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  4. CHAPTER FOUR: The dangers of Global Warming

    “That’s disgusting!” I said over my shoulder, before quickening my pace.
    “Well at least it’s discreet,” replied Rosa, eating another mouthful of snow. She had taken some snow from my uncle’s apartment – in particular the snow that had been stained with my blood – and was now eating it with a bowl and spoon as she followed me down the street.
    “That’s my blood!” I protested.
    “It’s good,” she replied between mouthfuls. “You’re blood type AB – that’s quite rare.”
    I was stopped in my tracks as a man came running from a side alley, crossing the arched bridge ahead of us. He was breathless, his face pale with terror. I was reminded of a corpse sprinting from the grave as fine snow fell from his head and shoulders like dust.
    “Uh-oh,” muttered Rosa with her mouth full.
    “What the hell is your mother doing?”
    In the distance, behind the rooftops, a great mushroom-cloud of white fog lifted into the sky, carrying bicycles and market stalls with it.
    “She really wants my uncle…” I muttered, before diving to one side as a flock of startled pigeons came flooding out of the same alleyway as the snow-covered man. We ducked into a side passage, Rosa dropping her bowl and hurrying after me.
    “Perhaps we should keep a safe distance.”
    “No, I have to get to my hotel. My teachers are gonna be furious.”
    “Will they shoot you too?”
    We ran down the alleys, twisting and turning through the maze. I could hear shouts either side of us, people coming out of their houses and questioning each other. The Italian babble was lost on me, but as we stopped by a corner-side bar to get her bearings I could hear the TV on inside. It was set to an American news channel, which was reporting on a freak storm in Venice, possibly a result of global warming.
    “Well that’s a silly explanation,” said Rosa.
    “Come on!”
    We ran onwards, turning… blah blah blah (Venice description).
    Finally, we emerged by a larger river, leading to St Marks Square. Several gondolas were in a traffic jam, their oarsmen shouting angrily and pointing at each other angry. Over the buildings opposite, icicles were falling like daggers and piercing the rooftops.
    “Why do all these rivers go the wrong way?” asked Rosa with a frown.
    “Snowball!” I shouted, pointing at the giant ball of ice and snow that was rolling along the riverside towards us. There were more bombarding the opposite bank, as if the city had become a giant pinball machine.
    “Let’s go,” said Rosa, grabbing the back of my shirt.
    “Hey wait, wha…” The rest of my sentence became a yell as Rosa launched herself into the air, carrying me with her. We jumped down onto one of the stranded gondolas, landing for an instant before Rosa pushed off again, leapfrogging across the river to the other side, barely missing a second snowball.
    “No more of that!” I spluttered, stumbling as my feet touched the ground again. “Last time!”
    A few minutes later we entered St Mark’s Square, coming to a halt as we gazed across the wide colonnaded area. People were running in all directions, chased by huskies and reanimated skeletons, probably made from the bones at the museum. The skies were full of startled doves that only added to the panic.
    “Where’s your hotel?” asked Rosa.
    “Over there,” I said, raising a shaky finger to the other side of the square.
    “We’ll never get through all this,” said Rosa, sidestepping as a crowd of screaming tourists fled past her, hotly pursued by a polar bear. I ducked down, putting my hands over my ears as a great explosion shook the square. The opposite side of the arcade collapsed in a shower of snow and ice, the wood and stone shattering apart.
    “Oh cool, Mum made a shortcut.” Rosa grabbed my hand and before I could protest we were running across the square, dodging the snapping wolves and roaring polar bears. I tried my best not to look at the skeletons, the bones of old dinosaurs, elephants and tigers come to life. I kept my gaze on the collapsing building in front of us, watching its frozen pillars topple over and its roof collapse under the weight of snow. Vaulting over the half-ruined wall, we entered the destruction, Rosa’s pace not slowing as she pulled me through the dust and mayhem. We ducked under another collapsing pillar, through a hole in a wall, over a snow-covered sofa, between a pair of shattering statues and finally got out the other side, the building falling in on itself behind us.
    “That was cool,” said Rosa, letting go off my hand and turning to look at the ruin we had just narrowly got through.
    “You have to tell your mother to sto- Woooah!” I fell off the edge of the pavement and into the river on the other side of the building. “Ow!” I groaned as I hit the ice. The river was completely frozen over.
    A short distance away, down one of the other alleyways, I could hear the voice of Ivorene, the White Vampire. She was shouting at someone, interrogating a group of Italians who were pleading back at her. There was another whistling snowstorm, followed by the sound of the next building collapsing.
    “Nearly there,” said Rosa, jumping down onto the ice beside me and helping me up. We stumbled down the frozen river towards the hotel, Rosa giggling as we slid around.
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  6. I lagged behind in character development in The War of the Universe.

    You may ask - why would a regular businessman need character development?

    And I answer - why not?

    This is going to be fun, and it's gonna ramp up once my partner gets here.
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  11. Aw... No mention of Raine? My beautiful Blue Vampire? It looks cool to me so far, I like it. :)