The planetary nexus: an rare ultraterrestrial phenomenon

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  1. Alright so here we have the RP that I promised to make as soon as I got home (granted it took much longer than I thought, stupid Chinese traffic jam took a while to get through) anyways first off: Character sheets, they'll go something like this (any customization's are fine by me)

    Name: York (last name unknown)

    Race: Hybrid (Crossbreed of a Forerunner and a human, from the halo universe, google them for more information :S this is kind of a fandom character)

    (Best matching picture I could find,this is just for basic reference, the other character I may add later won't have a picture, just a warning o-o) He has blue eyes, black flowing hair, and a gentle but hardened face.

    Powers/abilities and traits:

    - More bodily durability (mostly of the skeletal frame) due to cybernetic parts (more details later in the story)

    - Energy pool, this is what "fuels" most of his powers that are listed here, once completely drained, most of his powers are next to useless, with some rest however, he can recover the energy. Though the more the amount that he lost before he recovers, the longer the resting period will require for a full recovery (it can take up to a week if enough energy is used, only he never had the capacity to use that much energy yet)

    - Energy attacks: Through a variety of ways energy is expelled from his body primarily his hands (and don't think dirty about that :P) the most basics ones are energy beams/comet like projectiles that explode/burn (like a laser) on impact, the power drawn depends on the size, magnitude and strength of these things. These attacks are seldom used though, and are often for utility purposes (getting through obstacles, distracting enemies, repairing items, etc)

    - Energy boost: Power is drawn from his energy pool to boost his speed, strength and agility, the stronger the boost the more power is drained. This ability is indicated to be in use when his body begins to glow the color of his energy (usually blue) however excessive usage of this power leaves his body massively damaged, and his power completely drained

    - Cybernetic implants + eye: These components allow him to store and process more information at once, however if these "systems" are able to be tapped into (security protocols must be breached/overridden first) it can prove to be a dangerous problem, his cybernetic eye however acts sort of like a robotic scanner, identifying objects as threats, non-hostiles and providing other useful information from the data he already has, it also assists with collecting more data/information on unknown/not fully known things (often times they're other life forms)

    - Psycho-kinesis: With enough effort and concentration, he can lift, throw, and even prevent the motion of objects, however this drains large amounts of his energy since he isn't as experienced with this particular skill, and is unable to maintain influence on the object(s) he wants for too long (3 minutes was his longest so far)

    - Flood cure: when an ancient alien parasite of unknown origin known as the flood (again, from the halo universe, may wanna google it) emerged and attacked his race along with any other races which have come in contact with it and began overtaking them by using the information gathered from their victims (and the bodies and captured technology/weaponry of it's victims themselves) began an seemingly unstoppable onslaught, a cure was developed and tested, however it was found that it didn't only grant immunity to infection from the flood, some were killed by it, others maimed or disabled, but a rare few of his own race which it had been tested on gained access to some peculiar powers... The results have yet to be successfully replicated as of yet

    -(there's two more that will be revealed in the RP later, for the sake of the plot ;o)

    - Combat skin (the armor he's wearing in that image I gave) it provides an basic energy shield that deflects projectiles, but runs out of charge fast (recharging takes too long in a combat situation), the armor itself is made out of durable material but definitely not indestructible

    - Family sword; before the deaths of his parents, they left a sword with symbols carved into it, when York gained access to his powers, he realized he could channel energy through it, making it a powerful cutting tool (think light-saber) as well as a durable and surprisingly strong weapon (the strong alien alloys which make up the sword helps) The downside is that he is unable to maintain the energy within the sword for too long (3 minutes at the most) without leeching away his energy, not to mention in order to channel it properly, he needs to hold it with both of his hands.

