The Plague

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  1. My eyes opened to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing. I yawn and stretch as I slowly got up from bed. It's been 10 years since the plague broke out, reanimating the dead. We called them the infected. Once you've been bit you were screwed. Within 2 days you became one of them, searching, hungry for flesh.
    I walked into the broken down bathroom and fixed up my beautiful, white hair, wrapping it into a ponytail. Dirt was all of my face, I sighed and turned on the facet, droplets of water ran down the sink. I cupped my hands and placed them under the water, then splashed what little I had of it on my face. It was a new day today.
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  2. Charles wad the person who camped out in the next apartment. He was lost in what to do but he was definitely surviving with pure luck. All it took was kitchen knives, food, water, a place to live for a while and clothes.
    Charles woke up on his couch, with his coffee table covered in multiple wrappers, a box of cigs, and a few bottles of water. He didn't feel like waking up though. He always wondered if there were someone else in the apartment building.
  3. All day, every day, it was the same. On the upper level of the apartment building, a lithe female with a shocking mess of dark blue hair was long since awake. In fact, she hadn't slept. Who could sleep with the constant threat of those... those... things?! The whole mess started when she was eight, and she wasn't gonna lie. Being so young and everything so hectic, the girl hardly remembered any of it. Only that she had her younger brother and sister to take care of, along with her mother. Closing her lavender eyes, the pale being rested her forehead against the window panes. Another day. Another sunrise. Another night survived.

    Now to do it all over again.
  4. Charles sat up,shirtless and completely tired. He looked down at his body, an average body, skinny but no muscle. He gave up.
    Charles covered himself with the blanket, wishing that for once he could stay in and not fight for his life.
  5. I walked outside with the blinding sun hitting my eyes. I groaned as I shielded them with my hands.
    Over the years of the plague hitting us all hell broke loose as people began to panic. Robberies took place, random beatings in the streets...after a while you'd think that nothing else could go wrong? People started...loosing their moralities, you would find women...even children murdered on the streets. Thats when the army had to step in. They rounded up everyone from their homes and took them to a place where they could keep an eye on everyone. A bunch of abandoned motels where people could live, they called these places "districts."
    There were four main districts in our city, I've only known this one..District 2.
    As the Army took over rules were set up. Money didn't matter anymore, so if you wanted some food then you work to get food stamps.
    Curfews were set up as well, the rule was you needed to be inside by 6:30pm otherwise they would arrest you.
    There were a lot of people that didn't like the way the rules were...they felt like they were being controlled by the government. So they rebelled, they fought against the Army and while some died for freedom, others ran and formed an army, taking over District 4.
    As the army dwindled they needed more people to guard and fight this district, so the little men we had left who served the army rounded up some folks, showed them an emergency training protocol on the basics on how to defend yourself and made them into part of the Militia.
    Since then, they would round people up every week and make them join the Militia, the rules were that if you didn't join them you were killed on the spot. A lot of people didn't take them seriously, a lot of people died that day.
    You could work for food as Militia (you can travel to different districts if you take this job), doctor, construction worker, Blacksmith, Seamstress, Electricians, Teacher, Water Utility Construction worker. When your a little kid with no parents you can work on securing the main gates of the District. I was 17, turning 18 tommorow, but still not old enough to be anything yet. So that was my only job. As the grown ups kept the infected back by stabbing them we would carefully wrap barbed wires around the gates. I walked towards the gate, my job was waiting for me.
  6. Charles hated the whole idea of being controlled by immoral ideals and practices. He changed into a large warm jacket, thick jeans, and his combat boots. It was snowing that day, making it harsh to see.
    Charles stepped our of his building, carrying a gun and a back pack. Charles ran to the gate, throwing up a hand to signal that he worked here.
    "who's the new kid?" Charles said taking a gulp out of his canteen.
  7. One of the other grown men said "New kid? Where have you been sleeping under a rock? That's Skyler, tomorrow she turns 18, then she decides who she want's to be...honestly I hope shes one of the militia, less likely that people will be picked off the streets each week."
    You weren't sleeping under a rock though, Skyler barley comes to even do her work, most of the time she sneaks out of the District without anyone knowing.
    I (Skyler) walked up to the man that was watching over us "all done," I said.
    The men checked and gave me the ok to leave, I was fast at doing work, but only when I wanted something.
    I walked into a building that nobody really bothers entering, it was old, discarded, who would want to even go near something that could break down any minute?
  8. Charles sighed, walking up to the tower. He worked as a telephone operator and survalience. Charles watched what her walk talky was leading, they all had a tracking device. "That house is unstable," he said into his microphone that was connected to all walky talkies.
  9. Skyler heard men coming towards her and saw her secret entrance, an old door on the ground. She lifted it. A hole was under it and she jumped in, closing up the entrance once she was inside. The men couldnt find her.
  10. After a basic scrubbing to get clean, being the hygiene nutter she was, the girl had padded on down and out of the apartment to do her job. It was easy enough for her to keep her family hidden away... she refused to let her younger siblings out of the safety of their home. And her mother's health was never the best. So, of course, the girl happily burdened herself with as many jobs as she could possibly land. Professionally, she was a doctor and seamstress. No use letting her talents go to waste, after all. When she wasn't patching people up, she was patching their clothes up. Sewing and stitching skin seemed to go just as well with fabric, it seemed. As usual, she reported to her usual set up. Nodding as a nearby guard muttered "Good morning, Tobias. You're late this morning?" it was posed as a question, and Tobi could simply hear the disdain dripping in his voice.

