The Player Removal Game

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  1. In one sentence or less, say something that would make your dm/gm remove you from their game.

    "I was thinking of making a character like Sephiroth, but in the form of a little girl."
  2. Can I do one of the things on the Mr. Welch list?
  3. Sir, can I make Jesus descend from heaven, one hit KO the boss, then join our adventuring party?
  4. i no u sed no txt sp33k, but dis is totes awsum lol y u not approve mai charrie yet??? bitch.
  5. Can I play a Kobold? :3

    I can make him an Artificer, specialize in making magic items for cheap and call him Stam Sal.
  6. He wields the powers of the demon kingdom. He's three million years old but looks fourteen.
  7. Yes, I was thinking of playing a Half-demon technomancer who crawled out of a sewer in New York.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.