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  1. Chris stared up at the gigantic building in front of the tiny group. It hadn't looked too bad in the light of day, but with the sun setting behind them it had gained a creepy and ominous look. "Come on Wesker, Flynn." She said quietly. "Let's get inside quick, before we're spotted." She made her way to the huge front door, touching the worn, heavy doors before pushing them open. The loud creak set her teeth on edge, and she shined her flashlight into the building.

    Right in front of the door was a wide, wooden desk. Next to the desk was an ancient wheelchair. Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust, to the point that she couldn't hear her own footsteps on the wooden floors. Shined the flashlight up and down the pitch black hallways.

    She turned to face the boys behind her with a grin. "Where to first?" She asked, forcing her voice to stay light. She didn't want to admit it, but this place gave her the major creeps. She wanted to get these pictures and get out of here, stat.
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  2. The Nikon’s flash lit the entrance hall momentarily. Flynn wasn’t that enthusiastic now that he was actually inside the shut-down loony bin. Quickly adjusting his glasses he moved round Chris towards the, possibly, check-in desk. The desk was mostly empty, except for a few blank pages, stubs of pencils and dust. Lots and lots of dust.

    “I,” another flash, “suppose we can start at the left and work from there.”

    The corridor in question seemed pretty much empty, except for a stretcher a quarter of a way in. Yellowed wallpaper was peeling from the walls and the floor was failing at some spots. There were also doorways on either side, seven in total, four on the left and three on the right. Some had doors, others not, while some were hanging askew on a single hinge.

    Flynn jumped slightly as the heavy front doors suddenly blew shut.
  3. Chis jumped when a squeak when the doors blew shut with a loud bang.

    "Wow, must be windy." She said with a high pitched, nervous giggle. "The left it is, then." She started down the long hall behind Flynn, her flashlight lighting up the door to the first room. A small plate on the door glinted in the light, and she brushed the dust away as she squinted at the worn words.

    "Patient...records." She read, struggling to decipher the worn words. "They were probably all moved out when this place was abandoned, right?" She asked as she tried the door. To her surprise, it was locked. "Huh." She muttered. She didn't understand why it would be locked, but she stepped away with a shrug.

    "Guess we should just try the next door." She said. "Maybe it'll be like amnesia and we'll find a key." Her laugh at the poor joke was interrupted by the sound of the door behind her swinging open with a creak. She stepped closer to Flynn and Wesker. "M-maybe the knob was just...jammed?" She asked hesitantly.
  4. Gotta admit, Wesker jumped slightly when the door slammed close. It sounded like someone- or something- slammed the door closed. He watched as Chris tried to open the door, but failed. Going next to her, he tried to open it aswell, only to fail also. "Let me try to...." He used his shoulder and tried to ramp the door to try and budge it, but to no sucess. He looked around the first room, and mumbled "Damn old building" and said "Spooky stuff huh Chris?" he casually acted like he was walking past Chris, and at the last moment jumped out at her, trying to scare her. ​
  5. To her credit, Chris managed not to scream when Wesker scared her, but she did grab onto Flynn's arm rather tightly. "Wesker! That's not funny!" She said, voice high pitched once more. "Come on, we've gotta be serious here. We're working on our project." She looked back towards the patient records room, standing ajar despite both she and Wesker trying to open it, and stepped hesitantly towards it. She pulled Flynn along with her.
  6. Flynn was just about to snigger when he realised Chris had latched onto his left arm and started dragging him towards the records room. he was far from impressed by this fact, but regardlessly allowed it with little struggle.

    The room smelt musty, and the air felt heavy. It had obviously been closed for quite a long time, most likely since the asylum was closed down. Flynn was pretty sure something had died in there as well, perhaps a rat. There seemed to be two cabinets in the room as well as a wooden desk and a matching chair. There were also a lot of cardboard files, some with papers by the number, others had photos in grey and the last few empty.

    What there did seem not to be, strangely enough, was dust. Flash!
  7. Chris's eyes widened at the sight of the files piled in the room. "Woah, they left the records here!" She momentarily forgot her fear as she released Flynn's arm and picked up a file. She was prepared to blow dust off of it, but strangely there was no dust. "This room must have been sealed really well." She commented as she opened the file. Inside was a grainy black and white photo of a woman. Next to her photo was a small stack of papers. She stepped back as she read, and she gasped.

