The Pirate and the Princess

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So I started this RP on another website as a 1x1 but sadly my partner dropped out for no reason. Since I created the starter post, I figured I'd try my hand at turning it into a jump-in with a few more people since it was, in fact, a complex RP. I want to cap the number of people to jump-in (not including myself) at four. Under this little paragraph thing, I'm gonna post our original synopsis, if you will, for the RP so y'all can get a feel for what this is all apart. I can't wait to see your posts!

Me: I think something involving fantasy would be fun. That's one of my favorites and it seems to be what I'm always drawn to. I don't have any real plots in mind but werewolves, pirates, and royalty are always fun. XD Maybe not all of those three thrown together but you know, I'm a bit cliche when it comes to thinking up plots and stuff.

Partner: Ummm... That's an interesting combo. Perhaps the royal family are werewolves and then there are pirates (the crew made up of other fantasy creatures) that have been terrorizing the royal family's sea and have been attacking merchant/navy ships? So the royal family, the king, puts a price on the pirates' heads and a group of bounty hunters (also fantasy creatures?) start to try to capture the pirates to deliver them to the king, dead or alive. Though I see this more in a fantasy/medieval setting; are you opened to that?

Me: I actually have the perfect character. I would just have to tweek her a bit, well if you don't mind me playing a girl. I just got out of an RP where I was four men, so I've had my fair share of being a man lately, but we could always double up or something like that. I know this RP will need more than just two people in it. I love the fantasy/medieval setting. It's perfectly fine with me. I like the idea of the bounty hunters and the royalty being werewolves. Perhaps the royal children are sent with the bounty hunters? We'd have to come up with a reason why but it'd make an interesting story line.

Partner: No, I don't mind. I'm looking forward to playing a male pirate and yes, multiple characters are probably going to be needed. Having some the royal children go with the bounty hunters would surely make it interesting. Perhaps, the king, their father, wants them to learn some necessary skills? Skills that would help them lead a kingdom.

Me: Yes, I believe that would work out well. The character I have in mind for this could be the princess but I think it'd be interesting that she's the oldest of her siblings then the prince being close in age after her or whatever. I think it'd be practical that the king would want his children to have practical skills so that could justify his reasons for sending the children. Perhaps your character (and this is just a suggestion) is a pirate that the bounty hunters capture early on and maybe they convince him to help them with finding the pirates who are destroying the naval ships?

Partner: I like the sound of that. Ummm, perhaps my pirate is just playing them? He could be the captain and they don't even know it? And so, he's like sure, I'll help you but really when the bounty hunters are about to capture the rest of the pirates, he turns on them? And maybe escapes? No, scratch that, he and the rest of the pirates should be captured and brought before the king. And the king wants their heads but the princess and the captain have this love thing going on, and she begs her father to spare them all?

Okay, so that was a lot but if you have any questions feel free to PM me. I'd also appreciate it if you PMed me a simple skellie of your character. It's not required, I just like having character skellies cause I tend to fangirl over pictures of your character or your writing style or some jazz like that. I'll post my character below.


Name: Princess Orella Tyene Crownover, First of her name and future queen of Novaire

Age: 16

Species: Half-werewolf and half-blood sage (Werewolf is her dominant side while the blood sage is more dormant)

Personality: Orella is regal in all aspects of the word. The young woman is known for being one of the most beautiful women in the country but it isn't her looks that earned her this title. She is fiercely loyal and very prideful in her country as well as herself. She will defend anyone she cares about, even if she knows they were wrong in doing something. Orella does have a short temper, though she does very well at hiding it, but if you are caught up in her storm, it'd be best by you to find the nearest hiding spot. You can tell when she angry by the fact that she won't look you in the eyes. She was taught you were always supposed to look someone in the eyes as a sign of respect, so this is a knowing sign to know if she's upset. Many would consider the young woman naive, but she is anything but. After a revolt against her father just a few short years ago, her eyes have been more open to the world around her. She doesn't have any laboring skills, but she does have social skills and knows her way around in a "old money" society.