    - Light rifle (click on the link to read all about it o-o another halo universe item) he can also channel energy through it creating a few unique attacks (more details in the RP)

    - Usually enough hard light pellets to fill his light rifle 2 times

    Personality traits: Kind, peaceful, tenacious, stubborn, and is sometimes prone to bursts of anger if the cards are played right. He's known for his selflessness and kindness, he prefers to resolve things in a peaceful manner rather than with a conflict (unless of course he's enraged)

    Back-story: During a routine slip-space jump (again halo universe content, you know the drill ;3) to travel to an outpost planet, he was ambushed by an flood infected ship which ended up attempting to enter the jump gate with him, and since he was unable to abort the jump, he simply scrambled up the co-ordinates with some quick thinking. Where the jump leads is where this story begins... (more will be revealed later, but since I'm making a video-game sorta based on this guy, I'll try not to spoil too much of the plot itself)

    If he's too OP for anyone's liking, I'll give him a major handicap (got that planned anyways) which will slowly be worked past over the course of the RP. Anyways I'll wait for the rest of the CS's before starting the actual RP (even after it starts, more can be added anytime, just don't overload the RP :P)
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  2. Kylara

    ((Her charrie avatar is in process of being made))
    Written Description
    Kylara is a short young woman, about 5"4. Her brunette hair runs just past her shoulders, and is often in a net of tangles due to the wind when flying. Often, when it gets too long, she just hacks it off with her kitchen scissors because it annoys her so. Her body frame is slim, very very skinny. When you see her you'd probably think she's anorexic, but she's not. Its because of the genetic modifications that was done to her.

    Kylara has wings. 18 foot wings. Her wings are dark brown, with some white speckles in them. Along with these wings she has grown some new muscles, and even some new bones. She has several muscles and bones in her back, where her wings are attached to support her back when she flies so that it doesn't snap in two. Furthermore, she has grown some new muscles in the front, making her a bit bulky looking. She's not the cutest looking woman, but she doesn't really care. Also, her bones are almost completely hollow to account for body weight. Even more, her heart races at twice the normal heart rate than a human to make sure she gets enough blood when she's flying, and therefore eats up 3 or 4 times the amount of calories. This means she needs lots of food, and no matter what amount she eats, she is still super skinny.
    Strengths and Weaknesses
    While the picture above doesn't show it, Kylara does have wings. She is able to fly. She can fly at supersonic speed, but not without bursting her eardrums for a time.

    Also, I'm going to have her grow into a new power. It's going to start really really small, but if she practices, she could become really powerful. This power is to control electricity. Well, electricity is the best word for it. It's not necessarily electricity. It's more of a pure energy. Not only will she be able to generate electric energy, she would also be able to manipulate the thermal energy. For example, say if she's outside a range of anything electrical, she could still generate it. It lives within her. If/When she gets strong enough, she may even be able to control the lightning. We'll see! :D
    Not only will she be able to manipulate electric energy, she would also be able to manipulate the thermal energy. She will be able to control the temperature at certain times.
    The problem with this power is, that it will seriously dehydrate Kylara. She needs lots of water to be able to use this power, if she doesn't...well let's not think about that.
    Like I said, this power will start out really really small, she won't even realize she has it at first. Slowly, she'll realize she's gained a new power, but she won't be able to control it. It would be spontaneous. Little by little, she would learn to control it, or how to use it would be more accurate.

    -She has to eat a boatload of food to be able to function, due to the amount of calories she burns.

    She was also taught how to defend herself, so she can and will fight if a situation calls for it.

    She has a slight ability of Telekenisis. She can lift and move things with her mind, but the weight is 60 pounds or less is her limit.

    Kylara really does have a kind heart, but after all she's been through, she doesn't know how to show it. She doesn't cry very often, it is extremely difficult to get this girl in tears. She speaks her mind, and works hard for what she wants. She doesn't trust as easily as she used to, as she's been manipuated more than once. She has a very soft spot for children.
    The rest will be RP'd

    Kylara spent the first five years of her life as a member of a happy family. Her mother, Regina, and her father, Malik, were both good parents. They raised Kylara, and her brother Alex, the best they could. She had a happy life, looking up to her parents. She went to a normal school, made friends, and just enjoyed life. She had a normal five years of life.