    "This woman was lobotomized!" She read through it again, out loud this time. "Marie was violent, lashing out at delusions and the nurses, who she claimed were attacking her. When the electroshock therapy failed to be affective in combating this violence, she was lobotomized." She glanced up at Flynn and Wesker as she started to ramble about lobotomy.

    "Doctors thought that lobotomy was affective because violent people became much more docile afterwards, but actually the lobotomy destroyed the frontal lobe of their brain, rendering them unable to function independently, and their cognition was destroyed too. They had lower initiative and-" She was cut off when, quiet suddenly, the door to the room they were in slammed shut with a loud bang.
  8. Wesker took a file from the pile, a black and white picture of a bald man, a sick grin on his face. He read that the man died during a faulty electrotherapy accident. Shaking his head, he thought "I would fucking hate to be shocked to death."
    As Chris talked to her and Flynn, he whispered to him "What is Lobotomized mean?" He was clueless when it came to long words. The door slammed shut, and Wesker nearly jumped to the ground in fear.
    "God Damn wind!" he turned to the door and jiggled the door, locked one again. Swearing, he tried to kick the heavy door open, but ended up laying on the floor, groaning. "Why the hell are the doors here so damn heavy!" Getting up to a knee, he looked at Flynn and Chris, "We should've looked pictures up on the internet." ​
  9. Chris jumped when the door slammed shut, and the file in her hands fell to the floor. Papers fluttered across the floor and she ran to the door, and the picture seemed to laugh at her panic. She tried to open the door, then started to beat on it. She was very quickly losing it. To say she didn't like closed in places was putting it mildly. "Let me out!" She fought with the knob, but even though the knob turned underneath her hand, the door wouldn't open. She stepped away from the door with her flashlight clenched tightly in her hands. She was trying to keep her breathing under control, but it wasn't really working out very much.
  10. "Nothing like a spike through the eye," muttered Flynn as he listened to Chris. He had seen the act "done" in some movies and was always bugged when he saw the scared patient's eyes and the metal spike coming closer. The hairs on his neck raised and he hurriedly pulled his spectacles off to wipe away stray dust with his shirt.

    It was then that the door slammed shut, causing most of the room's occupants to nearly jump out of their pants. Flynn knelt to pick up the glasses he had dropped, picking up a stray, fairly thick file that lay near it. By now Wesker was on the floor and the girl was tugging on the door like her life depended on it. He chuckled and quickly took a picture of both.

    "What's the fun in getting other people's photos?" he asked and started to page through the aforementioned file. In the end it wasn't even that interesting, only a compilation file of short-term patients. Casting it aside he shimmied past Chris to try his hand at the door, but just as he reached for it, it clicked open.

    "Old buildings, huh?"
  11. Chris started to breath normally again when the door was open and she stepped out into the hall.

    "Let's just get the pictures and get the hell out of here!" She said. "I don't like it here." She stepped away from the room, this time choosing a room that didn't have a door. Inside was the same thick layer of dust, and shelves stacked with boxes. Each box had a number on it. Taking one down, she opened the top. Inside was little personal items; rings, bracelets, a woman's wallet.

    "These must be the patient's personal items." She said. "They're taken away when the patients were admitted." She opened the wallet and squinted at an old family portrait in the inside pocket. An older couple, and two kids grinning widely at the camera.
  12. Flash. "Wonder why it wasn't returned when the place was shut down. Why the families didn't want it," Flynn said just behind Chris. He crouched, getting a lower box and opening it. 'More of the same,' he thought, dragging a hand through the box's contents. As was most of the other boxes' contents. Wallets or photos or belts and even shoelaces.

    "Hanging yourself with a shoelace on the menu?" He stood and passed Wesker, standing at the door. In the hallway once more, he waited a second for the others to come and continued into the enveloping darkness. They passed rooms, empty pretty much, one with bed that had straps (he took a picture), another with a chair like that of a dentist. They didn't stop long anywhere. All feeling slightly edgy by the Asylum's atmosphere.

