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  1. Welp, new to this here site, but let's not beat around the bush. Just gonna copypaste my search thread from another site here, so here we go.

    First, about me:
    I am Di Arashus Vyz, or just Di, a sixteen yearold dude living in California that likes to RP. It is nigh impossible to offend me, so don't worry. That is also not my real name, obviously, but only good friends of mine can learn my true title. I've only been RPing for about one year now, but I am by no means inexperienced; I have a lot of experience in reading and writing, and can easily hold my own. I learned to RP amongst many people that were much older than me, so worry not about me being uncomfortable with mature topics. Hobbies other than RP that I enjoy include pixel art, normal art, and playing vidya gaems. Oh yeah, I'm also a huge rock/metal fan.

    Looking for:
    Good literacy: The ooccasional spelling mistake are fine, preferably 1-3 decent paragraphs. Pls no one liners, but I understand there's sometimes not a lot to work with. Also, I tend to have trouble with getting out over four paragraphs, and get somewhat disheartened when you toss out a whole mini-novel in a post, as I generally try to reflect post length.

    Mature: I'm cool with gore and other mature topics, though, and my most characters tend to swear a lot. Plus if you ever witness one of my famed rants, there's lots of profanity.

    Frequency: I like to get at least daily responses, hopefully more. If things are happenin' in the IRL, no worries, though. I'll usually be on half the day on weekdays, all day except a few hours for sleep on weekends, so if I don't reply for a while shoot me a boop to see if I forgot about it. I'll probably end up doing the same if it's been a full 24 hours or so. Generally, just try to post as often as possible for you.

    Modem: We'll be doing this over PM, as I do enjoy my privacy. Although, if you don't mind giving it out, I would love to RP over Skype.

    Originality: I like OC's, and original universes. I don't like things canon. Try not to just rip off other characters and such, too. I dearly value originality.

    Be chill: Sure, something might not make sense logically, but I'm a goofy dude. Mostly I RP for fun times and good laughs. Cartoon logic shall probably apply often. I mean, I once had my medieval knight once pretend to be Billum Mayhelm while selling things. Also, I try not to be too offensive, but if you're someone that gets easily triggered, I may not be the partner for you.

    Communicate!: I tend to get very disinterested in RPs when no OOC chat is going on. So, solution, just pop into an OOC PM and have a chat about the RP or anything at all. Easy as cake.

    Pairings: I only romance MxF, and generally prefer that pairing. But if you want, I can do FxF or MxM, just no romance with those ones. I can either play the male or female, but I probably do better as the male. I also only play characters older than 18.


    Cravings marked with a lil' **

    Sci-Fi: I have a lot of experience RPing with this.
    Fantasy: I have a lot of experience with it in general.
    Ballroom Blitz: Super sci-fi, with a lot of magic, and a old-times theme.**

    ~~~~~~~~General Interests~~~~~~~~

    Adventure!: I mean, yeah. Adventuring into the unknown and all that.
    Strong bonds: Doesn't necessarily have to be romance, but I enjoy it when our characters develop a strong bond over time, due to their adventures. This doesn't mean that I'm looking for an RP based around it, though.
    Action: I seriously can't stand any kind of RP without a lot of action. Slice-of-Life/Romance centric RPs bore me to no end.

    ~~~~~~~~Plot ideas:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    -Highway to Hell: A crazy rock band of crazy people go on crazy adventures through hell and shit. I already have characters for these fellows, and I'll provide pictures and more information on them if you have an interest in this one.**

    -The Devil Went Down to Georgia: A budding witch who barely understands what she is is being burnt at the stake when a seemingly normal boy rescues her. However, he eventually reveals himself as a demon that has been assigned to take care of her.

    -Everyone wants to go to Heaven: Two lost souls in Hell are given one last chance: They are given the chance to go and kill Satan, the Demon Lord, and be accepted into Heaven. But first, they'll have to kill his Four Generals, and Hell itself is a treacherous place.

    -But nobody wants to do what it takes to get there: Two Demon Captains are coming back from an assignment when they learn that two rogue Souls have defeated their master, Satan. The two embark on a quest to find them and avenge their lord.**

    -The Man Who Sold The World: Two doctors working at the massive complex created by the enigmatic man known only as "Frog" are suddenly contacted by the mysterious founder, giving them directives to break into the Absolute Zero Vault, where items and people with the potential to destroy humanity are kept... or is it?** ( The setting is somewhat inspired by the SCP Foundation, if you couldn't tell. Really craving this one, either way. )

    ~~~~~~~~~~Pairings:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Role I want to play marked in brackets.]

    -Bounty hunter x [Wanted criminal].
    -Alien x Human.
    -Powerful Mage x Powerful Warrior.
    -[Evil lich] x Hero of Goodness!
    -[Evil lich] x Loyal Servant.
    -Agent of secret organization x Agent of rival organization**
    -[Demon] x Angel
    -I'll come up with more later.

    Now that that's done, just toss me a PM or reply to this here thread and we shall discuss from there.
  2. OK I might be interested in the hero vs lich idea if you want but I'm new so please be patient with me Kay
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