    Then it all changed.

    Kylara was kidnapped. On her way to school, a black van stopped suddenly and snatched her from the spot she stood. Before Kylara had a chance to struggle, or do anything she was taught to do in a situation like that, her kidnappers jammed a needle in her arm. Kylara struggled, but slowly she fell asleep. They had sedated her.

    The men took her to a facility. A facility that she was apparently chosen to be a candidate for. It wasn't government run, but private. Kylara's captors carried her unconscious body into a small room and placed her on the bed. Placing restraints on both her wrists and her ankles, the men left the room, the sound of a lock clicking.

    Kylara woke, unsure of where she was, and what had happened. As she opened her eyes, she saw she was in a strange room filled with lots of science stuff. Her eyes widened and she struggled to get up, but the restraints held her down. Screaming, Kylara threw herself against the restraints, using all the strength in her small body. It was then that the scientists entered.

    Kylara screamed even more, tears coming down her eyes. "Let me go! I want to go home!" Ignoring Kylara, the scientists proceeded to examine her, saying stuff such as "Subject is compatible for testing. Proceed as planned."

    All this terrified Kylara, and she started crying. They took her in a different room, and started to run experiments on her.

    For the next several years, Kylara was experimented on without consideration.

    They injected a portion of avian DNA into Kylara's bloodstream, just to see what it would do. And they made her do physical tests, mental test, all that stuff.

    The Avian DNA injected in her bloodstream took a few years to show effect. Kylara's body began to change slightly. She was forming new muscle, and even knew bones. This process took about a year to finish, and then something unthinkable happened. She grew a pair of wings. A full sized set of wings that would be able to carrie her body weight. Thus explaining the new muscle and bones in her spine.

    Both Kylara and the scientists were amazed. They quickly made her run tests, to see if she could actually fly. It took some time, but with lots of practice, Kylara had finally learned how to master the art of flying.

    While Kylara hated these scientists, this place, it was all she could remember. She didn't remember her parents, her brother, or anything of her old life. This, as much as she hated it, was her home. But one day, she got sick of it. She was about 13 when she decided that she wanted to escape. But once she had made this decision, she was approached by one of the scientists. This particular scientist, named Mark, was one who had been kind to Kylara. He was the only one he provided her with her physical needs, such as food and water. When he asked if she wanted to leave, Kylara eagerly said yes. With a smile, Mark snuck her out of the Facility and took her in as his own daughter and took her home.

    He taught her how to defend herself, how to fight, and how to survive. Kylara looked up to him as her own father. However, it wasn't going to be a forever deal. When Mark deemed her ready for the world, he told her he loved her, and left. Kylara was on her own, and has been ever since.
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  3. Yay! Now to wait for Prince's characters, hopefully he doesn't make the same mistake I did :p
  4. Prince the Badherhog (look at the link for more pics, they are 3 pages to this link)

    You'll learn more about him in the rp. If I post his real stats on here, they will be at risk for idea stealing. Sorry for being alittle paranoid.

    He is a hybrid or mix breed of a badger and a hedgehog (and human if you want to include the human characteristic in there as well)

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  5. Avatar Prince

    powers of a saiyan (he'll go super saiyan 1-3)
    powers of Avatar (element bending)
    sharp sword fighting skills

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  6. (I think the pictures are broken >.<)
  7. On an unknown planet in a universe yet to be named, the night sky was slowly waning, being replaced by the day as it's sun rose in the horizon. What looked like a comet at first glance seemed to be heading closer and closer to the planet's surface, as the object drew closer, it could just barely be made out as some sort of alien escape pod, with countless bits of debris trailing behind it. The pod slammed into the planets surface leaving a small crater, it's landing protocols had managed to activate it's gravity thrusters before they were burned off during the sudden entry of the atmosphere slowing down it's descent to a less dangerous speed. A sharp hiss was heard through the morning air as the pod began to cool down, but even afterwards... There still seemed to be little to no activity from the outside of the pod, however it was quite clear it was carrying something living by the trickles blood that seeped out in places where the pods hull had been damaged.
  8. look at my avatar pic, that what he looks like. (if you want to know know more, type in Genji dawn of the samurai)

