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The Plague w/ ElBell PinkArrow & XxGiaXx

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by SilentSerenity, Nov 8, 2014.

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    (Inspired by the novel "Wither" written by Lauren DeStefano)
    In the year of 2046 the world has been genetically engineered to point where humanity is cured of all diseases and defects. This was the "The First Generation" was perfect but their children were cursed with a plague, the females would live to age 20 and the males would live to age 25. Once they reach their maximum life expectancy they would become very sick, it was a painful sickness. Humanity scrambles for a cure against this plague but no one has succeeded. A group of people called "The Gatherers", would go out in the streets looking for girls to bring to husbands for reproduction and science, a single man would have up to three wives at a time so he could get them pregnant and have babies to become test rats. The Gatherers would pick out the beautiful girls, and the rejected ones would be killed, they would die soon anyway.

    The beginning: You found yourself waking up in the back of a truck? Was it a truck? You couldn't be sure because you couldn't see. You could hear other girls breathing and you could feel arms and legs surrounding you. Where were you? The vehicle came to a sudden stop and you heard a few men talking outside. Then you heard the door open, the light rush in blinding you, one by one the girls including you were brought out to stand in a line. You looked at the girls faces some crying and some showing no emotion. You finally realized where you were. The Gatherers would pick off the girls and either kill them or bring them to be brought to a man you would marry and have babies with. The Gatherer came face to face with you and He began to examine you, this was it, this is where the road ends, he signaled to the others to take you away.
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  2. Image (open)

    Erin awaited underneath the beautifully decorated gazebo for his brides to show. This would be the first time they would all be face to face. Erin was a little nervous, but with his ego Erin knew he'd be just fine. Erin impatiently shifted back and forth on his heels, while he was waiting he glanced at his surroundings. Benches were set up though it was a private wedding and no one would show only his servants and other people of the house. He noticed a long table with refreshments and food, and a very large wedding cake.
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  3. No way could they force her to marry this prick. Riley didn't even know who he was. She only had three years to live and wanted to spend that time looking for her own person to fall in love with. This simply was not fair. She would never agree to have sex with him either. Never. The servant fastened Riley's corset before bringing out her dress. It was a pretty dress, she had to admit, but if he thought he was going to win her love with money he had another thing coming. Riley still couldn't wrap her head around the fact that she almost died but was saved because she was 'pretty enough'. She started fuming. The world was a huge disappointment. At least the 'til death do us apart' really meant something. Riley cringed, her dress was halfway on and she was already feeling stuffy. She felt bad, not only for herself but for the other two girls as well. Especially the 20 year old.. it was likely that she'd die before she even had a chance to give birth. Or at least, that's how Riley thought it would be like. She knew females died when they were 20 but she didn't know at what month. They'd probably have to have sex tonight just to be safe. Riley didn't know.. her logic just told her that that was the safest bet. Once in the dress, the servant smiled gently. She was about 16, four more years to live. "My, you look beautiful," she said, reassuring. Riley didn't feel beautiful.. she felt fake. "Thank you. But I don't know.. it doesn't feel.. special. Like I imagined when I was younger," Riley smiled, sadly. It was likely that the girl would be wedded off soon too. Poor her.
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  4. She could not feel any positive emotions in any way. Nothing could stop her from feeling as pained as doing this- marrying a handsome man she didn't even know. His name? Nothing. His interests? Nothing. Where she would go, what she would do, it was all going to be thrown away this year and this marriage only furthered her problems. Why did it have to come so soon? The young blond-haired woman held her breath, holding back tears that threatened to fall. Just recently, she had turned 20, and that had come with a price- being snatched up, being forced to marry a stranger, and leaving all her dreams and desires behind.

    An apathetic face, a hopeless future... It would've been better if they had rejected her. Her worries, her desperation, everything... If they had killed her right then and there, she wouldn't have to suffer this terrible feeling deep in the pit of her stomach, and nor would anyone else have to look at her with pain in their eyes as she served for a gateway to depression and alcoholism. A pat of light pink blush was placed along her cheekbones, enhancing her natural beauty. "Smile," the lady spoke good-naturedly. "You'll get wrinkles in your forehead if you don't."

    She could've cared less about getting wrinkles earlier than normal. She knew she was going to be a burden to him and the other two girls, so why here?