Bio: Orella was born to a long line of rulers. Many of her kind reside in packs and have alphas instead of kings, but she figures her forefathers decided one day they would be king. She knew the stories backwards and forwards but to her, they didn't matter anymore. She grew up in the shadow of her father, a fierce and respected ruler. He groomed her to be the next queen and to guide her future husband in the ways of their family. Orella had been betrothed to an alpha's son since birth but she hated the idea of marrying the young man. He was even more cruel than her father and that terrified her. Her father and king danced a very fine line but that line was never crossed, her betrothed had already crossed those lines more than once and Orella wasn't sure if her morals could stand the test of time with him. She didn't fight her parents on the decision but she openly projected her disdain of the man. Her brothers, all younger, agreed with her but they too would never go against their parents. The princess was closest with her youngest brother, Theon. He was barely thirteen and hardly qualified to be her confidant but here they were. The twins, Klaus and Mikael, were fifteen and only ten months younger than Orella and often believed the crown was rightfully theirs. She hardly associated herself with her eldest brothers and often avoided them except for formal occasions. Orella's mother, Queen Clarissa, often saw this rift between her children but she never made it her duty to solve it. The aging queen was from a far off land that had long since been forgotten. She was the last surviving heir to her line and a new bloodline had already made claim to the woman's throne. They had once been powerful blood sages but since then their numbers have dwindled. Orella doesn't know of this side of her and many in the royal family would like to keep it that way. A blood sage is worth a lot in this day and age after all.

Other: Orella is skilled with throwing knives but that is the only weapon she has chosen to learn. She is also skilled in many languages as she has never been left without a tutor.



Now for the starting post!

Orella picked up her skirts as she quickly made her way to the throne room. Her dress was long and white, whiter than even the finest pearls the oceans could offer. It flowed from her hips and down to the floor beside her, which only made it harder in her sprint to the throne room. Servants passed by her, bowing their heads in respect, but Orella paid no mind to them. Another Navy ship had been sunk, but this ship, this ship was in her heart. The captain, oh, how it pained her to imagine the life from his eyes being drained by his one love. Those blasted and sadistic pirates. Just the thought of a pirate made her skin crawl. What were they gaining from sinking the Naval fleet? There was hardly any jewels on these ships and minimal supplies, only enough to survive a few months at sea. Orella knew herself even the supplies were worth nothing, but perhaps, there was something about these ships that her father was hiding. Shaking the thoughts from her head, she picked up her pace as the old hand-crafted doors of the throne room came into view.

"Your Highness, I'm sorry but you can't go in there right now." The guard, whose name escaped her in that moment, stepped out in front of her, blocking her path. Orella stared up at the young man's face, long enough for him to realize that he would not be winning the battle that presented itself. With a huff, he stepped aside, opening the doors to the throne room himself.

The moment she stepped inside, all eyes were on her, but Orella didn't let herself falter. With her head held high, she demanded, "I would like to know what happened. One of the servants informed me that there were no survivors, but I needed to hear it for myself." Meeting eyes with the commander of the Royal Navy, Orella arched an eyebrow as if to say that her patience would not be tested. Next, her eyes drifted across the eyes of the small council before finally settling on her father's face. Orella knew she staring right back at herself. She had been told since birth how much alike her and her father were but in sixteen years she had never found the similarities. The princess held the utmost respect for her father but to be compared to him? That was the biggest insult of them all. Finding her seat at the table, Orella sat, awaiting the answers that she had demanded.

"Orella, this is no matter for a princess or a lady, please return back to your chambers." The king's orders were quick and direct but in no way was Orella about to obey her father.

Crossing her ankles and leaning forward onto her hand, she shrugged nonchalantly as she said, "Tell me what I want to know then I will return to my chambers but I would assume you would want me here, after all, I'll be queen by this time next year. Don't you want me to know how to handle this situation?"

"If I may be so bold, Your Majesty, the Princess does have a valid point. If you don't end the terror of these pirates, the Princess and our future king will be dealing with these same problems." Commander Rawlin directed his attention to the king then back to Orella.

Smiling to Rawlin in appreciation, Orella directed her attention back to her father as she watched him struggle with a decision. She could almost see him trying to control his temper and that was what amused her. Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, she asked once again, "Were there any survivors?"

