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  1. A very rough sketch, literally spat this out on notepad in a couple minutes, but it sums up ideas that I've had for a while.

    "A people on the verge of extinction, deemed too dangerous to the greater populace. The Kingdom of Varyllion, a prosperous kingdom, widely loved by the populace, has ordered that the people of Karathorn be extinguished from the lands of man. Called savages, barbarians, the Royal Guard took up arms and went on a massive genocide.

    In their attempts at self defense, it was only considered self-incrimination. There was no love for these people, who in ages past had been instrumental in saving the realm from darker powers. There was no pity as they cut down the children, the elderly. The people of Varyllion cheered as each village fell, believing their cause to be noble.

    All that stands in the final village of Remedir, the final stronghold that Karathorn has to cling to. Abandoned in this world, no allies to reach to, only enemies whose hate has taken them this close to being erased, they must find the courage to turn the tide, to show the world the wrongs that they have unknowingly created. Soon, they must act, or forever let the Plight of Karathorn go unnoticed."

    I'm thinking very typical fantasy: mixture of medieval weaponry and magic. The people of Karathorn are a people of Berserkers, which leads to either physical or magical variety. However, if magic, they can only wield one form, albeit with deadly efficiency. Would love help fleshing it out and hopefully eventually playing it out ^^
  2. I really like the idea! ;D I'd love to take part in it, if you create it, and/or help you flesh it out a bit more. ^^
  3. Aaaaaah, I WANNA PLAY, TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Maybe you could have a group of elites in the last village, kind of like the last hope. Some can even be survivors from other villages, some could have helped evacuate villages under seige.
  5. I've been working on the details in order to start the roleplay, hopefully I'll have it up in a couple days ^^ Thanks to Zenophilia to helping out!
  6. Awwwwwwww, I'm impatient........................................
  7. I'm joining! Joining, I say!
  8. I was here second, pal!
  9. Link? LINK? LIIIINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *loads shotgun* I'm going ooc hunting.
  10. Hey, if I am Karathorn and if I use magic, am I limited to magic alone with no fighting abilities?
  11. If you were to use both, then you wouldn't be good in either as a result as opposed to someone who only uses one. In addition, your berserker energy would split the bonus evenly. I didn't think about it much to be fair, just be careful not too overdo it.
  12. Hmmm, it's a hard choice.