    Why now?
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  5. Erin grew more and more impatient with every minute he stood there waiting. He decided to go over to the refreshment table, he drug his finger across the side of the cake, getting some icing, he stuck it in his mouth. "Mmm," he said pleasingly licking his lips. No one would stop him anyway, it was his wedding, his house, his food. Everything was glorious and soon he'd be married to three beautiful women, who would then become his. Hopefully if he got lucky he'd have a really fun night. Erin could just imagine his babies being of his beauty and the beauty of the women he married.
  6. (not my best work but I don't want you to make you wait.)

    Cassy was pretty torn inside at the situation at hand. On one side, she no longer had to search and struggle for a husband, but now? Now she was being wed against her will. At least the dress looked nice, and she appreciated the way the fabric stretched and wrinkled to fit her body like a glove. She did look nice, and she wished her friends could see it, but she'd probably never see them again.

    Sighing deeply, the few final touches were put on the girl. Soon she was ready to walk down the isle, and although she was scared she would do her best to get along. This was to be her husband after all, and the women she'd share him with. Hopefully they had decent humor. Or at least weren't stuck up or otherwise annoying.

    (I tried >.<)
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  7. Erin's attention was snapped back to reality when the church piano started to play "Here Comes the Bride", Erin got back in position and stood in the middle of the gazebo his hands clasps over each other displayed in front of him. On one side there were three pedestals, with satin red pillows and on top of the pillows was a black ring box, holding a wedding band for each girl, all of them different. Erin could feel himself getting nervous again as he waited for the girls to appear in his sights. Servants, maids, butlers, and cooks were all seated in the benches.
  8. It was time. And Riley wanted to throw up. They couldn't force her to walk out there, could they? She remembered the feel of that stupid Gatherer examining her face. Yes, they definitely could force her. "Go on now, it's time!" The servant wasn't pretty... she'd probably be killed. Riley cringed when the girl handed her a bouquet. Riley began to follow the carpet, her face blank from all emotion. How did this even work? Did we kiss all three brides? Riley put her hands to her glossed lips. She didn't want to kiss him. If she tried to run away she'd be killed. They should've just killed her in that truck. Rikey wished they did. Her fuure husband finally came into view and Riley knew she would always hate him. The music began to continue playing as she and the other girls walked down the aisle. Riley could see his face clearly now.. then she pictured herself punching that face over and over. She was standing face to face with the man. Her eyes cold but the rest of her face showing no emotion. 'Try and touch me, I dare you,' she thpught to herself. This was inhumane. And Riley wasn't going to put up with it.
  9. Erin could see his first bride coming into view, she was a very beautiful girl. 'She will make a perfect bride,' Erin thought to himself with a grin, Erin reached out his hand and grabbed the girl by her own, pulling her towards him. "Hello lovely," he whispered in her ear, the smell of perfume and roses flooded his nostrils. "They'll be no wedding vows all you have to say is 'I do', very simple, very quick." Erin walked over to one of the pedestals and picked up a ring box, he opened the box, the box presented a gold wedding band, encrypted were Erin's initials along with Riley's. Erin flashed Riley a smile as he looked into her eyes, waiting for her to reply. Of course, she'd say 'I do.' , and if she didn't it wouldn't be pretty.
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  10. Cassy was to be next up for marriage, and at current she was stood at the beginning go the makeshift isle. She watched quietly as the other girl walked up, seemingly angry to be there. Cassy didn't understand that all too well. She was now to be well fed, cared for, get to have kids... Sure, it was sudden and forced, but the young brunette believed that to be far better than dying alone out of stubbornness and arrogance. That was the worst way to go for her, so she continued to tell herself she was lucky and should be pleased and relieved.
  11. Coming last, Sienna silently made her way to the start of the aisle. A few people turned their heads to look at her, some feeling a pang of sympathy. They knew she was 20, they knew she'd die before her 21st birthday came around. That was what Sienna's mind was trapped in- the colossal fear of dying in less than a year. She could die this week for all she knew, and it was saddening. Sienna couldn't get herself to smile properly; she just wished she had the right to cry at this very moment. There were other alternatives to dying that she was thinking about; anything better than suddenly becoming sick and dying from the plague was better, if not worse. Feeling detached, she made no effort to look around at how wonderful everything looked to be. Sienna only thought of how horrible a burden she would be when she turned ill and died a dreadful death in front of her husband and the two girls.
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  12. He touched her.. she would take many showers tonight. He pulled her by the hand and the bext thing she knew he was whispering in her ear. She shuddered, her body hating the feel of his breath on her skin. How dare he! He didn't even care to call her by her name! 'Lovely' was her awful substitute. Riley stared angrily into the man's back when he turned away. Riley couldn't marry this. "They'll be no wedding vows all you have to say is 'I do', very simple, very quick." Great, very special. Riley was just about ready to slap her before she caught a glimpse at her wedding ring. It was pure gold! How anyone was that rich, Riley did not know. Her initals were even engraved in it! RAP, right there on the wedding ring. What ruined it was the other pair of initals that Riley did not recognize. Riley smiled coldy, her teeth seeping with invisible vemon, "What a gentlemen." And what would happen if she didn't say I do? She'd probably be killed and replaced.. Riley bit her lower lip. This is undeniably ridiculous and anyone who thought differently was an idiot. She spread her fingers open, allowing room for the man to slip her ring on, "I do.. since I have no choice. Because you'll probably have me killed if I don't." Maybe not the best thing to say to her husband but who cared? She didn't feel love for him nor did she care for him. She wanted to rip his heart out because that was what she was feeling.
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  13. Carefully, Erin slipped the ring onto Riley's finger, he kissed her hand. "You should be grateful, do you know where you would be without me?" He sent her off and signaled for the next bride to come out, what the girl said really bothered him, how ungrateful she was being! He knew that she'd probably be one of the hard ones to crack, but in due time she'd become a respectful young woman, and she'd learn to love him. No one has ever been able to resist his charm. Erin quickly got back into position and awaited for the next bride to come out.
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  14. All too fast, it was Cassy being escorted up to her new husband. Her nervousness kicked in and made her feel sick and dizzy, causing her stumble down the isle with less grace than she'd have liked. A horrible impression she was sure, and she quietly wondered if such actions would lead to her being turned away for another young girl with more grace and poise. She didn't even hear the music or see the stares as she walked down slowly, her eyes glued to Erin and looking wide and even scared. He was nice looking though, she noticed.

