The Pink-Haired Witch and the Brainiac Werewolf

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  1. Remus hummed to himself happily as he repacked his tidy bag, ready for his first class of the day. He had several things to be happy about; the fact that he had Defence Against the Dark Arts first period, the fact that the full moon wasn't for another two weeks, and more importantly the fact that his first class had a certain beautiful, pink-haired Metamorphagus in it.

    He sighed to himself as he brought her to the front of his mind - as if she wasn't there enough throughout the day. Remus thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life, and she was also intelligent, witty, and feisty to boot.

    James poked his head around the dormitory door, and grinned, "C'mon Moony - the sooner we get to DADA, the sooner you can see your girl."

    Remus blushed a deep red, "She isn't my girl - she's Sirius' cousin, and we are just friends."

    The other boy smiled, and added, "Well whatever she is, you still need to hurry up."

    Remus picked up his bag and glanced at the photo frame on the wall, a smile playing on his lips. He watched the photographic people nudge each other, and remembered that day:


    Remus laughed, and playfully shoved Sirius. "Just get into the picture!" As his best friend moved around to stand beside James, Remus stood behind Tonks, and just as the camera flashed, his eyes flickered down to her, and he smiled, a tender caring smile.


    He shook his head, dispelling the memory. "I have to tell her how I feel." He softly said to himself. "But how?"
  2. Tonks had nearly forgotten to change her hair from the regular mousy brown to the bubblegum pink she preferred. As she thought about her first class, her small smile turned into a giant one. Remus would be in her first class. To be honest, Tonks had always been 'in love' with Remus, though had never told anyone, considering she didn't have what you would call friends.

    [Also, I know in the other one, she was in Gryffindor..right? Should she be there or in Hufflepuff?]
  3. (hufflepuff :) )

    Remus made his way down to breakfast behind James and when he entered the Great Hall, his eyes automatically slid to the Hufflepuff table - as they did every morning - and he scanned the long table of yellow and black robes, his face falling slightly when he saw she wasn't there. You aren't dating her - it isn't such a big deal that she isn't here now. He told himself firmly, but yet not seeming to quite convince himself.

    He sat at the Gryffindor table beside Sirius, and began to pick at his bacon on the plate.

    Sirius glanced sideways at Remus, and smirked, "My cousin not here yet?" That earned him a sharp dig to the ribs, but Sirius still chuckled. "C'mon Moony - just ask her out already. She fancies you just as much." Once the words were out, he slapped his hand over his mouth.

    Remus's eyes widened, and he questioned, "How do you know that? Has she told you anything?" He said eagerly.

    Sirius groaned, and shook his head. "No, she hasn't said anything, but seriously? Have you not got eyes? She is so into you, mate."

    Remus' cheeks went a bright red, and he looked down at his plate to hide his elated grin.
  4. Tonks quickly got ready, flying down to the stairs to the Great Hall. She somewhat tripped, though was glad no one was able to see her. She stopped at the doors, going to te table and sitting down, looking over to te Gryffindor table, seeing her cousin, James and Remus. She smiled a bright smile before starting to eat the food on her plate.
  5. James looked up, and caught sight of Tonks across the hall. He grinned, and murmured softly, "I spy with my little eye a certain witch with pink hair...."

    Remus looked up quickly, and winced when he hurt his neck. He rubbed the back of his neck as he looked around and he saw Tonks. His cheeks went pink, but he smiled and waved awkwardly.
  6. Tonks smiled as she saw Remus waving at her. She waved back with a smile, a slight pink rushing to her cheeks.
  7. Remus turned back to the guys, his cheeks pink, and quietly finished off his breakfast, cheered up now.

    James glanced at Sirius and they shared a knowing glance - their brainiac friend was in love.....


    Ten minutes later, Remus stood up, and bade the others goodbye before he headed up the stairs to the DADA class. He made it to the door of the classroom, and waited outside for Tonks, willing himself to actually ask her out
  8. Tonks finished eating and headed up to te DADA classroom. She smiled when she saw Remus standing outside the door. "Good morning, Remus" she said with a soft smile, stopping near him.
  9. Remus turned to her and smiled warmly. "Good morning Tonks - how are you?" He glanced at her hair and grinned, "Your hair looks especially pretty today." He got up the courage to tell her that.
  10. "I'm good! Thanks for asking. How are you?" she asked with a bright smile. Hearing his compliment, she but her lip slightly, a slight but of pink rush to her cheeks. "Thank you." she said with a smile.
  11. Remus ran his fingers through his hair and grinned, "I am good - so, Tomks, I was wondering..." He was cut off by the bell ringing, and he internally cursed the bell.

    They had to go into class now unfortunately.
  12. Tonks sighed, hearing the bell. She then looked to Remus, her frown now a smile. "Sit next to me in class?" she asked, looking into his eyes before starting into the class, taking a seat.
  13. Remus smiled and nodded, following her in. He slipped into the seat beside her and pulled out his book. "Can we talk afterwards?" He said in a low voice to her,
  14. A smile danced on her lips. "Yeah..of course" she said softly, pulling out some materials to take notes with.
  15. After class, Remus quickly gathered his stuff together, and stood up. He waited for Tonks to pack up, and then led her outside to the courtyard. He sat on a bench and smiled at her, "So, what I am about to say isn't easy to say...." He began to babble slightly with his nerves.
  16. Tonks smiled, looking over to him. "Well, you can trust me.." she said, a smile still on her face.
  17. "No, I mean that I don't know if I should ask you this, because if I do, then I might risk our friendship, and I don't want to do that at all..." Remus took a deep breath, and then quietly asked, "Do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend? As a date?"
  18. A bright smile appeared on her face. "Yes! I'd love too!" she said with a bright smile, her eyes lighting up with happiness.
  19. Remus looked up at her and beamed, "Seriously? Great!" He was bubbling over with happiness but he managed to keep from going completely crazy, and just grinned at her, "So, Saturday, Hogsmeade?"
  20. "Yes, Saturday, Hogsmeade." she said with a smile, looking up into his eyes. She had a stray strand of her pick hair slightly covering her eye.