The Pirate and her Prisoner

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    The pirate ship Vengeance began it's legendary tale long ago, then suddenly it faded into history without any explanation. Until it abruptly started to appear again, sailing no the seas and beginning to create a large uproar. The Vengeance surfaced with a new captain however, with the name Pandora. No one knows whether it's her real name, but it's beginning to become one of the most known. Yes, her. Not many woman are pirate captains, but that didn't seem to stop this one. She'll do what ever she wants, no matter what anyone else thinks.

    The Vengeance was sailing along the water, using the wind to calmly take Pandora and her crew to wherever it was taking them. There had been a great storm the night before, and some of the ship had gotten damaged. The crew was busy working on repairing anything damaged before they went about doing any pirating. Meanwhile, Pandora was down in the captains cabin. The crew didn't know what she was doing down there, but they had rumors that she was planning something. Perhaps something big, to get their names known more and find some more treasure.

    While working at the edge of the boat, one of the crew members looked out to the water, noticing something there. It looked like a man floating with some pieces of wood near by. He called out to the others, and they began to try and get this man out of the water. They brought him onto the ship, then called for someone to get the captain.
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  2. The man at first appeared to be out cold, though breathing. Without the salty waves to constantly clear it off, blood began to run down his face from a pretty nasty cut on his hairline. His eyes fluttered between open and shut, conchiousness threatening to return though failing. One of the mans pant legs was soaked in ocean water and blood, stained red. He'd been lucky no sharks had come smelling around.

    Within a few minutes, the ship came upon a ship wreck. some cargo freights floated, a few barrels-- though mostly broken bits of wood were all the eye could see-- the ocean having swallowed up the unfortunate ship and it's crew. The only life, save for the half drowned man, was a hawk circling over head. A forest bird out at sea.
  3. Pandora started to hear some commotion on the ship. She looked up from some papers on the desk and walked out of her cabin. She noticed the group, and a hawk in the sky. "Alright, what's going on here." Pandora asked as she got closer to the group.

    "Shipwreck, one survivor." One of her crew members replied.

    "Very well. Get those barrels and cargo and see if there's anything we can use." She pushed through the group and looked down at the man. The crew began to work on getting any of the cargo onto the ship. "Let's take him to the surgeon." She said, and with that a few men came over and started to lift the man and take him below deck. "You're lucky were a ship that has one." She whispered to the guy. They took him to the surgeon who began to survey the man's wounds. He started to patch the man up. The other crew walked out and started to help with the other cargo. Meanwhile, Pandora stayed waiting for the half drowned man to wake up a bit better.
  4. The old man below deck made quick work sewing his scalp shut. It was a nasty cut but one that looked like it would heal just fine. His leg however... The blood on the mans leg came from his shin bone protruding out. Though it was a bad injury, it was a clean break, and the ocean had kept infection out. "This'll wake him up. He'll be none to happy." The surgeon warned his captain, grabbing the mans leg, one hand above and one below the break. "I'll set it and bind it. Only time'll tell if the lad's strong enough to pull through." he mused, looking over the young man before pulling, wrenching the bone back into place.

    As he predicted, the jarring movement brought the dark haired man to life-- an agonized cry escaping his lips as his eyes flew open. His body jerked, attempting to withdraw form the source of pain suddenly, though he seemed to get a quick enough hold of himself, letting out a slew of what must have been swears in a strange language.
  5. Pandora waited for the surgeon to begin, the old man was pretty good at what he did. They were lucky to have him on the ship, that's for sure. "Good." Pandora replied to the surgeon as she watched him fix up the man. A smile came to her face when she saw the guy, just like her surgeon said, come back to life with the shock of pain. Of course, he didn't seem to happy about it all. "Relax, it's only going to help." She said to the man, taking a seat at a free chair in the room. She noticed the strange words coming from his mouth, which made her want to question him more. "Alright, what can you tell me?" She then asked, watching the man carefully. "Who you are, where you're from...everything?"
  6. It took the man a moment to get his breathing back to normal and fight off the fog of pain from his mind. He went to speak and frowned, suddenly looking a little chalky. "Here you are, sip.. Slowly." the old man handed him a cup of fresh water-- recognizing the effects of someone who's swallowed too much salt water. "No need to get sick."

