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    Have questions, discussions, or useful resources for cartography, geology, geography, or prehistory? This is the place!
  2. So does anyone know of any good map building resources that are cheaply available? I'm not talking expensive professional stuff, but simple stuff authors might use.
  3. Re: Maps is an excellent planet map generator. The site also has other planet and star system resources as well as tons of stuff for D&D, fantasy, and Sci-Fi. I enjoy it quite a lot.
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    Here is a REALLY sweet map generator for a continent or island!
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    I really wish I still had my map of my first fantasy world project.

    I may have some other stuff, but I'd need to scan in/scour my external drive.

    In the meantime, I guess I can share this silly little map that I made for a Harvest Moon game that Kitti was running way back.

  6. Seems like there is an entire forum for map making enthusiasts! Not only that, they have a list of software for making maps.

  7. I've been to that community and I've learned quite some good things about cartography too. Here's a map I made for an old RP of mine.

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    It sounds awesome, but the link is dead D: Do you perhaps have one that still works? 8)
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    works for me. try again.
  10. This month, deviantArt has a feature on mythical cartography. Go check it out and get inspired!