King Marcellus ran his fingers through his hair as he tried to come up with a decision. He knew it was no place for a princess to be in a council meeting but both his daughter and his commander held valid points. Finally with a grumble, he said, "Very well, you may stay, but I am sorry to say there were no survivors found among the wreckage. If there were any survivors they were taken prisoner."

It was heartbreaking to hear her father's answer but Orella didn't show it. She suppressed the feeling and listened as the meeting continued, only contributing as needed. When it was finally ending, her father allowed, what appeared to be, bounty hunters into the room. The princess was puzzled by this but didn't question what her king was doing. She listened as he droned on and on about how these were the men that would find the pirates that were terrorizing their seas. Many in the council looked as surprised as she was but no one commented on her father's decision. Orella was more surprised that he hadn't consulted with the council before deciding this. Bounty hunters? How were they supposed to find the pirates and capture them? Wasn't that the Navy's job? Looking over to Rawlin, Orella saw that his jaw was clenched in what she assumed was anger.

As she stood to leave, the king added, "My daughter and youngest son will accompany these fine men in their journey. It's time they leave the castle and experience some of Novaire."

Leave the castle? What did her father take her as? She left the castle more than any of his children and knew the people better than anyone in all of the royal family. Orella would not be taken as a traditional princess because that she was not. How many princesses could say that they were a werewolf? Many of the countries neighboring her own had outlawed magic and her kind long ago, so her father could not act as if she were a normal princess.

Turning back around, she asked, "Have you discussed this with mom?"

Smiling, her father said, "It was her decision."

Without another word, Orella left the throne room and went out to the stables. Saddling her horse, Orella decided to go down to the docks. Orella made sure to wear her hood but with guards following close behind, it didn't take long for many to figure out who she was. It gave Orella great joy to be able to speak to her people so directly but her main mission in that moment was to get to the docks. Handing her horse's reigns to one of the guards, she walked on to the aging wood that was made into the docks of the capitol. Smiling as she passed some of the sailors, Orella couldn't help but to notice a few new ships that had landed in the capitol. This warmed her heart but at the same time it put her on edge.

"Princess Ella!" A young girl, barely the age of nine and with curly wisps of blonde hair, ran up to the future queen with fresh oysters in hand. Orella instantly recognized the girl and had seen her a fair amount of times when the princess visited the bustling docks of Novaire. She even recalled that the young girl was one of the few people out of her family she allowed to call her Ella. Leaning down to meet the girls vibrant blue eyes, she asked, "Where did you get those oysters, Ava?" Orella knew exactly where Ava obtained the oysters as her family was a family of sirens, but she also knew how much Ava enjoyed to tell the Princess her stories.

Grabbing Orella's hand, Ava quickly led her down the docks, away from the prying ears of the crowd. The girl may have been extroverted in many ways but she didn't enjoy the crowds hearing of her family. Sirens, especially the women, were often regarded very low in the capitol. The young siren didn't know why but having been chastised by her mother since she could talk on the matter, well Ava had learned her place on the matter. Near one of the newly docked ships was where Ava decided to finally reveal her story but Orella was already distracted by this time. Her curious eyes wandered as she studied the ship from stern to bow. It was beautiful and magnificent, nothing like the Naval ships, but something else quickly caught her eyes. Orella's eyes connected with those of a man, clearly from the vessel, and she held his gaze for a few moments before feeling a tug on her sleeve. Averting her gaze back to the little girl, Orella smiled as she said, "Wonderful story, Ava. It seems like you had fun but I must mind you to be careful. You wouldn't want to be attacked by a sea monster now would you?" Arching an eyebrow, Orella couldn't help but to laugh as the young girl let out a small giggle.

Shaking her head, Ava replied, "No, I wouldn't, but I believe I could scare a sea monster before it attacked me. John has been teaching me how to use a sword." John was Ava's older brother and Orella knew him quite well. He had rose up into prominence within the Navy and Ava would never let you forget it. She only prayed that John's ship wouldn't be attacked by the pirates. Orella wasn't sure what Ava would do without her brother and she feared for Ava in that aspect.