    The man obeyed, evidently speaking their language-- at least enough to understand he had to sip slowly.

    Finally he looked around, seeming to get his bearings. He was on a ship-- though which one he had no idea... certainly not the one he had started this journey on. He swallowed once more, simply to make sure his throat was wet. His voice was a little hoarse from the salt water and decently accented, though clear. "Joseph." he said. "I'm Joseph Arrani."
  7. "Well Joseph Arrani, you're now on The Vengeance and that means you have me as your captain now." Pandora replied once she heard his name. "You can call me Pandora. Now Joseph, I take it that ship you were on got destroyed in that storm last night. Sorry to say but you're the only one left. Oh but don't worry, that bird of yours is still flying around out there, as long as he doesn't attack any of my crew." She gave him a smile. "No need to be worried though, I'm not going to kill you. I would have let them throw you back overboard if I wanted that. You're going to stay on this ship, I could use a bit more hands."
  8. The man eyed her hesitantly. "How did you know the bird was mine?" he asked, wincing as the surgeon poured alcohol over the gash in his leg before starting on stitching it shut.

    "He's going to need a cane." The old man said, addressing his Captain. "The leg'll need at least a month to heal."

    "I've worked with broken bones before." Joseph said proudly, though cringed as the man began to wrap his leg.

    "Ever a broken leg?" the old man quipped.

    "Ribs." Joseph breathed out, fighting off the pain.

    "He's gonna need a cane." The old man repeated.
  9. "None of my crew have a bird." Pandora replied, "And the way it's flying around like that, it had to be waiting for someone." There wasn't any other reason for the bird to be in he area, they didn't have any food out and the ocean wasn't a good spot for a bird to constantly fly around like that. "Alright, we'll give him a cane." She laughed while she listened to Joseph try and claim he would be fine. "He'll use a cane, and don't worry I'll give him some time before I start to make him do any real work. So Joesph, where are you from?"
  10. The man looked away from his leg, over to the Captain. "The Near East." he said. "I'm a slave. I serve as a body guard."

    It explained his clothing. Noble, yet not. He was simply someone who worked among them. As a body guard though-- that made him useful, both as a look out and as muscle-- once he was healed.

    "He should be fine." the old man said, handing him a second cup of water. "Given some time and food."

    Joseph thanked him before downing the cup-- having to forcefully slow himself down.
  11. "That's good, it seems you'll actually be of some use and we didn't just add a mouth to feed for nothing." Pandora replied. Pandora looked over at the old man surgeon, "Alright, thanks." She said, giving to old man a smile, that almost made her seem not like a pirate at all. She then focused back on Joseph. "The old mans good at what he does. You'll listen to him just as you listen to me. He's going to keep us updated on your injures."

    Pandora stood back up and started to walk around the room. "We're going to head towards a port, if you need anything that's when you should get it." She headed for the door, then turned towards Joesph again. "Be glad you were found on this ship, it could have been much worse." Then she pushed the door open and walked out to go talk to her crew.
  12. "She means it too." The old man sounded amused, watching Joseph's perplexed expression.

    "She's the captain?" he asked again for clarification.

    The surgeon nodded. "That she be." he confirmed, standing up. "You rest here. You've had a rough night."

    Joseph frowned and shook his head, imediatly regretting it. The world spun-- forcing him to lay back down. "Torrie's out there..."

    "Hm? You mean your bird?" The man once more sounded amused. "It will land eventually. It will tire. I'll see to it it's brought down here for you. Now, rest."


    Up on the deck of the ship the last of the barrels was fished from the ocean. Most were filled with food, or cloth. Useful for a ship at sea-- but nothing worth selling.