    Finally after a seemingly eternal walk, Cassy was face to face with Erin. Forcing a smile on, she ignored the tinge of green that was likely painting her face. "Hello." She says plainly, her voice fainter than her usual self. She certainly was making unusual first impressions, so hopefully he'd not be bothered by how she'd change once she calmed down. If he did, well, she'd never see another sunrise after he decided he was done with her.
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  15. Erin noticed quickly this one's skittishness, of course he wanted to play with her some more, so he grabbed her by the waist and pull her close to him, he stared into her eyes. A piece of hair had fallen on her face framing her face, Erin reached up and gently tucked the piece behind her ear. "Are you ready?" He asked her in a low voice, he let go of her and walked over to another of the pedestals, picking up her ring box. Erin walked over to the girl and opened the box, a band of pure silver was shown in front of her, it also contained her initials as well as his own. "The type of metal they are have no significance, so please do not think you are any less because you have gotten silver instead of gold, I assure you I have paid the same price for all." He took her left hand and carefully slid the band onto her ring finger, he also kissed her hand.
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  16. Riley blinked her long eyelashes. She felt the smooth metal of the gold slip onto her finger. The man kissed her hand and she tisked. "Marrying some other prick, correct?" Her voice was deadly. He shooed her away and she watched from the sidelines of the carpet. The second girl irritated her. Her passiveness was disgusting. She was either weak or she didn't have enough respect for herself to fight back. 'Whatever the reason she is an idiot,' Riley decided harshly before crossing her arms. She dropped her bouquet on the floor, looking blankly as the petals scattered. Oops. Riley examined her finger, the gold was very beautiful. The brunette found it quite entertaining that the word RAP was engraved onto it. She wiggled it around on her finger.. She would never love this man. She would never love this ring. She would never love her three years spent here.
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  17. ((Sorry guys but we are gonna have to time skip))

    Erin brought the last girl out the older one, he repeated the same process with her. Finally the wedding was over and everyone enjoyed the food, music, and wedding cake. It was now time to wind down and head off the bed. The servants showed the girls to their room they each would have separate rooms, and right at the end of the hall would be Erin's room. Erin walked to his room, extremely exhausted, he took his coat off and let it fall to the floor, he also kicked off his shoes and plopped down onto his bed. Erin got in a comfortable position and snoozed off, he's door was left open in case any of the girls needed him.
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