"Well tell John he better not get himself hurt trying to teach you. A sword is nothing a lady should be learning how to use." Orella knew she was being hypocritical in this statement. She had known how to use throwing knives since before she could walk but she had good to reason to learn. When she was barely Ava's age, many in the country saw her father ill fit to rule and staged a revolt against him. The princess had feared for her life and feared one night she'd be killed in her own sleep so she begged her father to teach her how to defend herself. He easily complied on the issue as Orella had not yet shifted and couldn't stand to have a guard at her side at all times. Orella knew if she had been older, well, she would've never learned but she was thankful she had.

Remembering the gift she had promised the young girl on their last visit, Orella dug into the small pouch on her hip and presented Ava with a silver necklace. The pendant was engraved with the family crest of the royal family on one side and with what Ava and her created together to represent Ava's family. Smiling, Orella placed the necklace on the young girls head as she said, "You may now visit me at the castle anytime you feel like it. All the guards know the necklace and will let you through the gates if you show them it but this is our little secret. No one, not even John, can know I've given this to you. Understand?"

Ava quickly nodded her head as she wrapped her arms around Orella. The young woman hugged the girl back as she said, "You better run along now. Your mother is probably wondering where her oysters are." Ava didn't argue with Orella as she ran back across the bustling docks and out of sight. Chuckling as she watched the young girl, she shook her head before glancing back up at the ship beside her. Noticing the two flags flying on the mast, she didn't understand was why they weren't at half-mast. Hadn't her father ordered all Novaire ships, Naval or merchant, to fly their flags at half-mast to mourn the lives lost at sea by the pirate's hands? Many didn't ignore her father's orders but to see it so openly objected, well that was a first. Clenching her hands into fists, Orella marched up the plank that connected the ship and the dock.

Seeing the same man as earlier, Orella stormed towards him, asking, "Why are the flags not flying at half-mast? It was a direct order from your king. All of Novaire's ships got the message whether they were at sea or in port. It is meant to honor the lost sailors and I would hope a man of the sea would like to honor his brothers." She knew she had no fight to pick in this battle but after losing another Naval ship, it tugged at her heart and mind. She couldn't just ignore this open disrespect to her father and Navy.

Studying the man, now that she closer, she couldn't help but to notice how handsome he was, but something was off about him. It made her skin crawl and she couldn't ignore the pit in her stomach that told her to leave the ship. Smoothing out her dress, she took a step back, saying, "I apologize about my outburst. It was quite unlady-like and disrespectful."


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Name: Gaston Venidici LeGrande
Age: 25
Species: Wolfblood
Personality: Gaston is man of few words. He doesn't really talk, but when he does, people tend to listen. He is hired by the Royal Family to hunt the Pirates and bring them to the king, dead or alive.
Bio: Gaston grew up in France for half his life with his mother then moves to Italy with his father. He joins the Assassins Guild at 14 and quickly rises through the ranks. He is the best at tracking down his prey.

Gaston walks down the docks. Rumor has it that another Navy ship went down. He was going to have to get onto the seas to find the pirates, and to do that he had to get on a ship, preferably a Navy vessel. Too bad all the ships put into harbor. He continues walking down the docks to the smell of salty sea air.

Hearing a commotion, he looks and sees someone yelling at a captain. Was that... The princess? He walks up and says, "I'm sorry, your highness. Is there a problem?"
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I can play most genres, but fantasy, magic and animals are my best.
Name: Kiyana Blackthorne
Age: 19
Species: Shape Shifter
Personality: Kiyana is fierce yet gentle. It depends realy on what kind of situation she is in.
Bio: Kiyana comes from a long line of Shape Shifters. Many members of her family have become royal guards or spies as they can easily go unnoticed.

Kiyana was currently off duty and had been napping in her office. A black cat was curled on her desk, the cat was her. Her ears twitched as she heard hurried footsteps in the distance. Her hearing was far more acute than an ordinary cat, as were the rest of her senses. She figured it was just one of the servants bustling about doing their chores.
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