    "I know. Sorry, I'll try to avoid being late tomorrow." part of her felt smug. It wasn't as if she could get into too much trouble, being one of the few skilled people who could help work the medical field.

    ((Oh man. I'm getting a huge 'The Last of Us' vibe from this, haha xD ))
  11. ((I know! NOO I THINK IM COPYING OFF OF THE LAST OF US! HEHEHE oh well....hmmm im gonna end up doing a group role play for the last of us for a background story if y'all are interested))

    Past the walls of the Militia was a huge wasteland, completely inhabited. It wasn't pretty, but it was the only chance Skyler could have some alone time to herself, she was thinking about joining the rebellion.
  12. "Kid? What are you doing over there. Do you copy?" Charles said, worried through his walk talky.
  13. Clarles heard a faint voice, " just working with some construction" she lied, "besides, it's not even your job to watch me when i'm off duty." she said
  14. "I'm in charge of watching this whole place, so yeah, I have to watch you." he said. "I know were you are at all times." Charles looked at all of his buttons, switches and screens. He was overwhelmed .
  15. "Yeah...yeah let me get back to you" she said, not even listening to him, she was too destracted by what she had found. After miles of walking and talking with Charles she turned off her radio, there was a house covered by vines and a cardboard sign that said to keep out, she smiled and went inside
  16. "You're making a big stupid of you." Charles said to himself while looking at his tracking devise. Charles took a swig from his canteen again.
  17. Hours later Skyler came back, she looked at her watch, 30 minutes until she needed to be indoors. She made a break for it and ran inside her apartment door, carrying a bag full of bullets and other supplies that people would die for. She hid them and passed out on the bed.
    The next day she sold some weapons to other people, and went back to her apartment. She wasnt sure what job she wanted to take but she hated this place and wanted out for good.
  18. "Hey!Open up! I need to talk to you!" Charles said frantically, shivering uncontrollably.
  19. She jumped from the sudden knocking and silently put her hunting knife in her pocket. She opened the door, "you aren't going to ruin my birthday I hope" she said then quickly looked back to make sure that her items were hidden, they were. She took a deep breath secretly relieved and looked back at Charles
  20. "You took some stuff didn't you?" Charles said, examining her place. He was clearly working with higher Ranking,he just didn't look like it. "Food? Weapons? ...Drugs?" he asked, shamelessly looking through her cabinets.
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