderness, trying to cope with what's going on. But he can't, and his blind anger and hatred towards the Varyllian is truly dangerous. Most of the elders call for negotiations, of ways to stall for time. However, Blaine wants blood, and he wants it now.
    Talents/Abilities: He is a fire mage, and utilizes it in addition to hand to hand combat. He has no formal training, just the experience he has from fighting since he was little.
    Brief History: (Coming Soon)
  12. I haven't read anything, and would do something today, but work wore me out. I'll try to to better tomorrow, we'll see how work treats me.
  13. Hello, is this RP still active? Please let me know, thank you :)
  14. Err, hopefully....
  15. Oky thanks for responding so fast. I'll leave it here for you then, GL in you RPs :)
  16. I regret to inform you that it seems I'll be unable to be active enough to start and manage this roleplay. I apologize to all involved that made a profile for this. If someone wishes to take over this idea and thread, they have my full approval to take the groundwork for this idea and run with it. Once again, sorry for having not gotten to this sooner, but work has kept me busy and it's slipped my mind.
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