    As the hallway came to an end it curved to the right. On they went. The few boarded windows the passed showed no light filtering through the cracks. Night had fallen faster than he expected.
  13. As they made their way through the huge building, Chris stopped. "Guys!" She called quietly. "I found the stairs." She gazed up the creaky old staircase for a moment before slowly starting up. They creaked and moaned something awful as she walked up them. When she reached the second floor she shined her light up and down the hall. "Guys, you have to see this." She said. The long hall was lined with doors, and the one adjacant the stairs was open. Inside was a thin white mattress on a metal frame, a sink, and a toilet. "These must have been the patient's rooms." She said to herself. the bed frame, now that she looked closer, had thin leather straps on it for holding the patient down.

    Wesker was the first one to follow her up the stairs. He'd almost reached the top when, behind Chris and in front of Wesker, a tall, thin shadow shape appeared. He tottered on the top step with a terrified look on his face. He almost caught himself, but the shadow shape reached out a transparent hand. That was all it took. When Wesker flinched away he stepped back off of the top step. The sound of him falling down the stairs made Chris jump, and she rushed down them. "Wesker! Are you alright?" She hurried after him, but his neck looked wrong. It was bent at a strange angle.
  14. "Shit!" Flynn cursed as Wesker came crashing down just as he was about to mount the stairs. He tumbled down, and landed with a sickening crack square on his neck. Flynn stood, stuuned as Chris came running down to attend to Wesker. He started lifting his camera, but stopped just short of eye level. 'I can't...' he thought, hands shaking.

    "Wha... what happened? Did he slip?" he asked the girl, raising his eyes to look up the stairs. He might've imagined it. It might've been shock, but he thought he saw a shadow move up there.

    "We need to get help!" he said urgently, bending to grab Chris' wrist.
  15. She looked from Wesker to Flynn. "We have to go get help." He was telling her. She was shaking as she looked down at Wesker. "Y-yes." She agreed. "You go see if there's someplace nearby with a phone. I'll stay with Wesker. There's a gas station down the street, try there." She crouched next to Wesker. "He'll...He'll be okay. Right?" She asked. She didn't want to think about what might have happened.
  16. Giving another look up the stairs and conceded. Turning swiftly on his heel he sped off the way they had come. The sound of his footfalls bounced off the walls, and echoed down the hallways. Finally he reached the entrance hall, and the front door. It stood menacingly and was shut just like it was when the wind blew it shut. Flynn gripped the handles, tugging them. The doors didn't budge.

    He paused and then tried pushing the door to no avail. Flynn was starting to panic. He rattled the handles, shoving and pulling with all his might. Still shut it stood, mocking him.

    "Fine!" he yelled and backed up a bit before ramming the door with his shoulder. The only thing that came from it was probably a bruised arm. He clutched his throbbing shoulder and ran to the nearest room. The one with documents in.

    "Window it is then!" he pulled at the boards that covered the window. Cringing slightly as his arm stung, he stood back when it didn't work. Quickly he grabbed the chair that stood at the desk and slammed it to the window. He hit again and again, until finally the chair was only splinters and he was out of breath.

    Resigned he made his way back to Chris. "I can't get out..."
  17. Chis flinchd and jumped to her feet when she heard the banging coming from down the hall. When Flynn returned, she felt her stomach drop. "Cant...get out? What do you mean you can't get out?" She clenched her hands tightly. "We...we're trapped here?" She looked down at Wesker. "But he needs help! We have to get him help." She headed for the door. "Maybe it's like the records room. It'll be open when we go to it." When she reached the door, it was still closed. "We have to get out of here." She said.
  18. Still a bit winded he followed Chris, a small bit of hope growing inside of him. That hope soon withered and died when Chris failed to open the door as well.

    " I tried a window too," he said emotionlessly. An idea suddenly sparked. "Maybe there's a fire escape! Did you see one when we came in?"

    Not waiting for an answer he doubled back towards the stairs to the upper floor. The stairs where Wesker fell.

    Skidding to a stop he paused. "Did you move him?" he asked. Wesker had disappeared. 'Could he have gotten up and come searching for us?' Flynn thought.

    Wesker was gone.
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