The Planets.

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  1. T H E P L A N E T S



    Each planet hosts life and one leader. They currently live in harmony across the Solar System. Technology varies from styles of the Ancients to the distant future. Space is at Peace.
    Each Planet is unique in style and personality, some get along, some don't. But, it hasn't stopped the centuries of peace! Or has it?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    The Solar System was happily at peace. After years of war, the planets finally agreed to Venus's idea of peace and they ended the conflict. But the tension was always still there. Uranus - The Magician kept pulling tricks on Mars, and it had gotten all too much. Mars had called for war against Uranus. The two had always been at each others necks - Uranus finding joy in confusing the Martian leader. Now, their conflict had brought in even more of the planets.
    The planets must make alliances, fight in the sky and on the planets.
    Who will fight? Who will win? Can there ever truly be peace for the Solar System?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    - Iwaku Rules Apply.
    - Please don't over-power your character/species/Planet. Give them flaws!
    - Again said, be creative! Give the Planet something unique. Get inspiration from wherever!
    - Use the music tagged for inspiration.
    - Even if characters dislike eachother, please be kind to each other in the OOC!
    - Romance could be possible, but keep it PG - 13.
    - Go violent! Just, don't get too graphic.
    - Post once a day or once every 5 days. If you're gonna be gone for a long time, tell me!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    1. Mars, the Bringer of War - King
    2. Venus, the Bringer of Peace - Dramma
    3. Mercury, the Winged Messenger - Amai Kyuti
    4. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity - Shattered♦Secrets™
    5. Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age - Steelmoon
    6. Uranus, the Magician - Zelda
    7. Neptune, the Mystic - Kimsim12

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Name of Planet:
    Name of Species:
    Appearance: [Please use artwork or something semi-realistic. Go crazy with it though, as long as it's something human.]
    Age: [What age does the character look?]
    Personality: [For Inspiration, check out your planets soundtrack. Try to relate it to that!]
    Residence: [What does their home look like on their planet?]

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  2. MARS:

    Name of Planet:
    Mars - Bringer of War.

    Name of Species:

    Mars is a 6ft4 Male. He is very fit and is in shape. His shoulders are broad and he has long legs. His hair is deep brown, but it's usually covered by his helmet. His eyes are deep hazel.
    Mars dresses like an Ancient Roman and adopts the look for battle too.
    He has a very scowly face and he never nearly looks happy, with thin wrinkles appearing.


    || Hot-Headed || Aggressive || Brave || Loyal || Angry ||
    Mars is called the Bringer of War for a reason. His appearance is one of a Roman General, along with his home planet. This leader is a loud and aggressive one. He believes he is the best leader and loves to battle. He's quick to jump to violence and isn't afraid to pull the sword on anybody. He would defend his planet to the end and isn't afraid to call out other planets.
    Around his followers, Mars tries to be a good leader and succeeds in persuading them all into battle with him.
    However, his aggressiveness becomes a flaw. He doesn't get along with any planet that is too peaceful and if the others side with them, he is easily overthrown.

    Mars is the Red Planet, the buildings are Roman styled and there are baths and pillars everywhere. The Martians live a life of preparing for battle and living in wait for Mars to declare war once again.
    The air is dry and there is never a cold day on mars. It's mostly sand and plants are scarce.
    Mars lives in a giant home, Which is built in pure marble.


    - Mars likes to stay on his home planet, travelling to other planets feels like effort.
    - Despite acting like a tough guy all the time, Mars likes to be pampered.
    - His favourite colour is Red.
    - He is Bisexual.
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  3. May I take Mercury? And if I may, is there anything I should know or do I have freedom in creating him/her?
  4. Sure thing!

    You got total freedom! Check out Mercury's music and see what you get from it. But yeah, go wild!
  5. I might be interested in roleplaying Uranus! Either that or Neptune!
  6. Thank you!

    I definitely will, I love having a soundtrack for my writing. I should be posting my character in an hour or two!
  7. Okay so I got two different vibes from this music so I tried if you don't like it tell me and I can redo it.


    Name of Planet
    Venus, The Bringer of Peace

    Name of Species

    Venus is a taller women, standing at 6'3. She is extremely slim and usually mistake for being quite weak. Her black hair is cut a little past shoulder length and is wavy, not usually done in any sorta of fashion. Due to her equality of clothing on her planet she keeps the same way wearing a black dress and a necklace. Her face is seen as beautiful, with rose red lips and bright vivid green eyes.


    || Calm || Mysterious || Happy || Patient ||

    Venus isn't called The Bringer of Peace for nothing. She is a very patient person, allowing everything to take time to see how it goes. She listens to everyone's opinions on her planet and takes it into account while leading them. Venus is also calming, she is able to calm most people into stopping what they're doing to think about it. Although she is extremely mysterious no one really knows much about her, although this sparks rumors about her and what she does.

    With plants Venus knows how to talk with each planet to get rather on their good side. Although she has troubles with Mars due to her not wanting to fight. She is typically seen trying to solve rifts between plants and if any rifts are caused by her it is usually because she will refuse to fight.


    Venus lives upon Venus, obviously, it's mainly painted in neutral colors, black grays and whites to avoid anyone being jealous of another's house or anything. Clothes are black and white, and made plainly. Most people find this to be boring but everyone on Venus loves it, there are no fights and they're still allowed to have fun but there aren't groups of unequal people and everyone is equal.