    Prince was in the middle of his deep thoughts until he heard and felt a small thud from a distance. A birds began to fly away in a startled manner tweeting and honking which raised Prince's curiosity more to what it was. Without hesitation, he grabbed his custom made coat-like cape that Sonic and his friends made for him, his Yin and Yang Katanas that his father made for him before he died, and flew over to where the birds were flying away from.....
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  9. Question: Are Ky and Prince already on this "Barren" planet?

    Kylara smiled. She loved flying, it was the best part of her life at that moment. She lifted her tail feathers a bit, sending her soaring in a circle, and back again. Kylara was still practicing her flying maneuvers when an object came hurtling from above, straight at her. Thinking quickly, Ky quickly flew out of the way, using her superflight for a milisecond, but the object still caught her foot going down. It wasn't broken, but would be bruised quite badly. She winced. It would probably only take a few hours to the rest of the day to heal, but dang, it smarted.

    She quickly dived down towards the earth after the foreign object, flaring her wings at the last second to slow her down for a nice graceful landing. She saw a peculiar creature also approaching. She readied herself for a fight, hoping it didn't come to that. Little did she know, the temperature around her was slowly getting cooler. Her nervousness caused the air around her to slowly cool, but it was still comfortable.

    ((sorry it's so short, I'm kind of in a rush))
  10. (Well, it's whatever you choose really, you could have been brought here already in the past or you've just recently arrived XD)
  11. Prince looked down and noticed an unfamiliar object along with another being that he never laid eyes upon. He began to descend and eventually landing a few feet away from the being and the unfamiliar object. As he landed, he looked at the female being and noticed the way she was standing is in a stance of getting ready to fight, but looking at her leg, it is badly bruised. It would be pointless for her to attack him since Prince has the upper hand and the higher advantage. With that in his thoughts, he held both his Kanatas in his left hand and then began walking toward her still looking at her wounded leg with he guard still up just incase she does try to attack him. I won't hurt you, don't worry. Do you speak my language or do you understand my language?" Prince asked as approached closer and closer to her.
  12. A soft but weary groan comes from the pod, it was just barely audible for the two beings around it. However it signified there was someone still alive inside, the outer shell moved a little as whoever was in there tried to exit it with little success. The heat from entering the atmosphere had melted the cover of the pod, keeping it shut, and the person inside didn't seem to have the strength to break it open at the moment. A quieter but still audible sigh came from the pod as its inhabitant realized escape wouldn't be as easy as it should usually be...
  13. Kylara tensed as he spoke an odd language, but eased up slightly after seeing he meant no harm. "Sod off, creature. I don't know who or what you are, but I'm in no mood to socialize. I just came because this thing bruised me on its entry." Kylara came off as extremely rude, but inside she was curious. It's her nature to drive people away, it keeps them from getting to close. Or hurting her. In the past, friendship has hurt her, so she has built up walls against that, so she doesn't get hurt again.
  14. "Ah, so you do speak my language. Yes I know you are bruised and I wouldn't be surprised if that thing caused it." Prince said as he did a slight nod. He continued to walk toward her until was close enough to her. He took his coat-like cape and laid it on the soft grassy dirt like surface then finally, laid his Yin and Yang Katanas next to him. He sat down and asked her nicely, "Please lay your leg on my coat, and so I can help heal you."
  15. Kylara raised her eyebrow slightly. The guy was a little too polite for her liking. Looking down at her leg, she noticed the bruising was already getting better, and she put her full weight on it. It only twinged a little bit, so she thought it was fine. After refusing, she pointed to the escape pod. "That thing looks like some sort of escape pod, and it looks fused shut. I'm going to try and open it, you gonna help?" Without waiting for an answer, she stepped down into the small hole, and ignoring the burning sensation, tried to pry off what looked to be the lid. With no success, she kicked it, and one of the bottom panels came loose. She quickly tried to get it off, and when she couldn't, she looked up. "You going to lend a hand, or just stand there looking like an idiot tourist?"
  16. Prince got back up and put back on his coat-like cape and put his Yin and Yang Katanas on his back. "1. I'm a Badgerhog, not a terrorist. 2. What's kicking it going to do, besides making the situation worse while you're frying yourself alive. 3. Stand back and let me cool it off so that way you'll have a better chance of getting that lid off," Prince said in a irritating manner.
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  17. A muffled thudding noise came from behind the pods lid, the inhabitant had heard the activity going on outside of it, and seemed to be attempting again to get the lid off. Another thud sounded behind the lid and it shifted a little, becoming a little looser than it was before, a little more blood trickled out of the slight opening at the seams that formed. "Anyone... Still... Out there?" A voice spoke, albeit quite strained, as if undergoing alot of pain.
  18. ((Not trying to power play here, but Kylara isn't one of the people who will listen to orders, or even requests.))