    Up near the crows nest, the hawk had landed, it's beak open and panting, it's sharp eyes looking around the deck of the ship for it's missing master.
  13. Pandora got back up to the deck of the ship, taking a look at the cargo they had fished from the wreckage. "Food and cloth." She said to herself. "Alright, take the barrels down below. We'll save the food. The cloth will come in handy for many things." She watched as some of the crew began to take the barrels down below with their other goods. Once that was done and everyone was back on the deck Pandora began to make an announcement. "Where going to port to get more supplies." She said, "You all know what to do. Any small sign of land I want that flag down. I don't want no lawman coming onto my ship and snooping around here." Pandora headed up the steps and for the wheel of the ship. She took hold of it and turned it, making the boat change its course a bit. She took a look p at the hawk looking for it's master, and smirked.
  14. The hawk ruffled it's feathers as the winds direction seemed to change-- the ship turning and changing course. It side stepped along the sail, hunkering down in one spot along the mast, letting out a weak cry.

    "Captain... You want I should go on up there and grab it down?" one man offered, eying the hawk with distaste. He hated birds... crapping wherever they pleased.


    Below deck Joseph was once more pulled down into the depths of sleep-- the dark haired mans body simply giving way to rest. Once the old man was satisfied that he wouldn't be getting up and undoing his work, he headed topside himself, shielding his eyes from the sun as he ascended the steps. Something told him the boy they fished out of the water was going to turn out to be quite the character.
  15. Pandora took a look at her crew member. "No, it's our new crew members bird. We're going to show it with respect just like one of us." She replied, "It's just waiting to see that he's alright. Take the wheel." The end was directed to her first mate who grabbed the wheel and made sure it was staying in the right place now. If they let the wind take them now they wouldn't reach the port before nightfall. She took a look back up at the bird. "I'm sure it's tired and hungry. Let it be." She began to walk the deck, making sure everything seemed okay to sail now. Of course, they was still working being done, there was always work being done to the ship, but it seemed it was good enough to take the force they were going to put on it for the evening. Once on land they would get a bit more supplies to fix the rest. The ship sailed on, going into the direction of land that Pandora saw on her map. Near the land on the map, there was a smaller island with a circle from a pens ink on it.
  16. They reached port without any further incident, though the crew was alive with chatter about the new man they had fished out of the sea, and his odd pet who refused to come down from its perch, save to catch and devour a rat.

    "At least its more useful then the damn cat." One crewman scoffed, nudfing the lazy feline he mentioned. "You think the Captain'll let him off the ship?" He asked his crew mate offhandedly as they dropped anchor.
  17. Pandora watched, eying the hack as it downed the cat. It made her smile, it seemed that the hawk just might be a good idea to keep. Rats were always bad to have on a ship, they carried too many diseases. She headed away from the wheel, heading towards the latter to go below deck. "That depends." Pandora said, as she happened to be walking by the crew members who were talking. She gave them a smirk, the began to head down below deck to see how her new crew member was doing. Once there she called out to the surgeon. "How's he doing old man?" She asked him. "We're at port, now would be the time to get anything that is needed."
  18. "I don't think he'll be walking this evening." The old man said honestly. "He's sleepin' off the sea. It'll take him a little bit to gather up his strength again." The surgon stretched before glancing back to the small cabin the dark haired stranger was resting in. "I'll stay on board ta keep an eye on 'im, if you send one of the others to get him a cane." he offered.
  19. "Alright, very well." Pandora said after the doctor told her what was going on. "I'll make sure to send someone to get what's needed while you stay here with him." She finished and started to head back up to the deck. She told one of her crew members what he needed to get, then sent him off. Meanwhile, Pandora went off on land to get somethings she believed she needed to get. After a while, members started to come back to the ship; one coming down to give the surgeon the supplies. Eventually Pandora came back, heading into her cabin to think.
  20. The next morning, Joseph was up on deck, leaning against the railing of the port side, his cane beside him. He stood slightly askance thanks to his immobilized leg, though he didn't seem to mind. He was gently running the back of his fingers up and down the chest of the hawk-- who after spotting him has swooped down like an angel from the mast to greet him.

    After a night in port-- the ship was oddly quiet. most of the crew was sleeping off hangovers-- or still on land with fresh company.

    As the sun rose, the clouds were set on fire with it's orange and red rays, the ocean sparkling below.
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