    Venus herself lives in a house that is the same size but has a hidden underground lair. This is where everything important is kept and no one except Venus knows of this lair as she built it herself. She spends most of her time in the lair making it larger and filling important plans with it.



    Although Venus may not believe in fighting, her people are ready to defend themselves. They have weapons in one house which no one is allowed in. The only person with keys is Venus and it has basic weapons, pistols and some knives. It is not plentiful and is kept a secret from other planets but it is the last resort the Venus may have to come to a decision to open up.

    Venus also carries on her a small dagger, for protection in fear of people attacking. Although she may be peaceful everyone must be safe.

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  8. Aww, I was wanting to do Uranus. xD Do you mind if my planet is Uranus, since you also seemed interested in Neptune? (If not, it really is fine either way!)
  9. Actually, yes! I listened to the music, and I came up with an awesome idea for Neptune! You can have Uranus! XD
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  10. So @Zelda, you'd like Uranus?
    And @kimsim12 You'd like Neptune?

    Annnd @Dramma for Venus?

    Sure thing guys, I'll edit those in right now!

    Awesome! Same, I find music gives me the best ideas for characters c:
  11. I love the music so much--especially Neptune's. It's so mysterious. :D
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  12. Yes, please. c:
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  13. All done with my CS. I don't know if anythings wrong with it. If so please tell me! :)

    I'm also going to be working on my planet details later tonight!
  14. Gosh, it's really well done. I love it!
    Since her picture is a lil small, you could give her appearance a description. But besides that, Venus is definitely accepted!
  15. Name of Planet: Uranus
    Name of Species: Uranians
    [​IMG](I hope this is a good picture...)
    Age: 24
    Personality: While Uranus does have a quiet side, for the most part, she loves drama and knows how to make an entrance. She always picks on anybody who is too serious all the time (Mars being one of her favorites). She smiles most of her day and wants others to smile as well because, to her, the best leader is always the happiest leader and she takes great pride in her planet. While her intentions are normally innocent and she is very loyal, she tends to screw something up one way or another or provoke somebody. Because of her will to impress others and be dramatic, she knows how to mess with people's heads, use visual trickery, and do any sort of magic that can make things go her way. This ability is the main tactic that she and her citizens use to fight.
    Residence: The citizens live in homes made out of ice (which never melt due to the planet's naturally cold temperature) or in underground ice shelters. The planet is booming and busy despite it's feud with Mars, with many lakes, diamond rivers, ice and diamond castles, protection bases, and more. The colors blue, black, and gold are the most common. The best material to make structures out of is either ice or diamond.
    -Uranus mostly goes by the name "Ura" (urr-ah) by her citizens. "Uranus" is her formal name.
    -While she does have plenty of diamonds on her planet, in order to achieve those diamonds, they have to be taken out of a liquefied state, which is an insanely costly and time-consuming process. It takes 6-12 Earth months to be completely taken to a solid state, and even then, the diamonds are not the strongest material at that point. She wears diamonds on her overly-decorated outfit (again, she's dramatic), and the diamonds are in all of the silver areas. The black parts of her outfit are iron, painted to look like a shimmering black color.
    -She loves to visit other planets all the time and never likes to stay in one place for too long.

    Let me know if I need to change anything or even change all of it. I know the picture isn't that realistic, but when I saw it, it just felt like it would go perfectly with the dramatic-vibe that I was trying to create. I can try to find a different picture if you want me to.
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  16. Wow, you guys really are doing amazingly *u*

    Uranus is accepted!
    The picture is fine! It is semi-realistic after all c:
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  17. Neptune

    Name of Planet:
    Neptune the Mystic
    Name of Species:

    She stands at about 5'4" and seems very small and unimposing. She generally wears a cloak similar to the one pictured. Her colors consist of blues and purples. If you manage to see her eyes at some point, you'll notice they are as blue as the planet itself. Her hair is a very pale color. It looks almost white but not quite. She always hides it beneath her cloak.
    It varies among who's looking. Some believe her to look about 20, while others swear she looks no older than 12.
    No one knows much about Neptune. Rumors have spread for centuries. Some less educated people are not sure she even truly exists. When you meet her, she rarely speaks and, when she does, she speaks in very soft tones that you can only just hear. She observes rather than speaks, listening to others before putting in her own words. She is a very wise ruler and a fair one at that. She is not peaceful, but she is not war-like. She will protect her people at all costs. Those who come in contact with her would do well not to anger her.


    Beneath the blistering ice covering the surface of the planet lies the aquatic world that makes up Neptune. There, everyone lives in harmony. There is a strange balance between strife and peace. Mind you, they aren't truly living in water. A large bubble-like field surrounds their world, protecting them from intruders. Neptune's home is similar to that of the fabled Atlantis.
    No foreigners have been to Neptune in hundreds of years. Neptune herself rarely leaves her planet unless absolutely necessary. She keeps a watchful eye over the Solar System, ready to act when she needs to.
    The planet is well-stocked with weapons that vary from spears to tridents to pistols. Although they do not have a formal military, the people themselves are prepared for war at any moment.
    She's also pansexual.
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  18. Wow, I love her! Neptune is accepted!
  19. Thank you! I made a slight note about their military status at the bottom if you want to look at it! :D
  20. Yeah thats awesome!

    I really love how all the species are unique and everything has their own feel to it. I'm excited to see how the rest turn out :3