The Pink Vampire...

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  1. Marxsoul, calm down. Here, have a snickers.

  2. Shhh child
  3. Fucking hate that pink little shit
  4. Hello, I am Zero. I am from Arizona and my gender is not too important in my opinion. I enjoy fantasy role plays the most, but I also enjoy modern and sci-fi as well. I love noodles and exotic foods, especially curry with rice. As for anything interesting, I don't have much, but I am pretty good with graphic design so there's that. I used to like drawing, but I have lost my confidence in it so I don't draw as much. I also enjoy video games, various types of music, and watching movie reviews.
  5. You better, otherwise I'll send a horde of puppies to kill you with their adorable fluffiness.
  6. I lagged behind in character development in The War of the Universe.

    You may ask - why would a regular businessman need character development?

    And I answer - why not?

    This is going to be fun, and it's gonna ramp up once my partner gets here.
  7. *lurks around the shadows waiting for Saxum*

    fucking awesome dude.
  8. Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooore!
  9. I'll do some more this weekend. Hopefully I'll be in the right mood...

    *Claws at Asmo's eyes*
  11. Aw... No mention of Raine? My beautiful Blue Vampire? It looks cool to me so far, I like it. :)