    Kylara smirked. He was so demanding, she just decided to ignore him. "Sod off, I don't need anyone telling me what to do. I don't even know how I got to this sodding planet. It's not earth, that's for sure." She snapped her mouth shut, she hadn't meant to say so much. But before the somethinghog had time to respond, she heard a muffled sound coming from inside. She turned her attention back to the pod, her determination building. She hadn't realized it, but the temperature in the hole had sunken to about 80 degrees, instead of the 100 degrees (Farenheight, not sure how to convert to Celsius) outside. She touched the pod again, to find it comfortable to touch. She peered inside the tiny hole created. "Hang in there, I'm gonna get you out of there." She used the wall of the crater, and the side of the pod to push herself up the wall, into a position with better leverage.

    She started kicking the pod with all her strength, her wings painfully pushed up against the 'wall'. Ignoring the pain, she opened her wings to their full 18 foot wingspan, and laid them flat, curving around almost half the circumference of the crater. This succeeded in alleviating the pain enough for her to continue. She kicked again, the hole getting bigger with every kick from a muscle built Kylara. One last kick, and the hole was enough for her to get her hands into. She hopped down, and grabbed a sturdy looking branch that had broken on impact. She stuck it in the hole, and put her entire bodyweight onto it. The hole increasingly got bigger, soon enough, it was big enough for someone to climb out. Deeming her work done, she climbed up on the pod, and hopped out of the crater. She ripped a few strands of fabric from her shirt and tied them around her hands to put pressure on the burns, but also to slow the bleeding. She turned her attention back to the pod, to see who emerged.
  19. ((It's fine o-o different personality traits tend to effect each character's actions differently))
    A man, seemingly around the age of 20 stood in front of Kylara, he had some strange suit of armor that definitely wasn't from any known planet around... The armor itself was badly worn, with charred dents in places and entire chunks missing entirely, the burnt skin underneath clearly showed in the parts where the armor had been struck with some sort of heavy energy weaponry. His battered and bruised face was more visible since he had raised his visor; it was too damaged to be of any more use for him, and some shards from it stuck out of his face in places. He was holding onto his side which was still bleeding a little from when he exited the pod. "Thanks..." He spoke, his voice strained, and the reason was quite clear now. The man looked around, spotting a strange hedgehog like creature not too far from him, however he was outside of the small crater his pod had created unlike the winged woman who was standing right in front of him. Judging from the blood stained bandages on her hands, he figured she was the one who had freed her...
  20. Kylara nodded, her face neutral at his expression of gratitude. Her hands stung slightly, but no way she was going to show these two strangers. She flexed her wings, a nervous habit. It sent ripples surging through her wings, causing each feather to twitch. Her muscles made her bulky looking, so she wasn't very attractive looking, but she didn't care. She itched for open sky, but pure curiosity kept her glued to the ground. "I'm Kylara." That's all she said. She didn't know what else to say.